Monday, September 22, 2014

Trust. Believe. Achieve. Also, pep talk #543

Too often I worry.

What if.

Have I done enough?

No.  I’ve never done enough.

Too often I question my abilities.  I wonder if I’ll be able to achieve the future that my mind and body desires so.

Too often I hope without having faith.  I put my head down, move forward and forget to trust in the future ahead of me.

Will I make it?  Will I succeed?

Spoiler: YES.

 Those questions in my mind do me no good.  Questioning my abilities only turns my eyes towards my weakness instead of my strength.  If I concentrate on the struggle, I will struggle.  If I concentrate on overcoming, I will overcome.

I will go in the direction of my thoughts.  Why don’t I set myself up for success for keeping my thoughts positive?

 What harm would believing in myself do?

What harm would it be to believe in something I don’t know how to achieve?  Seeing the impossible in front of me shouldn’t stop me from wanting it.  Who says it is impossible?  And why is that person right?

Because if I’ve learned anything in life it is this:  Things work out.

Trusting in a beautiful future doesn’t have to be na├»ve.  In fact, it can be genius.

Trusting that tomorrow will be better soothes the soul and relaxes me into a state that only CAN make tomorrow better.

I am what I think.

I need to stop doubting my abilities.  I need to find confidence in a tomorrow that is waiting for me with open arms.

Why not run to that tomorrow rather than tripping over myself to get there?

Why not allow myself to dream?  Why not allow myself to believe?

I may not be perfect, but I am capable.  And everything I lack can be made up tenfold by trusting in goodness.  Trusting in love.  Trusting in the positives.  Trusting in myself.

Why limit myself with self-doubt?

I can do anything if only I believe.

Tonight, I believe.

Tonight, I trust.

If it is true that one reaps what one sows, I’ll be harvesting a future of amazing…grown under the nourishment of hard work and perseverance.

Do you stop yourself from hoping because you can’t see how the endpoint will be achieved?  Maybe we need to stop worrying about that and trust in the dream.

If we put the energy into that dream, then we’ll move towards it…and even if we aren’t there today, we’ll be closer to it than we were yesterday.

And isn’t that progress?

Ryan used to always say, “Every day a bit better.”  Tonight I concur, and add…”Every day a bit closer to the dream.”

I can do it.

I am doing it.

I will do it.

I’m on my way.

Come with me.