Saturday, January 1, 2011

A year in review: Our Diabetic Life 2010

I've been inspired by other amazing bloggers in the blog-o-sphere, and ask if you might take my hand to stroll with me down memory lane.

January 2010: I put out an all points bulletin for HELP WANTED: Stunt double for 1:30am blood sugar checks. Must have legs of iron for bumping into bed corners in the dark, and toes of steel for dresser edges and random toy bumpage. When awakened by the alarm, an instant steady gate is paramount for not bumping like a drunk into walls and doors. (No qualified applicants contacted me by the way...)

February 2010: I posted my first REENACTMENT:
Scene: Bedroom, 1:30am, parents in deep sleep, drooling on their pillows, dreaming of the weekend ahead.


Silence is broken by alarm. The alarm clock is across the room.

Meri nudges Ryan. (She REALLY doesn’t want to get up.)

Ryan hops out of bed. (A look of relief flashes over Meri’s face. She has a peaceful smile as she instantly falls back to sleep.)

((KERPLUNK)) Ryan is immediately back in bed. He only snoozed the alarm; he did not check the boys’ blood sugars.

(I know we have all been there!)

March 2010: My dear friend Lora needed my help. I posted, "MY FRIEND HAS LOST HER MARBLES," in an effort for her to find some peace of mind, or a piece of her mind...The first few verses went...

My friend has lost her marbles
Won’t you take the time to look?

My friend has lost her marbles
It happened when her world was shook.

The rocking of her brain caused them to roll around,
And when she needed them the most, they were nowhere to be found.

Because they are smooth orbs, marbles can be tricky to keep in check,
They roll around your life and slip away when you’re a wreck.

(Not a week later I found one by the fruit bowl. No kidding, I posted the picture on Facebook.)

April 2010: A POST TITLE WITHOUT A SWEAR WORD was written after a particularly terrible night blood sugar wise...and insulin wise. I think the first few sentences speak volumes...
If it were physically possible for a brain to explode from sheer anguish…

OR, if it wasn’t just a saying, but true to life that a heart could explode from worry…

Last night…

I would have been found on my living room floor in pieces.


May 2010: Our diabetic Life participated in Diabetes Blog Week. I posted another reenactment, this time chronicling, A DAY IN THE LIFE OF OUR DIABETIC LIFE. Which started out much like your days...with an alarm at 1:00am.

June 2010: I wrote a little piece of which I concluded we are like She-ra, rockin bod, flowy hair and all. In FROM ZERO TO HERO, I pondered the fact that even though we sometimes see ourselves as Zero's, we need to accept the fact that we win EVERY battle we fight in this war...and that has got to be worth something. We are warriors!

July 2010: I wrote HOW I STAY OUT OF THE LOONY BIN. Our medical alert dog Lawton has saved my sanity many times. He is an amazing animal! TODAY happens to be his birthday! Happy 4th Birthday Lawton!!

August 2010: My boys started school and I wrote this poem about my youngest. I want the world to see him as I do. It started like this...

The blond boy that you treat as you do…
The one you don’t give a second thought.
He was diagnosed when he was two
You can’t imagine his life’s lot.

His smile is contagious
His laughter full of the sun
He hops and skips and runs and jumps
Yet his world has come undone.

September 2010: I wrote AN OPEN LETTER TO THOSE WHO ARE WORRIED ABOUT DIAGNOSIS #2. I have witnessed too many families go through a second diagnosis through notes, emails and phone calls...I know the worry, the sadness, the pain of it all. I wrote this letter for them, and for all of you who worry about your other children. My main message: All is well!

October 2010: I wrote: I WANT YOU TO KNOW SOMETHING. A post that received my kindest response to date. It began:
There are a few things I want you to know.

I want you to know, when your daughters pump ran out of insulin within the first hour of school last week…I have felt that very same anger and embarrassment that you did.

I want you to know, when your son wets his bed at night from a high blood sugar…I have felt the same sadness, guilt, and love for my son that you do.

I want you to know, when you forget to bolus your child for dinner, and their bedtime number is 508. I have felt the very same shame and intense regret.

November 2010: I began NaBloPoMo with a bang. It was the first SAE day, and you know me, I HAD SOMETHING TO SAE! I gave everyone the task of bolusing my son for lunch. One bolus out of the tens of thousands we have done...and turns out, it is a pretty complicated process. This is my first post that went "viral" so to speak. (10 times the normal hits is viral in my little world anyway. :) It was even stolen and plagiarized! I've hit the big time baby!

December 2010: I wrote: 'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE SET CHANGES. It was my twist on a Christmas Classic.

Reading back over my posts was way more emotional than I thought it would be. It has been quite a year and I have to say that through it all, I am still completely blessed. I have my family. I have you. What more does a D Mama need these days?

Happy New Year dear friends! I have a feeling this year is going to be an epic one...epically awesome! If the day is what we make of it...I'm going to try to make the best of every one of them!



  1. Booya is right. You have such a gift for writing Meri. You are gracious. You are positive. You are supportive to all who come into contact with you in the DOC. Thank you for being sweet, wonderful, uber-awesome YOU.

    Happy 2011 to you and yours. I cannot wait for another year of blogging along side you friend. xoxoxo

  2. Your SheRa post was the first I came across in the DOC. I was instantly hooked and knew I found a place where others knew what I was going through. It gave me strength to keep going and kick D's ass. Thank you for all your writings. You truly rock! Happy New Year's to you my friend!! Thank you for all you do and write! :-) You are my hero.

  3. You are awesome my dear friend Meri and such an important part of the DOC. Glad we are on this journey together and I'm so glad you blog!!! Happy 2011!

  4. Love you, Meri! I have totally enjoyed reading your thoughts over the past year! And I am looking forward to MORE! Happy 2011! And Happy Bday Lawton!!!

  5. I am with you I was a little emotional going over our year. Weird how that is. Looking forward to 2011 and to read all about yours!

  6. Always my air to breath, so glad you are out here. Thanks a million for sharing a piece of your life with is truly priceless and loved!!!

  7. You were the first person in the DOC that I "met", the beginning of putting my sanity back and knowing that I am not alone. Showing me through the beauty and grace of your writing that this life was going to be ok and that I could continue to put one foot in front of the other with out falling completely apart. Thank you for sharing your eloquent writing and the beauty of your family with us!

    Happy Birthday Lawton!

    Happy New Year, my friend! I hope 2011 brings you much joy!!

  8. I am so glad that I found you and the DOC!!! What an amazing group of d-mamas and d-papas :) Thank you for your love and support, for welcoming me with wide open arms into the DOC and for being the amazing d-mama that you are.

    Happy New Year and may 2011 be filled with many blessings for you and your family!

  9. We are 10 months into diagnosis and you have been such an encouragement to me. Thank you!

  10. Meri, you are your family are such a strong encouragement to me. I think to myself ALL the time; 'If Meri can keep her sh*t together, then I can, too.'

    Have loved you since the first post I read of yours and promptly spend an hour or so frolicking among your archives.

    I get a little giddy when I see a post from you. You always make me smile and laugh and sometimes even cry.

    Love you, Meri!!!!!!! Happy New Year!

  11. Yep! Thats when you know youv'e hit the big time... a good ol' post snatching.

    Love you Meri. Every time a new post pops up... I get all giddy and excited. Is that a little creepy?

    BTW: I still have not found those dang marbles :/

  12. You're an amazing writer, mom, d-mom!
    Thanks for the smiles and even the tears.


    I've enjoyed every post and can't wait to see what 2011 has up your sleeve :)

  14. Hello there...just wanted to pop over and say I'm missing your wonderful thoughtful delightful post...hope all is well and going smoothly!


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