Monday, March 15, 2010

My friend has lost her marbles!

My friend has lost her marbles
Won’t you take the time to look?

My friend has lost her marbles
It happened when her world was shook.

The rocking of her brain caused them to roll around,
And when she needed them the most, they were nowhere to be found.

Because they are smooth orbs, marbles can be tricky to keep in check,
They roll around your life and slip away when you’re a wreck.

She has looked in the shower where she cries from time to time,
And searched fervently in her bed where worries rock her mind.

She looked in the car where she’s always in a rush.
She even searched in places that would make a momma blush.

She tried by the scale where she weighs all of her son’s food,
(Because calculating carbs always puts her in a mood.)

She looked by the blood sugar monitor and the Ketone strips,
But when the buggers were not there, curse words crossed her lips.

Under her son’s mattress where she kneels to check each night,
There wasn’t a marble there, not a one in sight.

In a last ditch attempt she checked the Frigidaire,
It’s where she keeps the insulin, but alas they were not there.

It’s no fun to lose your marbles, trust me friends I know,
For I have lost my marbles, twas many years ago.

It hasn’t been easy to make it through without,
Living a life of worry and fear can fill your mind with doubt.

How can I survive without my marbles dear?
How can I make it through the trials of the year?

After many years of wondering it has finally come to me,
There is a way to cope, a way that sets my worries free.

What is the secret of filling up my mind?
It is putting love in the spaces the marbles left behind.

Love and understanding from those who walk along,
Fill those empty spaces and I don’t even know their gone.

So for my friend who lost her marbles, no worries! Be of good cheer!
I’m here for you always, and happy to lend an ear.

And really, marbles are overrated; their swirls aren’t so renowned,
They’ll never hold a candle to the marble-less friends that I have found!

(For my friend of my favorite marble-less peeps. :)


  1. "MARBELOUS"!!! Oh are SO creative, sooo good with your words. I LOVE this!!!

  2. Thanks Meri, You are awesome!!!!
    I may have to borrow this one :)

  3. HaHa...That is AWESOME Meri! Lora...thanks for being such an inspiration to the BLOG-MASTER.

  4. P.S. Why does it say "a better picture to come soon" by your blog pic? I love that pic!

  5. Oh my god meri when did you find out I lost my marbles ? Yes , yes I have . it is official folks I have lost my marbles LOL !!

  6. HAHAHAHA! Good one!! I started out giggling and then ended up in tears as I realized...I, too, have LOST MY MARBLES!!!

    Thanks for the laugh :)

  7. GOOD HELL!! Mine are missing too!!

    Love this - will have to share on my blog!

    You're awesome!!!

  8. You are so clever and creative! This is great!!!

  9. Thank you, Meri...I needed that more than you could possibly know...or, on second thought...OF COURSE YOU DO!!!!

  10. Awesome. I really love reading your blog Meri. Usually bring a smile to my face one way or another!

  11. Ha ha... marbles! And don't worry about joking around with me. I haven't lost my sense of humour. Yet.

    I may just vomit on you though.

  12. Marbles....marbles....who's got the marbles?

    We don't need no stinkin' marbles!

    Have ya lost yer marbles????

    True fact.........

    my german shepard mix is named Marble!!!!

  13. I am just a Gma. I lost my marbles on a dreadful day in July. I'm still looking for them.

  14. So NOW I understand the kitchen counter photo!

  15. So fun! "Marbelous!"

    Tee hee hee


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