Monday, June 18, 2012

That moment...

We all have our moments.  But I think we can all agree that in our community we often have moments we can collectively throw our hands in the air to and say, "Oh hell yeah!" to.

We share in the daily grind.  The moments that we bond over don't need to be life threatening.  They don't need to be life altering.  They are the small moments we experience in our day to day that mold us into one family.

Over the past week most of my "moments" have revolved around our endocrinologist appointment.  We haven't seen our endo since November, and the boys just got out of school for summer, so ALL the boys needed an overhaul...badly. 

Here are my moments...are they familiar to any of you?  Bueller?  Bueller?

That moment when you know you have an endo appointment coming in a few days so you refuse your children anything that will spike their blood sugar.

That moment when you realize the endo is tomorrow and you wonder if you can get on the redeye to China cheap.

That moment when you about to leave for the endo and try to guess everyone's A1C's...and you guess really high just so you'll feel better when the truth is revealed.

That moment when you are on the way to the endo and you hold your breath through the tunnel and wish for shockaprisingly awesome A1C's.

That moment when you realize you're going to be a few minutes late to your appointment and you secretly hope they turn you away, even though you know they would make you stay even if you were an hour late.

That moment when your 8 year old decides he is going to pee in the cup BY HIMSELF for the first time.

That moment when you measure your height and your 14 year old son's height and realize he is literally ONE HAIR taller than you.

That moment when you look in the nutritionists eyes and swear you have had brussel sprouts every day the week before.

That moment when the nutritionist leaves the room and your son gets on her chair and does an impression of her that deserves its own HBO special.  "Hello, I love brussel sprouts.  I eat them for dessert.  I have broccoli lollipops!" 

That moment when the social worker pops her head in and says, "You don't need me, right?" And you are thankful that you really don't...because many times you did and you said no.

That moment when you realize you don't suck as much as you think you do.

That moment the endo makes a change and you are like..."YEAH!  Exactly!  I knew that was what needed to be done, duh!"  And you wish you would have had that epiphany on your own the week before.

That moment when you see the first A1C pop up on the machine and you think the machine is broken.

That moment when you see the second A1C pop up on the machine and you are sure it is broken.

That moment when you see the third A1C pop up on the machine and you swear you'll take it to your grave that the machine is broken because they are all amazingly beautiful.

That moment when you leave the endo office and the sun hits your eyes and blinds you because you feel like you've been living under a rock for the past week worrying about the endo appointment.

That moment when you look at your sister in law and realize how lucky you are that she offered to come along even though you said you didn't need her to, but really really needed her to.

That moment when you go through the tunnel on the way home and think, "HOT DANG! This tunnel really works!"

That moment when you decide everyone gets shakes for dessert because you really think you deserve one.

That moment you realize you rocked the bolus on dinner AND the shakes and you let yourself think for one fleeting moment that the A1C machine wasn't really broken.

That moment when it is a week after the appointment and you see that all the endo's changes were spot on and your life is so much easier.

That moment when you look at your husband sleeping on the couch and realize you are worrying about all the wrong things. 

That moment when you realize how lucky you are to have every one of your children and husband home, and alive and smiling.

That moment when you know that this diabetic life sucks oranges...but it is YOUR diabetic life and YOU ARE FREAKING DOING THIS!

The moment when you are done talking about THOSE moments and realize you want to talk about this moment...right now.  Because in this know you're not alone, and that makes all the difference.

But then that awkward moment when you aren't sure how to end a post so you just end it abruptly and hope no one notices...


  1. Makes me wish I lived near a tunnel.
    Keep enjoying all of your moments!

  2. Wo~FREAKIN~Hooooo For YOU and the fam Meri. Sounds like a wonderful Endo appointment. xo

  3. Love the milkshake moment. Totally me, too!

  4. I wish we didn't have to fret so much about the endo. appointments, but we do. I love the brussel sprouts lollipops! I'll have to use that line next time. Enjoy your beautiful family!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love that tunnel trick. Too bad I don't have a tunnel on my route to my endo!!

  6. I have a moment when the nurse drops the paperwork facedown on the desk and says "she'll be with you in a minute." This is the paperwork where I know the first page has the A1C number on it. I pounce on it like a tiger on a carcass and look. I HAVE to be free! hahahahahaa

  7. Love this post and how it was so abruptly ended!

  8. Sounds in many parts like our endo appointments.
    LOL for part where social worker pops in.
    Why can't I ever read your stories without crying?
    You are THE Best!

  9. Meri, you always make me smile! So glad the endo appointment went better than you thought. Even if the A1Cs weren't always rock it...every moment!!! :)

  10. Oh the Endo appointments...
    And P.S. I love your dog he's so cute!

  11. all that, exactly! lol

  12. Im an abrupt post ender-er <--- is that proper English or what??
    I love your posts! I giggled my way through this one. My fav... "That moment when you realize you don't suck as much as you think you do." I wish the feeling lasted longer than 5 min.

  13. totally giggling at the "Hot Dang!" are the best, Meri!

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  15. Just came from my own endo appointment. My A1C was so beautiful that I thought they must have given me someone else's. It was a happy moment.

    I'm reminded also of the time I told a nutrionist that I drank 2% milk when 99% of the time I drink whole. She told me that a glass of 2% had the same amount of fat as 3 slices of bacon (or some such number); my only thought was, "yum, bacon." (The nutrionist I met with before I went on my pump was much more understanding. She was a fun, colorful lady who probably actually eats icecream for dessert.)

  16. Hi Meri! We all have 'our moments' :) I am very inspired of your post! Thanks for sharing.


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