Friday, April 11, 2014


Yesterday I participated in #dayofdiabetes on Twitter.  It is a day set aside to write down everything you do, and everything you think about diabetes.  I only scratched the surface of what our day was like, but thought I should compile the day here.

To set the stage for the beginning chapter I would title it, "The high that never was."  A couple hours before the official #dayofdiabetes began I bolused B for a 489 that had more to do with the kiwi juice on his fingers than the actual sugar in his body.  Nevertheless, I got 4 hours sleep.

The fun continued from there...

This morning I woke up to yet ANOTHER site ripped out, this time on a different boy.  And then FINALLY, after five ripped out sets this week I realized...maybe there was a problem with that particular box of sets?  Sure enough, when I looked at the box it had a big red 11 scrawled on it.  I wrote that to indicate this box was obtained in 2011 and only to be used in emergency if we ran out of other sets.  Somehow, one of the boys found it and opened it up to use and the rest is history.  Just another day in our Diabetic Life, I suppose.

Other tweeters summed up #dayofdiabetes, I'd like to share with you their closing thoughts.

I couldn't possibly sum up everything that goes through my head in one day.  Just like the above tweets, diabetes is embedded in me.  Part of who I am and how I think.  One day I won't have to think so much about it.  You can see that I don't have a lot of info about J above.  He takes care of himself 90% of the time, and both L and B are on their way to that place too.  They have been practicing set changes and working on counting their own carbs.  My job is to get them to a place where they are confident in their independence.  Until then, I'll be there to remind.  To act.  And most of all, to worry about all the details.


  1. Thanks for sharing. The awful part about this is it's just one day.

  2. You are amazing. I get overwhelmed sometimes with just one D kid. And I have a helpful husband too. You might not always feel amazing, but you are to me.

  3. I love reading about your life - even though there are times where I'm holding my breath until I know that whoever is high/low is okay now.


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