Friday, August 29, 2014

Dear 97.

Dear 97,

The world would have me think that you’re all that.  I know better.

You are reckless and unpredictable, in fact I’d venture a guess that your middle name is Danger…I think it’s time the truth got out there.

Last night you came to visit just as my son was going to bed at 9:23pm.  Admittedly, a visit from 54 or 398 would have been a bit more disconcerting, but the pinnacle intention of this letter is this: you are just as dangerous.  You lull us into a feeling of comfortability and then, without warning, drop.

And drop hard.

It’s a cruel cruel joke.

I know that the possibility of you staying 97 is slim to none.  And even though I know that the possibility of you growing into a larger number exists also…I know the odds are not favorable to do so.

So I feed you.  You know I’m going to feed you.  That is why you come.


And then you give me the virtual finger by jumping to a 248.

Even if I give just a couple bites of something, you put all of your effort into jumping as high as you can.  We all can see you are doing it on purpose.

97.  You are a selfish number.

97.  You hide under the guise of security, of “normality.”  You make us feel like you are a successful place to be, and then you take advantage of that vulnerability and cause frustration.

All I can do is shake my head at you and ask you to leave for now.

One day your impact on this family will be one of Styrofoam…neither here nor there. 

Until that day, I bid you adieu!

Ever so Sincerely,  

P.S. If you want to drop by for lunch on Saturday, I guess it'd be ok.


  1. I feel the same way about any number in the low 100's at bedtime for Isaac...those darn numbers go to 300 in minutes or bam, down to 40's.
    Hoping tonight the 97 stays at bay and you get a few extra zzzzz's :)

  2. I'm not comfy with 97 either. Too wobbly. Nice post!

  3. Oy! I hate that 97 at bed time too!! What to do, what to do!? 2c or 6c or a temp basal? Maybe 15c? No, that would be way too much right? Usually. But not after a day in the pool or a day at the park or.......UGH. I get so tired of hearing my family members say "but thats a great number at bedtime" when they have no idea that 97 IS danger in disguise!

  4. Tonight it was 196! Actually should've corrected for that but we didn't. And then down to 54. :( Glucose tabs + I don't even know, back to bed you go. :)

  5. Love the pig, now every time I see 97 I will think PIG!


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