Thursday, July 25, 2013

Diabetic Living Magazine: Behind the scenes!

It all started with some emails.  “Meri, I read you blog.  Meri, you have a story to tell.  Meri, we’d like to do a big spread about your family in Diabetic Living Magazine.  Meri, we would like to come to your home with a photographer, and stylist and take pictures for a couple days.” (Well, they didn’t say Meri so many times…but I like the effect of the sentence so I’m leaving it.)

Anyway, I said, “Sure!”

Then a couple months later these boxes showed up on my porch.

 Inside were “accessories” to make my house prettier. 

And I thought, “What have I gotten myself into?”

They brought clothes for me, and for the boys.  We tried things on and they all voted on this sweater for me.  I wasn’t the biggest fan, but this was their rodeo, and I was all in!

Honestly though, they couldn’t have been nicer.  In fact, it almost felt like family was visiting.  As I was getting my hair styled the Editor was laying on my bed asking questions... 

“I don’t think I’ve ever interviewed anyone while laying on their bed.”  She said.

“And that makes me so happy!” I said.

And now for the important stuff:

The makeup artist did a really great job.  MAN, these selfies from my iPhone after the two makeup sessions were THE BOMB!  

I showed them to the camera guy and told him I wanted to look like this in every picture he took.  He laughed.  Maybe not a big guffaw kinda laugh, but a laugh nonetheless.  Apparently he's really really good....but not a miracle worker.

I don't really look like those pictures.  But since they were taken with no filter, I think it's only fair to keep them as my Facebook profile pics for life, right?

Most of the things in the shot where we’re playing games really do belong to me.  Well, except for the green runner, the little bowls, and the popcorn bowl.

(You know you were wondering.  Ok, well, some people were wondering.)

The breakfast table on the other hand…the only thing that is mine is the table and the heart shaped bowl that I keep the boys meters in.  And the meters.  They taped our light to the side.  Pretty hilarious.

 The editor, Martha even made the scrambled eggs and bacon for the shoot.  How’s that for service?  And the boys totally ate it all afterwards!  
(Look at her sweet smile! How can you not love her!)

 We actually did shoot pictures at the boys’ school, and in their classrooms.

 Why am I telling you all this?  Because believe it or not, these are the questions people keep asking me, so I’m answering them!  I did title this "behind the scenes."  You had to see it coming.

All in all we all agreed it was a great experience.  The story turned out wonderful, and they even checked with me to make sure the details were right before they went to print.  Which is so appreciated!  How many newspaper stories and articles have we been in where I’ve been misquoted, and details were shared that were totally off the mark? 

Let’s just say, a lot.

They had just the right mix of professionalism and friendliness.  I’m thankful for the experience.  It’s been a long seven months waiting for the Fall Edition to come out…but this week it rolled out into stores and mailboxes!

You can get it at Costco, or Barnes and Noble.  I’ve seen it at my local Safeway and Whole Foods as well!  So keep an eye out.  The front looks like this:

 And there are TEN whole pages about our family in there.  

 I know!  So wicked awesome!

Do you have any more questions?  I think I was pretty thorough, but I’m totally available for interviews.  (Or you could just put your question in the comments section below.  That would work too.)

Pick up a copy! 


  1. I LOVE being friends with a famous person!!! The behind the scenes scoop is awesome. Thank you for sharing! Your car profile pic is wicked cute btw.

  2. This is so awesome! I will definatly be checking this out! I love the magazine anyway because of all the recipies! (I'm not the best cook in the world and cooking for my diabetic boyfriend is new to me so it helps a lot!)

    You are so pretty by the way! I'm glad it was a good expierence for you!

  3. This is so awesome and I'm totally buying a copy today!

  4. I'm picking this up today! Ten pages... they must think your family is a big deal. Just like the rest of us do.

  5. This is one of my favorite magazines...when I opened it and saw you and your family, I got sooooo excited!! It was such an awesome article! Love this behind the scenes post!

  6. Yes! My question is about the meters they're holding up: You answered part one of my question already--so I know those are their real meters. But did the guys have to scroll through their meters to display those nice (but more interesting than 104 - 104 - 104) numbers, or were the numbers photoshopped on after the picture was taken, or were those coincidentally just really their numbers?

    1. Totally scrolled! (But not too far :) The numbers that are mentioned in the article are 100% real though!

  7. Meri, you and your awesome boys -- every single one of them! -- so deserved this recognition! Kudos to the 5 of you! I am so glad that I am in the U.S. now so I can pick up this magazine and point you out to my family and say "Hey, check this out -- I know that incredible super woman!"

  8. The whole spread was wonderful! Everyone was adorable and I ended up buying two copies-one to handle and one to save. I only wish it went in more depth about your blogging and how it has helped so many people. It isn't just your lifeboat but a lifeboat for many other people. It is a huge thing to know you are not alone in your experiences and that someone is not afraid to say the things so many others are feeling. -Love you, Katie

  9. So cool, Meri! I can't wait to get a copy!

  10. Also, Meri. Diabetic Life Magazine just interviewed Jake yesterday. Nice to have our kids inspiring others.

  11. Love this! AND Martha cooked bacon - wow! Thanks for sharing this inside look, Famous Meri!

  12. Meri!!!! I never thought in a million years you would be THIS "famous" :) And to think it all starts with a "little" Momma blog. I hope you are seeing just how amazing and inspiring YOU are!! Its SO funny to me that they go through all this staging...who would have known? I Cant wait to get my copy of your magazine!! I bet your boys are SO excited!!!

  13. I LOVE it!!!!! So buying this magazine!!! You guys are such an inspiration and so real- I just love you to pieces!!! xoxo

  14. Aren't the Diabetic Living folks SO great?? It makes my heart happy that they featured you and your family, Meri. You deserve every good thing in the world.

  15. cool to the millionth degree!

    can't wait to get my copy!!

  16. I picked up my copy already and I think you totally look like that IRL... you are super cute filtered or not.

  17. So awesome! But more importantly, did you get to keep any of the goods?! :)

  18. Anytime there is possitve media about diabetes its a good thing, and who better for possitve then your fmaily. You're all an inspiration!

    I think the most importnant question is have you changed your number yet lol

  19. Well... you could have told me that you were going to write a post answering all my questions instead of letting me continue to harass you ;)


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