Thursday, September 2, 2010

Miracles on Jr. High Street

Sometimes, a miracle happens and we think…”Is this a miracle? Or just a CRAY-ZY coincidence?”

Sometimes it is so obvious it’s a miracle we are dumbfounded, and just don’t know what to think.

J starting Jr. High has brought so many miracles that I am seriously dumbfounded.

Me! Dumbfounded!

That just doesn’t happen people.

The definition of dumbfounded is: To be struck dumb with astonishment and surprise.

Yeah, not me.

But nonetheless I have finally found the words to blog about it.

It all started when J got his schedule for Jr. High. Our Jr. High is a pretty big school with many different wings. When my son M attended he was running from one end of school to the other…barely making classes and exhausted at the length of his walk.

But not J.

All of his classes are in ONE WING!

Again: One. Wing. (Well except PE in the gym…but all the others…ONE>WING>

Seriously, unheard of. Even his teachers at his 504 meeting were perplexed how that worked out.

So that was miracle #1.

Miracle #2 came during his 504 meeting. I was discussing his accommodations, excited and surprised everyone was amazing and on board…I got to the glucagon and nonchalantly showed them how it worked. I told them how it was SO no big deal and then went on to ask who would like to try a shot. Mrs. N raised her hand. “I’ll be the glucagon person. My classroom is right in the middle of his other classes, and I have 2 daughters that are Type 1.”


Her daughters are in their 20’s now, but they were diagnosed at ages 4 and 6.

I don’t care what you say…THAT is a miracle.

The next miracle came on the second day of school. J’s PE teacher wasn’t able to attend the 504. Yeah, not cool. But the councilor said he would let her know that she needs to meet with me asap. J didn’t have PE on the first day of school, because they are on a block schedule. 1st-3rd period on A days. 4th through 6th period on B days. The second day of school he walked into gym and sat down.

This teacher explained that she is a High School gym teacher and is here at the Jr. High for just this one class. Then she went on to explain that she might be eating during class because SHE IS A TYPE 1 DIABETIC!!!!!!!!!


After class J introduced himself, she gave him a high five and talked to him about his pump a bit.

Yesterday J had is first low during PE. They ran for over an hour non-stop and J knew he was dropping fast. He went up to his teacher and she told him that he never needs to ask; he can just go to the first aid box and grab whatever food he needs. After he ate he started to walk another lap and his teacher ran out and stopped him. She told him there were only a few minutes left of class and he should get some water and sit to get his blood sugar up.

Believe in miracles much?

I do.


  1. I believe in miracles! That's incredible that things are working out so well!! Talk about peace of mind when sending your babies off to school!

  2. Whoah! I am a believer! So fantastic Meri..

  3. I love our Junior High. When T was diagnosed they were FANTASTIC and this year has been great as well. It is a huge relief. I am enjoying it all I can, it sounds like high school is a whole another story. Love you friend!

  4. No. WAY! That is INCREDIBLE. I am so, so happy for you.

  5. That is amazing!!!! Kind of puts your mind at ease! :)


    I'm so unbelievably astounded at how all of these details came together.



    God had His hand in this. And I have chills!


  7. That made me cry, beautiful tears of joy for your family! Praising God for your amazing miracles!

  8. OMG, Meri - I am crying. Tears steaming!

  9. That post gave me fantastic for all of you. A great year of school is just waiting!

  10. Truly amazing! I am smiling so hard for you and your family right now! AWESOME!

  11. Awesome Meri... just AMAZING! I am so happy for you and J. Maybe your swelly brain can get a bit of rest!

  12. With the hell that I have been through this week with Brooklyn starting 1 grade, this just brought tears to my eyes. There are miracles everywhere, I am so happy you can recognize yours...Still praying to find mine.

  13. Great story! Now that all that is covered and you can relax, all he has to do is like his teachers.

  14. How awesome is all that! And biggest miracle of all is that it's happening during his first year of junior high, which could have potentially been the most painful year of his life! I hated junior high! How awesome for both of you that he has this fantastic group surrounding him this year!

  15. I am also "dumbfounded"!!!
    Can you even get any more perfect than that??? The only thing I can say is that carma has spun around and taken care of the most awesomest D mom because she takes care of everyone else :)

  16. I"m so happy for you Meri! It's so nice to hear when something goes RIGHT for someone for once! It must be such a relief for you, and for J!

  17. Oh yeah hon, those are some sweeeeeet miracles!!!!

  18. Wah-freakin-HOOOOOOOOOO. Meri I am so glad that things are working out so well and that J is off to an awesome Junior High experience. You my friend deserve to be dumbfounded by all the miracles that life has in store for you.

  19. That's all so amazing!! Dumbfounded Meri would have been fun to watch. Did your husband get it on film?!

  20. THAT is A Miracle!!! Holy smokes! The good Lord has blessed you girl!!! I am so happy for you! What a relief.

  21. I do believe in miracles especially associated with D. I have experienced a few myself and Lord knows you deserve a few miracles for all the hard work you put into your boys. I hope these miracles bring you some peace of mind during those long school days!! Yvette

  22. Your story is so moving. How lucky your son is to have angels in his life! With all that going for you, did you buy a lottery ticket too?

  23. So amazing. I have to agree with Lora about the karma thing! You take such good care of everyone else and it is great to see you being taken care of!
    I was crying a little when I left Emma's classroom yesterday - all I had to say to her teacher was that I adjusted her insulin:carb ratio and she said, "OK I'll keep an eye on her." And that was it! Done!

  24. Hello Awesomeness!!! I am tearing up - that is so wonderful!!

  25. Wow! I definitely believe in miracles. I also quite seriously believe that my DD's Guardian Angels are very active in her life, making things happen just right to help keep her safe (like waking me up for no apparent reason with the urge to check her, and it turns out she's low). I think all our D-kids must have those angels!

  26. I am so glad this didn't end with something like, "the above would be a dream and is nothing but lies".

    That is completely wonderfully fabulous!

  27. I have started to believe in them more and more. And I hope it doesn't offend you when I say that I am happy I get to live through a year of JR High watching you do it before I have to...


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