Monday, July 22, 2013

Where everybody knows your name.

This picture makes me happy.

 Lora, Wendy, Misty, Me, Joanne

This is why.

I met these women four years ago online.  I’m not sure how it started exactly, but we began Sunday night chats not long after getting to know each other.  Honestly, most of the chats were refreshing pages, and starting new rooms because someone got lost in cyberspace, but somewhere in the small moments were able to connect, we got to know each other.  We got down to the nitty gritty of our lives and spoke about things too personal to put on our blogs.

A lot of it was just silliness too.  Okay.  Most of it.

Somehow the chats got fewer and far between, but thankfully we all became active on Facebook so the interactions didn’t end.

 They aren’t all in this picture, but there was a big group of these women that held me up after Ryan’s diagnosis.  Because they knew me, and most everything about me, they knew how to help.  They knew what I needed, before I even did.

They excelled at being friends when I needed it most.

So arriving at the aptly titled "Friends for Life" and finding some of them there was like Norm walking into Cheers.  Like…everyone knew my name.  I felt completely comfortable around them.  (Maybe too comfortable?)  We giggled like little girls about most everything.  It was fun just to laugh again.  It was fun to get out on the dance floor and dance again.  It was fun to be around women that knew what I needed:  Love.  Support.  Friendship.  Fun.

Their friendship means the world to me; I love my sisters from other misters!

Also wonderful was meeting up with more friends that I had met online.  Sara, Brian and Jeanette.  They were all game to hang with our family at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  It was really nice not having to put our noses in a map the entire time.  They knew the good rides, (hello, Jungle Cruise!)  And they knew the lame ones.  We were able to navigate Disney like professionals.  6 people with diabetes and three without.  We pretty much rocked that equation.

M, J, L, B, Brian, Sara, Jeanette

Need to eat lunch now?  I totally get it.

Need a battery 5 minutes ago?  They had it.  (Full story HERE.)

Misinterpreting my son on the motor coach to Disney when he said he has 6 units left in his pump, when later it was revealed that he had 6 units on board, (and 70 units left,) only after we McGyvered L’s set with his after lunch?  We all laughed about it.

Perfect blood sugars right before getting ice cream?  We all cheered.

Hug after hug from Facebook friends and those that read my blog.  It was a thrill every time  when the synapses fired, and the light bulb went off, realizing who they were.  If I miss anything about Ryan, it's his awesome bear hugs.  I think my hug tank was filled up at FFL.  Hugs for the win!

 I’m pretty sure it might be harmful, because in essence, I’m teaching my boys that everyone you meet online is completely awesome.

But, you know, you win some and you lose some as a parent.

Have diabetes, will travel.  (And smile the entire time doing it.)


  1. I love every bit of this. :)

  2. Love this. Love you. Love all those people.

    Cannot wait to meet you IRL and take an awesome pic, as opposed to my somewhat stalking like one of me and the magazine ;)

    Sundays? I can do Sundays! You have my number have your people call my people.

  3. Glad you had a great time! You are, you know, a celebrity so everybody does know your name - but even if people don't, they try damn hard to learn and then remember :)

  4. Happy to see you happy ... Happy dblog check day!

  5. Love all the cray-cray in these pictures.

  6. Always love to read your stories. But today, the photos are pretty awesome too. Thanks

  7. All I know to say sounds like a cliche. This. Is. Awesome. And as mentioned on Twitter, now the Cheers song is stuck in my head, with images of the FFL dance floor and all the princes and princesses who were there. Great post, Meri. Thanks for sharing all this.

  8. Looks like a great time Meri! Happy DBlogCheck day! xo

  9. I love you all and I love this post!!

  10. It seems you love hugs. I can't give you a bear-hug like the man you love (I won't even try), nor am I any good at sending them virtually. But will you take an IOU? For when we meet in IRL.

  11. so wish I was one of those giving you a hug this year!!
    it is amazing being able to connect with all those fabulous online folks...can't wait to do it again soon!

  12. Wonderful post full of love and hugs! :)

  13. Happiest place on earth is that much better with friends like those.

  14. I love this post and your excellent cropping job on some of those photos!

    IRL time FTW!!! :D

  15. Oh my dear Friend for Life...I Love You!!! It's so weird that we've only met IRL on two occasions, yet I feel like we've had a million laughs together. I feel so blessed to have you as my friend! SCL!

  16. What a blessing you have been to this mom of a T1D! So grateful for your blog!

  17. Thank you for sharing this. I don't know what I would do without my Friends for Life! Happy #dblogcheck Day!

  18. From reading & hearing about so many wonderful experiences at FFL, I look forward to attending next year. Thanks for sharing!

  19. BIG Smiles seeing your beautiful smiling face this morning Meri! Looks like sooooo much fun. xo

  20. I so miss those chats. My alarm still goes off every Sunday night... I don't have the heart to delete the alarm. It may sound silly, but it is a sweet reminder of why I love you girls so much. YOU are part of the reason I am "fotally tine" today ;). MTW, my friend!

  21. Magical - isn't it? The connections and how they just blossom those few times you can actually hang out in real life? I love it.


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