Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just so you know: I know I talk about my brain A LOT.

I went to bed last night with visions of last year’s Charlie Brown first day of school in my head. I was as ready as I’d ever be and yet I knew even with the best of intentions…IT can hit the fan. Regardless, when I did sleep, I slept HARD. I was exhausted last night and sporting a nice big fat head cold to boot.

The day went smooth as silk. Thankfully, I was able to meet with the boys teachers last night to go over emergency protocol and their daily schedule. L’s 1st grade teacher has had J and B, so we mostly just chatted. Her biggest concern was L communicating his lows…and since L is a pro at that now, all her fears were put to rest. B got a new teacher, one our family has never had…but B is awesome, so I feel good about it all.

The important thing is each boy had a stellar first day of school. Even though I feel like I’ve been hit by a Mac truck, and our family car is no doubt passed out in the garage from sheer exhaustion from our new commute…all is well.

I knew that moving our family into a better neighborhood was the right thing to do. I knew that being just a few blocks from my in-laws would be a blessing for sure. What I didn’t know is how much time I would end up spending in the car today. We moved to the East side, and kept the boys in the schools on the West side. My achy-breaky-head-cold-brain hates me for it right now.

A little lookie loo into my day:

8:00am: Leave for school

8:40am: Drive home
10:00am: Drive M to school. (Freshman orientation, my Sophomore got to start the first day late.)

10:15am: Drive to L’s school to show him the routine he’ll use to check his sugar at snack time.
10:25am: Drive Home
11:35am: Drive to L’s school again to support him through his new lunchtime routine. (I’ll do this tomorrow too, and then see how he does on his own Friday.)

11:50am: Drive to the store. Out of paper. (Paper of the copier and toilet variety.)
12:15pm: Drive home.
1:15pm: Leave to pick up B and L from school. (They get out early this week.)

1:40pm: Leave B and L in their Omi’s capable hands, and head to Jr. High for 504 meeting.

3:00pm: Pick up M from the High School.

3:15pm: Drive home.
4:15pm: Drive B to soccer practice.

4:30pm: Drive home.
6:00pm: pick up B from Soccer.

6:15pm: Drive to Omi’s for a wonderful home cooked meal. (THANK YOU OMI AND LISA!)
7:30pm: Drive home.

I know most moms have days like this. It’s not so much the driving, but the in between that makes the mole hills into mountains. My brain was enjoying summer. My brain was in neutral. Now it is in 4th gear and it’s mad at me.

I don’t blame my brain for rebelling against me, but I know things will settle into a routine soon. I have family helping. I think I’ll just sing my brain a lullaby and hope that tomorrow the prayers I say tonight will grease its gears and prepare it for what will no doubt be another long day.


  1. Wow! What a day you've had! It makes me tired just reading about all the driving around you had to do! I hope things fall into a routine again for you soon so you can get a little mental break! Maybe you should take up knitting or crochet!

  2. Meri, you must REALLY like that new house because if it were me, I'd have found a Target to hang out at or something between those short trips. Or a neck pillow and a parking lot? Books on tape? I mean CD... I even joined a gym once when I was commuting just to avoid sitting in my car for 90 minutes for a 15 minute drive. I hope things smooth out and you can work out an easier day soon! Feel better!

  3. Exhausting! That is simply exhausting. Rock Star Momma! That is what you are. I am so happy that everyone had a good day. Hopefully you are sleeping right now!!

    Sweet dream, my friend!

  4. Hold on.

    My brain can't keep up with your brain.

    I need a brain break.


  5. hope it was a sweet, sweet lullaby...sounds so busy and here I am stressed over t-ball, preschool and swimming. Wowsers Batman, hope things settle down eventually :)

  6. And next time you have a spare ten minutes just pop over and sort out that mess in the Middle East, would you?
    Actually, I am envious of one thing in this scenario: German Oma and Opa cooking for you all. As a Germanist I know how good this must be! Droooool.

  7. OK the "DASHY ARROW" thingies going back and forth were cracking me up (I think this may reveal how "SIMPLE" my brain is - lol). Oh Miss Meri, I sure hope your cold gets better soon and follow Jessica's advice and hang at a store...although, I know what moving is must have a ton of things to do at your new home.

    Here's to a less brain taxing day today!

  8. Here's to a cured cold, less driving in the future, great days at school for all the boys and a less hurty brain.
    By the way, the arrows totally cracked me up...

  9. Just reading about your day makes my brain hurt too! ;) Praying it gets easier and your brain adjusts quickly!!

  10. Oh, what us moms go through. No time to ease back into the school schedule. BAM! Full speed ahead!

    Hope you feel better soon, and I hope D was behaving on the first day of school.

  11. HOLY HOT WHEELS MAMA!!! I think I need a nap in your honor :)

  12. WOW - I am on the east coast so we haven't started school yet, but reading your post inspired me to start preparing now! I'm sure it will get easier for you and much easier without a head cold.
    P.S. My kids have an omi also!

  13. Holy cow! That is a lot of running around!! I feel tired after just reading about it. How do you do it Meri?!

  14. Holy cow indeed I would be exhausted of all of this and so glad you are in your new house . do you like it ? I sure hope so . so glad things are well for you .

  15. Dearest Meri - I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I thought of you last week.
    My stress over sending Sugar Boy to school was HUGE!!! And everytime I was at the breaking point I thought of you. My thought was: How in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks does she do this with THREE OF THEM????
    No wonder your brain hurts. If you had my brain it would have thrown itself on the floor and had a big ole tantrum. Good thing you have your brain and not mine. Heehehehe

  16. I agree with Jessica! I'd be at Target! :)
    I'm tired just reading it all!
    But I am so so so glad that your darlings all had a great first day back! Yipee!

  17. Meri-here's the web address for the forum she started and her name is "January Blue"
    I hope you two connect as it would be wonderful to have another person to discuss the difficulties of d with, and of course the joys, too....


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