Friday, July 15, 2016

Cleaning up the buffalo splat.

I've taken a hiatus, but I'm back.

I'm back to full time D-Moming.

I stood by and watched my boys learn to fly, and for awhile they did. In fact, they soared!

But something happened to their resolve, and their flying got less magical. Actually, if I'm being super honest, they are more like buffalos jumping out of trees now...they really can't fly at all anymore.


Get up.




Get up.




(Repeat a million times.)

I would cheer from the sidelines. I would give motivational talks. I would scold. I would cry.

It turns out motivating teenage boys is pretty much impossible. I just couldn't watch the splatting anymore.

So I came out of retirement, and I'm nurturing them in my nest once again.

This is happening.

I just started doing it one day, and none of them are questioning why. They lift their finger when I approach, and take out their pumps when I ask them to. I have them put in every number. I want them to be aware of where they are. I want them to get in the habit of taking out their pumps every time they test again. I want to get them out of their funks, and I'm hoping if I hold their hands, there will be more flying...or maybe just less splatting.

Also, 2am checks have been happening again. Which means me being awake for hours in the wee hours of the morning, worrying.

Worrying is so easy at night. It isn't right.

I also bit the bullet and ordered new T-Slim pumps for the two oldest. They've been using the same pumps their entire lives, and they need change. Don't get me wrong, I love the Medtronic pumps because they are SO easy to boys need things to be mixed up a bit. Rattled up a bit? boys need earthquakes.

Which means, Dexcom G5's all around, too.

Big changes. And these impending changes lead to multiple panic attacks on my end, because the 18 year old is leaving for college in six weeks. Will he be able to learn the ins and outs of the new pump and CGM before he leaves?

I'll leave that question for 2am.

Anyway, I'll be blogging again. No more ignoring the splatting buffalos in the room.

D-Mom, back on duty.


Also, I've missed you guys.