Thursday, January 9, 2014

Off to advocate

I'm on the Airport Express on my way to the San Francisco Terminal en route to the Medtronic/Bayer Advocate Forum in Southern California.

I attended this summit a few years ago.  It seems like a lifetime ago.  I didn't know any of the bloggers that were attending then.  Scratch that.  I never MET any of the bloggers that were attending then.  I knew them.  I read their blogs until my eyes leaked with either exhaustion, empathy, or laughter.  I knew all of their hearts.   But still, I was shy and a bit uncomfortable in my skin.

Fast forward to today...I feel like I'm running into the arms of my family.  These bloggers now feel more like my sisters and brothers more than anything else.  I know their quirky, endearing personalities, I know their sweet hearts...and I love them.

I'll be attending the summit until Saturday, so if you'd like to follow some of my thoughts, or if you want to communicate directly with me, Twitter is your best bet.

I know.  Don't have a heart attack.  I'm actually going to be hanging out on Twitter.  You can find me at @our3Dlife and my posts related to the summit will be hashtagged #MedtronicDAF.  By searching for that hashtag you'll also find all the other bloggers tweets too.

I've gathered a mountain of wishes, complaints and compliments from various different online groups, but if you want to put your two cents in, please let me know what you'd like Medtronic to know.  I'll do my best to relate it!

So before I throw up from car sickness, I'm going to sign off.

Wish me luck!

And to my brothers and sisters...I'm coming!!

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  1. Jealous in a good way. Meri, Meri, Meri! (I'm glad) it's always MERI!


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