Monday, May 27, 2013

Many leaves. One tree.

I feel like I could write a book about that one thought.  When I heard it for the first time while watching Epic yesterday my cheeks immediately flushed and I got that humming in my chest that tells me, “That means something to you.  That is important.  That is truth.”

And now that it is a part of me, I can’t help but feel it kinda sums up my (and if I may be so bold, our) entire existence, really.

We are pieces of a greater whole, and part of a unique ecosystem that isn’t accidentally happening in front of us.  “Meant to be” isn’t a superfluous phrase. 

We are meant to connect, because we are more than a community, we are a family…every one of us.  We are responsible for one another, and should take care to remember our humanity should run deeper than our humanness.  The spiritual organisms in all of us need to be fed, and acknowledged.

If we open up to the fact that this is all greater than the sum of its parts, we might realize that we have been ignoring an entire part of ourselves that is very real…and very important.  The more we accept our spirituality, the more it will come to the surface.  And if we find a way to focus on that part of us more often, I think our potential is unlimited. 

But here’s the problem, for me anyway.  Although I find that it is fairly simple to get into the state of mind that there is greater purpose, that there is a better perspective, it is just as simple, or even simpler to lose those feelings and get lost in the frustration, or chaos that is the on the surface of our daily walk.

Said simply, it takes work to see the bright side of things.  Effort is required every single day to see things more globally…and to take it a step further…more eternally.  If we don’t work on it every single day, then the perspective is swooshed away.

That is what I’ve come to believe anyway.  When I open myself up, even a little bit it seems…Ryan is closer to me, and things become easier. 

When I believe I am alone.  I am alone.

It’s all up to me.  I need to put in the effort to open myself up to the greater purpose in all of this.  And although my efforts need be only minimal…they do require my persistence, and my determination to make this family state of mind a habit, rather than an anomaly.

Many leaves.  One tree.

We are part of something bigger.  I really believe it.

Whether you believe the tree is an eternal family, the Earth, or a community…it means you are part of something. 

And that something means something.  (Super awesome sentence, I know.)

If I’m successful in switching the trajectory of my thinking…will I be able to change the trajectory of my life to a more positive one?  If positive, inclusive and familial thinking brings positive change…maybe.

Maybe if I believe there is more, more will come.

I definitely believe it is worth the try.


  1. I wish I possessed even half of your will, your strength, your faith. That is all.

  2. Mary, beautifully and I agree completely, I am going to share this with my community of connections and thanks for saying this.

  3. Lovely post. We saw Epic this weekend and loved. Then the next day we watched Life of Pi. If you haven't seen that movie you should! It compliments this post equally well ... It's a beautiful movie about Faith vs Reason.

  4. I was too taken with the 3D hummingbirds' flight to take away deep insights - nicely said!
    Life of Pi strikes me as life with T1D - living with a tiger in the same boat.

  5. Meri, I am blessed to be a leaf on the tree with you. Feels like diabetes might even pull us all onto the same branch, too. :-)


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