Friday, December 18, 2009

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pancreas

If I wrote a screenplay with the above title, I wonder if I would have copyright issues...

Last night our family attended my oldest son’s music concert at the high school. Our entire family came out in force. Not only did my husband and I go with all of our boys, but so did both sets of grandparents.

Ryan and I were the last in the auditorium, and as I went to meet my family, I found my mother in law sitting next to my favorite D Mom in town, (who is also my favorite coffee/hot chocolate date.)

As we chatted about the kids, my three diabetics wrangled some dollar bills from my husband, and went to the bake sale to get some goodies. (Something that would hopefully keep them happy for part of the long concert that was ahead of us.)

L came back with a little cupcake.

J came back with a medium size cupcake.

B came back with a blueberry muffin. A sensible choice one would think…except it wasn’t…this muffin was as big as his head.

My d friend and I laughed. A comfortable, knowing laugh. Then we traded guesses on the carb amounts of this mondo-sized muffin.

We decided on 80g, but I only gave B the go ahead to eat half of it. Which he did. Meticulously nibbling and trying to get it to exactly half.

He ended up going low less than an hour later…maybe due to the fact that this muffin was actually 71 carbs…but probably more due to the fact that I over bloused him for the pot roast I made that night.

So he ate it all.

And to watch this boy eat it was like watching a cat catch a mouse. The joy was undeniable.

Also undeniable was the overwhelming feeling I had sitting next to my friend last night. I felt warm….I felt good…

I felt NORMAL.

Generally sitting in a group like that, I don’t feel like I fit in. I’m not the same as these people. My life is complicated. But last night it was different. I wasn’t conscious of the blood sugar monitor I had clipped to my belt loop…I fit in. Isn’t that why we cry when we get Christmas cards from other D moms? Because for a moment, we fit in. These D moms live similar lives…they more than anyone know what our days are like, and although we are not misfits by any means…there is always an underlying emotion that those in our communities don’t 100% know us, or anything of the constant worry that sits with us.

We can blend in…but fitting in is another story.

We are the Sisterhood of the traveling pancreas…or pancreata, (or pancreases…They both show to be correct in the online dictionaries. :)

We are a special breed.

We are mobile pancreata…now, how many people can say that?


  1. Oh Meri! You are so right! It isn't that we don't fit's just different. Other people have no idea. Like the friend who recently told me that she thought of me the other night when she woke up at 3 and couldn't go back to sleep until 5. And then seemed disappointed when I didn't go on and on with sympathy. Because I was thinking - "So what? One night. Try every night.". They just don't get it. And it feels amazing to have people who DO get it and to feel like you fit in and are understood. Thanks to you and everyone else for getting it!

    And I LOVE your card. Too cute!

  2. only we can say we are the traveling pancreata !!! I love it and you guys are awesome and I love your family . wow . wow .

  3. I'm honored to share the traveling pancreatata with you!

    I love your family ;)

  4. sounds like it was a great evening for everyone...especially B :)

    I loved your cards too ~ way cute!

  5. Love it! We are unique and I LOVE my pancreatic sistas!!!! :)

  6. It is definitely a sisterhood like no other! I am happy to have other people in my life who really do get it! :)

    Awesome post!

  7. Ha ha Meri... you crack me up! Have pancreas, will travel!

    P.S. My verification "word" was "liket". As in, I "liket" a lot!

  8. WOW! You really hit the nail on the head! Only other D moms understand completely what it's like.... the worries, the stress, the pure pleasure that we get when we have a day with good numbers.... the frustrations when numbers are out of whack and we can't figure out why.... ya, only another D mom can understand! I'm glad that you felt good... that you felt like you fit in!

  9. B held that half of muffin like it was gold!! I even had the fortune of holding it for a while!! Only a D kid (or those with food allergies or no food at all:( can understand how special a blueberry muffin can be!!

  10. Once again crying - loved this post. I really need to look into that Zoloft.:-)
    I love my D Mom friends and would be so lost w/o you all.

    Love ya my pancreatic sista!

    hahahaha - my word verification is MISTA. Awesome cause it rhymes with SISTA!!


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