Thursday, April 25, 2013

Meter Madness

We have 600 blood sugar monitors in our house.

Alright.  Maybe I'm exaggerating.  We only have about 200...

Although they come in different shapes and sizes...almost all of them are One Touch meters.  Because that's what our insurance says we can use.

One would think.  "Meri has 200 meters.  She is set."
But nope...

shake head gif photo: head shake maura smileandheadshake-maura.gif

It is never that easy.
Because guess what.  Meters run on batteries.  Fancy, round, pain in the bahookie expensive batteries.

And right now at this very moment, our family...the family with three  children with Type 1 Diabetes...THIS family...we only have TWO meters in the house that are functioning.

My purse meter...

And the station meter...

And both of their life spans are iffy right now.

One has the battery light blinking, and the other is so close to death it is phantoming in and out. 

Each reading is a victory. 

But battery death in eminent.
With any luck we'll successfully continue to run on 1% capacity until the weekend when I can hunt down these batteries and buy the store out.

Until then I'll keep holding my breath. 

Or not.


  1. Genius and that reminds me that our meter battery thingy is flashing! Why are those 'penny' batteries so expensive as well :( ?

  2. I prayed my daughter's Omnipod PDM battiers would hold out through the night last night. You are not the only one...but thank goodness the Omnipod ones are just AAA batteries and not those crazy, where do you find those, batteries. Good luck!

  3. I loathe those little round batteries! I usually play the Race the Insulin Pump Battery game. Will the extended bolus last before the battery dies? Bets, place your bets! I hope your meter batteries hold out until you can get new ones. Your post made me laugh and I needed that today.

  4. :D

    (P.S. I am extra impressed that you even have TIME to draw these wonderful cartoons! I miss it.)

  5. I used to buy ALL THE WEIRD LITTLE ROUND BATTERIES WITH THE CORRECT NUMBER when I'd find them at whatever drugstore/Best Buy/Target/WalMart they were at...people would look at me weird, but whatever. I couldn't handle the late-night, no-batt, issues with just the one meter I have. grrr. luckily OneTouch Ping uses AAA. Should be a law about that, methinks, for all meters. xoxo

  6. Home Depot always has 'em. I have 2 in my junk drawer along with lots of Lithium AA's for the pump and AAA for the OneTouch Ping remote. I just replaced the ping remotes one 2 days ago, and it is already showing only 2/3 battery left.

  7. I hate those little round meter batteries, too. Our Walmart has them, but only on the special cardboard 4-sided battery display, which gets moved around the store periodically... it's like a little game to figure out where they've put the darn battery display each time. Ugh.

  8. This cracked me up. I've spent days hunting for those, too. And when I was a kid, there was ONE store in the next town over that might have one of the weird photo battery that my first meter required - a J battery. Look it up. It's cray-cray.

  9. Do you have a Dollar Tree store? We have one here and they carry those batteries, 2 for $1!

  10. I get 3 in a pack for $1 at the Dollarama Any dollar store should carry them

  11. I'm loving your newfound (or newly published) artistic side! LOL!


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