Friday, August 20, 2010

It’s the most flip-outiest time, of the year!

Hello friends. Welcome to Meri’s edition of, “August, should we just scrap it all together?”

I think July should be 62 days. Yes? Agreed? Because August always stinks. Seriously, look back at your blog…look back at your calendar…look back at your journal…suckity suck suck! Case and point, my post last year: Tsunami and EVERY OTHER AUGUST POST LAST YEAR! It’s emotional collapse time people. Batten down the hatches!

It’s back to school. It’s back to reality. It’s back to WORK! NO MORE RESTING YOUR BODY OR YOUR BRAIN! Let’s get moving! Blah! Blah! Blah!

It’s emotional…it’s hair raising…it’s finding a new routine…it’s educating teachers and nurses…it’s sports season…it’s a big FAT reminder that our kids have special needs, and our hearts break for them as they have to find their own “normal” in their new classroom. It’s everything July isn’t.

What can we do?

How can we ride that tsunami wave to the top of the mountain and declare victory?

We need a plan and we need one fast! Admitting there is a problem with August is the first step…now we need a healthy, grown-up, even way to handle all of this…

Any suggestions? And no, I don’t drink alcohol…so think of something else…quick! There are only 11 days of August left. If we don’t jump on this, August is going to swallow us whole!


  1. how about lots and lots of prayer that is my thing prayer i am a firm believer in prayer .

  2. OH! I am SO there with you!!!
    Problem is - I have no plan... and I cant think of one, except to run and hide. And my husband just informed me thats not an option either, cuz then HIS August will really suck.

  3. I am thinking of remodeling my newly remodeled closet into a sound proof rubber room for full on tantrums. Kicking, hitting, screaming, totally inappropriate language- the works. Who's with me?

    Seriously. Love you.

    More coffee/hot chocolate therapy?

  4. OK, what about drugs then??? Perhaps a "sedative" or something? LOL.

  5. My vote is for hypnosis and mediatation.

    And I'll have your glass of wine.

  6. I agree. August sucks. And so does September. Let's make July extra long and go straight to October. And while we're at it... I don't really like February much eiter...

  7. So agreed! I had no idea how emotion August was going to be. We don't even start school until Sept 8. I think I could live forever in July. 365 July, that's my vote.

  8. I HEAR YA our read ya Meri....I'm starting to get butterflies in my stomach and trouble taking a full breath September is just coming so fast and I have soooo much to do to get ready.

    Good luck my friend I wish I had something to suggest that would help!!

  9. Oh, man! Can I come to the padded room? Seriously, I think I'm about ready to throw a tantrum bigger than either of my children is capable of! It has not been a good month so far!

    Meri, I hope things start to calm down for you soon! You've been busy! At the very least, I hope you can have even a good 5 minutes of peace and quiet to enjoy your coffee in the morning!

  10. Coffee, chocolate and loud music - oh and stabbing wool(aka needle felting) really helps too!!

  11. For me this week, a good cry each day has helped! I know my son will do an amazing job with the Big D starting grade one, it's all the new adults "getting it" that I am worried about! August is indeed a very yucky month.

    Good luck everyone!

  12. Suggestion
    1. Hire a damn driver.
    2. I think you need to meditate or somethin'.
    3. Chocolate
    4. Maybe you could eat chocolate and meditate at the same time, I think I saw that in a movie once.
    5. Seriously, we all know you are's more worry than being unprepared. Take confidence that you have laid the ground work for the support team. And your kids are strong and getting stronger...they will tell the support team if something isn't right.

  13. I'd also like to say that Reyna has some awesome plans on her site for examples. No sense in recreating the wheel....

  14. I'm all for making July longer too!! August is almost done and these next three weeks are going to be torture on me for sure!!! Two kids starting school, meetings, doctor appointments and the JDRF Walk. Yikes. I'm getting sick thinking about it. I'm sorry I have no good ideas to help with the stress!!!! I need help myself! No, seriously, Pray. And have a nice glass of wine at the end of the day. :)

  15. Meri, Meri, Meri.... I added your sweet button to my sidebar on my blog... now you must reveal HOW to make one - how do I do that????

  16. I have also been in the trenches of worry and stress over school starting...ughhhhhh!!!

    This is the first time Miss E will be away from me and I am FREAKING OUT!!! I just try to remind myself that it will all be ok...somehow, someway...things just work out.

    Big (((HUGS)))...I think we can all use lots of those :)


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