Thursday, April 29, 2010

100 days of me.

This post that you are reading right now, this one right here… is my 100th post! I’m not sure if this is THAT big of a milestone or not…but I do think it is something fun to blog about. It’s my blog…my prerogative, I can write about ANYTHING I want to!

So how to commemorate such an occasion???

By diving into the depths of traditional blog culture and doing a GIVE AWAY BABY!!!

I mean really, you have put up with me this long! My long posts, my bad sense of humor, my overuse of the words ‘seriously’ and ‘awesomeness,’ my terrible spelling, (hello ASSES instead of ASSESS!) And not to forget my love of the infamous dot dot dot, (…)

Do you not deserve a little something for your kindness? Do you not YEARN for a little piece of me to hold on to? Ok, it’s ok if you answered no to the second question, but really…I know you want something for free…it is engraved in our genetic makeup!

So how to work all of this?

I have gone back and read ALL 100 of my posts and actually counted how many times I used these … dot dot dot. (Which by the way is called an ELLIPSIS thank you very much Wikipedia!) I want you to make an educated guess of how many times I’ve used said ellipsis in my last 100 posts, and then go ahead and type your guess in the comments. The three closest answers will receive one of these lovely prizes!!

A magnet that I bought the other day that made me smile.

A coupon for a free skin for a Minimed pump.

This super cute stationary and Mom OrganizHer.

And last, but not least, my favorite movie, The Princess Bride.

I know, AMAZING prizes, right? Haha. And yes, I AM aware that there are 4 prizes, but one will be reserved for a simple drawing where everyone will have an equal chance. (Because I always lose at guessing games, and this is my give away, my rules!) Which prize will that be? I don’t know…I’m making this up as I go along!

Rules: I will accept comments/guesses until midnight, Saturday May 1.

If you would like to mention your favorite prize (And how you’ll do that, I have no idea, they are all SOOO AMAZING!) priority will be given to the person who had the best guess. Please also let me know if you have a minimed pump!!

Also, I don’t care if this is the first time reading my blog, or if you live in another country, or if you are not a family that lives with diabetes! If you want to enter and show me some love, I will get the prize to you! No worries about the shipping! Sure I might have to send it on a boat/barge, and it might take 4 months to get to you…but I’ll get it to you! Also, Facebook Peeps, you can leave a message on this link on Facebook instead of here if you don't have a google account.

Good luck to all, and thank you again for listening to me, understanding me, and more than anything telling me that I am WAY more wonderful than I actually am!!

Love and hugs! Here is to the next 100 posts!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rookie Mistake.

Last night I stayed up until 10:30. My husband usually tests the boys at 10 before we go to bed, but he had to go to work in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, so he left the task to me.

Big deal, right? Mom is in charge...she’s a pro…what ever could go wrong?

So like I said before…it was 10:30 before I realized I was a half hour late checking sugars. (In my defense, it was a really good episode of Castle and I was enjoying the quietness of the house.)

So I walked into the boys’ room and saw Lawton, Out. Like. A. Light. Never a good sign. If there was a problem, he was not going to alert me to it. Usually he is a very light sleeper and greets me when I check the boys. But once in awhile he is down for the count. In this case he had a long day outside enjoying the sun and was now drooling on his bed, dreaming of tug o wars and breakfast I am sure.

I checked B-106, a little too low for him.

I checked J-152, a little too high for him.

I checked L- 25.


I try apple juice…too cold…a couple sips, he no likey. He ate half a glucose tab and the other half he just moved to the side of his cheek…he had NO interest in eating it. I tried to talk him into it, I told him it was a new candy and that I stole it from B, but he just pushed it out with his tongue.

OK, so on to plan B. (Not to be confused with my son, B.)

I ripped open the cupboards…and found YOGO’s…his favorite low snack. I fed him an entire pack and he started to come to. I carried him to the couch, (which was NOT EASY, the kid is made of cement,) and with lots of kisses and talking, I got him to finish the juice. As we walked back to bed he was shaking/shivering.

Momma, can I please have more Yogo’s?”

That voice. That little sweet voice. “Dang straight you can have more Yogo’s!”

That was 45 carbs I put into that boy in 15 minutes. Subsequent tests within the next 10 minutes read 56, 69, 88.

After the 88 I was feeling a little better and went to the monitor. It was all such a blur I wanted to see what his initial blood sugar was exactly.




Turns out, I was holding the meter upside down when I checked him originally.
52…still sucky…but not 25. Not anywhere near the panicky attack of 25.

Stupid One Touch Mini. Your green-ness is uber cool…but your design is not conducive for blurry eyed mothers who check their children’s blood sugars at night by the sliver of light that washes in from the kitchen.

Alright, so it was a tad my fault…a bit of a Rookie mistake for sure.

2am check revealed a 250 blood sugar. I guess it could have been worse. But there was no way, after that freak-out-worry-attack I had, that I was going to correct for any of those 45 carbs I coerced into his body. I may have gone to bed shaky and with a few extra grey hairs, but L was safe and sound, fast asleep. And keeping it that way was the most important thing.

So in conclusion, I would like to submit:

Defense Exhibit A

Defense Exhibit B

Now come on…does it, or does it not say 25???

If this went to a jury, I think I would win. Hands. Down.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pump Parade: Medronic MiniMed Paradigm

After my post, “You Say Tomato, I say Pump”, I planned on another post titled: “You say Potato, I say MiniMed.” (Come on…It’s a little clever, right??) But instead I came up with what I think is a brilliant idea…THE PUMP PARADE!!! I get so many questions about our pump and why we chose it, it came to me that I should post about the many reasons we went the way we did. Information is power baby!

But in the interest of fairness, and honest curiosity, I asked two of my lovely friends if they would post why they chose their pumps. Today Hallie is posting on the Animas Ping and Laura is posting on the OmniPod! For those who are curious…I hope these posts answer questions for you and take the mystery out of pumps and how they work.

Hooray!! A Parade!!

So join me for the fanfare, because I’m ready to march march march!

Many choose the OmniPod because it is tubeless. (Awesomeness!) And many choose Animas Ping because of its remote. (So Cool!) What would compel someone to choose MiniMed?

Four words.

Easy. Peasy. Lemon. Squeezy.

It is just so simple to use. Very few button presses leads to less frustration and days added to your life. In the interest of full disclosure, we had an Animas pump for about 3 years. It was the same pump as the ping, but without the remote. Any pump is brilliant…and I’m not going to go into why we choose MiniMed over Animas…but I will say the most compelling reason for making the full on change to MiniMed, was ease of use.

So without further ado, I’m going to drive my point home and show you two videos featuring two amazing boys that I get to call mine. All my boys could bolus themselves by 5 years old. It is so nice just to tell them what to do…and know they can do it! With added safty features, like the pump always keeping tabs on insulin on board, I don't have to worry too much of the boys stacking insulin.

Now prepare are going to hear my voice now...shattering any and all thoughts of normalcy that you have hereto before thought of me. (Who am I kidding, you all know I'm not normal...)

Hello adorableness!! On the front of the pump there are also two big arrows. You can set those arrows to whatever insulin amount you would like. I have B's set to 0.5 units of insulin, and I have L's set at 0.1 units. If we are on the go, and I want to give B a quick unit of insulin before he jumps into his snack all he has to do is push the arrow up twice and press act. It's called an easy bolus, and I LOVE. IT.

One of the questions I get most often is how do my boys bathe with a pump that is not waterproof. (It can get wet…trust me…it can get drenched…but it is not under warranty if it stops working because of damage from water.) SOOOOO we take it off when they shower or bath, or swim. It’s so easy, but since there is a lot of curiosity of how…here you go…my big J…

I love turning the basal down…I love not ALWAYS having to feed the boys in the wee hours of the morning. Each situation is unique, and for sure there are many instances where food is best. But this technique, when appropriate, is quick and easy. (Am I driving home the point that I am all about easy??)

My last two videos are of my sweet husband doing a set change. They showcase the a BIG reason why we love this pump. J has even learned how to do it. He puts it all together, but still prefers my husband to do the actual insertion.

Ok, so I said L's real name in there...let's just pretend you never heard it...and do me a favor and forget it....riiiiiiight now! And NO, you don't need to go back and listen to it again if you missed the next video instead... husband can do this in his sleep. He has done it SO many times it's like brushing his teeth, he doesn't even have to think about it. When you do it for the first time it is going to take you a lot longer because you are going to have to actually think about what you are doing, but in will be just as easy for you.

Another reason we love MiniMed is the Continuous glucose monitor that works with it. It is a separate site insertion…but it is wireless and “speaks” directly to the pumps. Graphs on the pump screen show trends…and arrows show if blood sugars are going up or down. Our CGM has been a dream!

MiniMed has just launched its brand spankin new pump called the Revel. And to my delight…Diabetes Mine has JUST posted a little bit about it! Please follow THIS link to read more about it if you’d like. But the main thing that I think my readers would find most important is that it has the smaller basal rates like the Animas does, AND when connected to the CGM it will now give you predictive alerts…telling you that you will be low soon…or high soon. Really cool!

The last thing I want to tell you all about is the customer service. They are there 24/7 and awesomely fast in responding to our needs! A little example…Last year, on a Friday at 8:00pm, one of the boys pumps stopped working properly. One call and we had a new pump on our doorstep before 11:00am the next morning. What a relief that they had our back! What a relief that I can call for any reason and they act like I am their most important call of the day. (Nope, I haven’t been paid one red cent to write any of this.)

I think I feel so strongly about it because I depend on it to keep my boys alive…and it is doing a dang good job of it. It is reliable…and it has people behind it who care.

And it’s easy to use. (hehehe I had to say it one more time. :)

So I’m going to end now. And remind you to follow the parade over to Hallie…to learn more about the Animas Ping. And over to Laura…to learn more about the OmniPod.

Now go on…get outta here! Learn something! And tell them Meri sent you!

(Reminder: I’m not a doctor, just a D Mom. Please talk to your doctor…or better yet, your Endo, if you would like to try some of the techniques you read about in this post.)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A post title without a swear word.

(I couldn't think of a title for this post that did not contain a swear word. So I am generically entering the above title to protect the meek and mild.)

If it were physically possible for a brain to explode from sheer anguish…

OR, if it wasn’t just a saying, but true to life that a heart could explode from worry…

Last night…

I would have been found on my living room floor in pieces.


We haven’t had a night like that…I don’t know…ever.

We were on in a 400 story building going up on the diabetes elevator, and someone thought it would be funny to press EVERY button for EVERY floor. Blood sugars had to go up all night long. No matter what we did, we could not come down. We were stuck…and we didn’t even have any crappy elevator music to calm us down.

Let me just tell you…all three were out of whack. ALL. THREE. Even B. B is never out of whack! He is my predictable one. He is my safe diabetes place. And to throw it in my face more, he was the one in the worst shape last night too.

We did all the trouble shooting. We changed sets…we changed more sets. We did system checks…We tried everything except a new bottle of insulin.

WAIT! I’m sure you are all like, “Meri! Why on God’s green earth did you not open a new bottle of insulin???”

Because…we didn’t have any more. We were out. (See how easily I typed OH, Silly! We just didn't HAVE anymore insulin! It is so absurd I can't even wrap my head around it.) We filled all the reservoirs the night before. That was the end of it. We had full reservoirs of insulin…insulin that apparently had lost its potency.

Does Kaiser have a 24 hour pharmacy open within a 100 mile radius of my home? No.

Is there ANY 24 hour pharmacy within 60 miles of my home? No.

Was I willing to pay full sticker price for a brand spankin new bottle of insulin? Yes.

Can you just buy insulin off the shelf? I don’t know. I never found a pharmacy that I could ask.

All I know is we rode the highway to hell last night, and it was every bit as wonderful as the Highways name implies.

After blousing EVERY KID at 10, 12, 1:30, 2, 2:45, 4:00 and 5:00…we finally got them all down to wake up at 79, 95, and 150. And when they woke up it was like nothing happened. They were honestly smiley, happy, energetic kids bouncing off the walls, ready for their day. I was going to keep them home, but they wanted to go. “Why?” They said, “We feel fine!” So they get to go, and if they call me with high numbers at snack recess…it is straight home. By then I will have brand new insulin in my fridge and all will be right with the world again.

Just to put a cherry on top of all of this…last night my husband was supposed to wake up and go to work at 3:00am. I had fallen into bed at 2:45. His alarm went off for almost an hour and neither of us heard it. He woke up an hour late and in his haste, got a speeding ticket on the freeway.

Gee, could this day get any freakin better??? Best day ever for sure! :P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It has been years since I cried about diabetes. I really don’t let it get to me. It is self protection. Don’t let diabetes win. If there is a problem, fix it.

But last night…in its entirety, was cry-worthy. And I cried. Long and hard. Last night we had a storm come in…as I laid there in bed listening to the rain drops, clutching my Kleenex and hiccuping through my tears, for a moment, it felt like the earth was crying with me. Like all of the D mothers and fathers in the world were there with me…crying too.

Hating what this does to our children.

So I’m picking up the pieces of my exploded self and moving on. I will go to the pharmacy and get insulin. I will call my doctor and tell her I need a bigger prescription than what we are getting. We are down to the wire every month, and it isn’t ok. I will hug my husband even though I am furious we have a $400 ticket to pay. I will take Advil for my cry headache. And I will say my prayers, thanking the Lord that even after the worst of nights, my boys could run out the door this morning…vibrant and happy.

(Please excuse all the grammer and punctuation mistakes, I am writing this post on empty, it's a miracle I got down what I did.)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You say tomato...I say pump...

Let me tell ya, I don’t pretend to know everything….even though sometimes I am convinced I do. There is some bit of logic that hangs around that tells me…”Meri, you still have a load to learn.” As a mom, I like to think I know more than my kids, but every day they surprise me. Every day they come up with a something that throws me for a loop, which makes me stop and say, “Whoa! That was crazy insightful!” They are rock stars like that…

(I am getting off topic…I’m going to reign myself in now.)

Any hoo…I am not all knowing. Do I know more than a lot of people about diabetes? Hell yeah!!

Do I know more than everyone? Hell no!!

But what I do know…what I promise I KNOW with every fiber of my being…is I do know how to handle my boys highs and lows. I know my boys reactions to foods better than everyone other than the man upstairs. I know what foods work best for lows…I know the best corrections to use at certain times of the day…I know so many tiny seemingly insignificant details that it would drive a normal person mad. (Heck, I’m halfway to Madville!)

I know MY boys. Doesn’t mean I’m always right…but I am the BEST person to make decisions on their behalf.

That being said, just because pudding at midnight works for my youngest like a magic doesn’t mean it will work for your kiddo. Just because I turn off my youngest pump for an hour when his blood sugar is 100 at 10:00pm, doesn’t mean doing that for your child will yield the same results.

That is the thing...diabetic dilemmas can be handled a slew of different ways. Just because I am convinced that bananas at 8:00pm are the miracle answer to nighttime lows…doesn’t mean that will work for everyone else. (Come on…I have a million and one different examples…you’re not getting sick of them already???)

That is why it is SOOOO important in our community to say what you would do, and do it in a way that lets that person know, “If you don’t do it my way, it doesn’t mean you are doing it the wrong way.” Because…THERE ARE MANY DIFFERENT WAYS! Especially with diabetes. I think our community is mostly on board with this. Everyone has always been very kind with their comments, and have been as helpful as they can be without stepping on toes…

Through blog comments and observations it boggles my mind the things different people come up with! I will be sure I am handling things correctly when someone will come along with a completely new approach! I love hearing everyone’s input! I love hearing what others would do if they were in my situation! Hey, just recently I heard that upping a basal rate for 8 hours after pizza can help the “after pizza hurricane” go away. (Basel rates!) It might not work for my kids…but heck, it is worth a try. And I choose to give it a try…

But, if I didn’t, would that make me a bad mother?

Which brings me to my point, (I know it always takes me FOREVER to get there,) But I am here now, and my intended topic is this…pump pushing. Poor Lora has had me on her case for months. I’ve tried REALLY REALLY hard not to push it on her. Like seriously, I had to make a conscience effort. I KNOW that the pump is easier. I know that living life on your own schedule and not your insulin’s schedule is a blessing. But just because I know this for me…doesn’t mean it is 100% right for her. Only she can tell you if I have pushed too hard…but beyond that…I hope she feels like this is her decision, and not something she HAS to do.

Because I have to continually remind myself that, believe it or not, there are many people in this world on MDI, (multiple daily injections,) and they are thriving.

And when you have been doing MDI for so many years, and your child’s blood sugar numbers are good, there is a comfort in that. There is comfort in knowing what to do at 8:00 at night, when your child is 102…that this many carbs will do the trick of bringing so and so up to where they need to be. Beautiful predictability…it is an awesome thing!

Now look, pump pushing seems like kinda a harsh phrase…but I am sitting her raising my hand straight up in the air as guilty as the rest of the world…I know without a shadow of a doubt that the diabetic community is encouraging others to go on the pump with only love and the best of intentions. We want everyone to feel the weight it took off our shoulders; we want the world to have the ease of use! I honestly want to shout from the rooftops PUMPS ARE THE BEST INVENTION IN THE HISTIORY OF THE WORLD!!!! And I’m not saying that I haven’t done that before. :)

But, and this is a big but…we all started pumps on our own clock…the time in our lives when it made sense to us. Hell, it took 4 years for our endo to convince us to go on. And I resisted, because shots were doing their job…blood sugars were as good as they could be for our toddler…so I fought it like any protective, caring mother would. And one day shots were not working anymore, and I literally gave in. I raised the white flag, and gave up. “Fine, I’ll give the pump a try, but I’ll probably hate it. I don’t like having a constant reminder of my child’s diabetes, but if this is my last resort, I’ll take it.” It was ultimately my choice, or better explained as my rock and my hard place, but after getting used to the pump it was a no brainer for me to have my other two boys put on pumps immediately after their diagnosis.

But that was my path to take.

And everyone deserves the freedom to make their own informed decisions.

One of my friends has two boys that are T1. One is on the pump. One is on MDI. If you sat with her and listened to her reasoning, you would agree that their decision was brilliant. The best choice for their family!

So here I sit…conflicted yet resolved. Yes, pumps are the best thing since sliced bread. No, you are not a bad mother (or father) if your child is not on a pump.

That is my crazy brain, and I’m stickin’ to it.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mommy Growing Pains

Today was the first day back to school from spring break. It was a dismal scene last night as I confirmed that yes, school night bedtime will remain 8:30pm.

Today was a wonderful day. No extreme lows after basal changes made during the break, and my boys remembered to call me, which is no small miracle in itself…

Which leads me to why I’m blogging…

I was so happy to see the boys after school! I had a super day, and I was eager to hear how their first day back went. One by one I gave the boys the once over with questions and observations about dirty hands and homework habits.

When I got to B, I got a little more than I bargained for.

A little background first. My boys do not go to the school we are supposed to go to. They go to another school across town for two very good reasons. 1) It is a better school. 2) My mother is the yard duty for lunch recess.

Scratch that…my mother USED to be the yard duty at lunch recess. She jumped ship and started working at another school a few weeks ago. Which, really…it is her life...she can work where she wants. EXCEPT! She used to grab B after recess and give him her cell to call me with his lunchtime bg numbers and carb intake. Since she no longer works there, it is up to B to remember to call me on his own.

Which isn’t working out too well. I would say he is 50/50. When he forgets, I have to call the office and have them patch me through to his classroom, which is no biggie, but it does interrupt the class…and it is slightly embarrassing for my Big Boy B.

I even went into the office and asked if they thought the new yard duties would be willing to remind him, and they thought that they would LOVE TO. Except in the week since, they haven’t reminded him once. So I’m back to calling when he forgets.

Alrighty then!! Back to our previously scheduled story!

So I got to B…I said, “B, you were a rock star for remembering to call me today! How in the world did you remember???”

Which received the reply, “Trust me Mom, you DON’T want to know!”

“Oh, but I think I do!”

“Nope, it is a LONG story…trust me, you REALLY don’t want to know.”

(Yes, he is his mother’s son…)

I’ve got the time, and I would love to hear your LONG story.”

“OK, well, my teacher put a post-it note on my desk that said, ‘Don’t forget to call your mom!’ It was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me in my life!”

(Again, he has flair, he is from my loins…)

“How was that embarrassing?“

“HELLO!!! A bunch of people laughed at me…because I had to call MY MOMMY!”

So, as a mother I want to fix this, right? I work through it with him, problem solving…

“Maybe it can say, CYM…for, Call your mom…it’ll be code, and only you will know.”

“Won’t work mom…everyone will want to know what it means.”

“Tell them it means put Candy in Your Mouth!”

(He rolled his eyes at this point…do you blame him?)

“Maybe it can just say, don’t forget to call, and leave me out of it.” But before I finished my sentence he already had the answer.

“I’ll just tell her to write ‘Call your Dad’ Instead of Mom. Easy! I’ll tell her tomorrow.”

And he happily skipped away.

Apparently, it is ok to call your Dad, and not your Mom.

Apparently my 8 year old is going on 13.

It always happens, it has already happened to me twice before…it is no longer cool to hug when I pick up from school…it is no longer cool to acknowledge your Mom’s existence in the school breezeways…

But when it does happen, I’m never prepared.

He was right…I didn’t want to know.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Sistah in the House!

I would like to introduce you to our new friend, Connie! Her new blog, Hope and Beginnings can be found HERE.

Read her story sistahs and brothahs, your going to need a Kleenex for this one. She has two little girls with Type 1. They were diagnosed less than a year apart. (Sounds familiar to a lot of us, I know.)

Please go over and give her some of that sunshine you all spread so well! Her little girls are the same ages as many of the D moms in our group!

Introduce yourself, she's a keeper. :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Reenactment (The Sequel)

Scene: 11:50 am, Car, driving to the movie theater.

Players: Three boys and a frazzled mother. (Son #4 chose to sit this movie out.)

Son #1: "What’s for lunch?"

Mom: “Hello! Popcorn! What else do you eat at a movie??”

Son #2: “Popcorn isn’t lunch mom.”

Mom: “Hold it son! If chocolate rabbits are ok for breakfast, popcorn is ok for lunch, I’m calling this one.”

Son #3: “Can we at least get hot dogs at the theater?”

Mom: “Oh sure, I’ll just take $50.00 out of your savings account and that should cover it.”

Son #1: “Nice try mom, we know you are kidding.”

Mom: “A mom’s gotta try…”

Scene: Waiting in line for tickets, Mom is horrified as she glances at Son #3, also known as B.

Mom: “What the heck happened B! Your pump tubing is flapping in the wind…when did it get ripped out of your pump??”

Son #3: “Seriously Mom, if I knew, I would have told you.”

Mom: “UHG! I’ll MacGyver it…We’ll work it out.”

Son #2: “What is MacGyver?”

Mom: “Not what…who. He is a really smart man…almost as smart at me.”

Scene: Sitting inside the theater, waiting for the movie to start. Boys balancing popcorn on their knees, hands full of hot dogs and napkins.

Mom: “J, bolus for the food, and when it is done, give me your pump, I’ll hook up B and give him insulin through the prime so it doesn’t show up on your IOB. B, hand me your pump, I’ll put in your carb and BG amounts so I’ll know how much to give you through J’s pump.”

(Scary thin balding Man sitting in front turns his head, intrigued at the medical/spy-like jargon.)

B, rifles through his pockets. He pauses. He rifles again. He stands, and thrusts his hands down every pocket his shorts have.

Son #3: “Huh, weird, I don’t have my pump, don’t worry, it’s probably at home.” (Nonchalantly sits down and continues to watch previews like it’s no big deal…)

Mom: (Paralyzed in fear…mind racing…’probably??? Probably???’) “How can you just not know where your pump is B? What do you mean probably? Did you take it out of your pocket? Where is it?!!”

Son #3: “I have no idea…it’s probably at home…don’t freak out mom.”

Mom: Freaking out. Pictures of a lone pump sitting on the sidewalk, with young punks walking by picking up the curious purple video game like contraption, flash through her head. $5000 gone. Just gone. “Does anyone have their cell phone? I left mine at home.” (Nope, not one boy has their cell phone.) “I’m going to the car…stay here! Don’t talk to strangers… (Discreetly pointing to scary bald guy in front of them,) Don’t go to the bathroom…I’ll be RIGHT back!”

Scene: In front of the theater. Mom barges through the theater doors, eyes blazing, hair flying, hands in front of her flat with fingers spread, using the spaces between her fingers as virtual magnifying glasses. Walking quickly, scanning, manic…all the way back to the car…looking in gutters, evil-eyeing the punks…ready to cry…opening the door…

It is there.

On the seat.

The pump.

Probable victim of a seat belt.

(Big fat sigh of relief.)

Scene: Movie theater…again.

Pump has bolused son #2 and son #3 and now is back in son #2’s pocket.

Crisis averted, movie thoroughly enjoyed…

Just another Pancreatical day. (Pancreatic/hysterical=my new favorite word.)