Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blogjacked by my phone: revisited.

Can you hear it? My brain is reaching its capacity in the diabetes department. It sounds a little like a helium balloon being filled up very quickly. You know that loud pitched "varoom" noise?

Diabetes overload friends.

I'm falling to sleep with Diabetes on the brain. I'm waking up with diabetes on the brain. There has been a lot of "mishaps" lately with the boys diabetes, which in turn has made my brain extra swelly with information all of the diabetes type.

And then blogging everyday...about diabetes. The writers block I am experiencing right now tells me I need a little break today.

I need to slow things down a bit and breathe.

So to lighten things up I'm going to repost the incident where my phone masterminded a blogjacking. As you know, my boys don't have nurses. They call me from school 4-7 times a day, and as a result my phone and I have become intimate friends.

He's a stinker though, and still up to his old tricks...

(This will be the finish of day 10 of National Health Blog Posting Month, in honor of Diabetes Awareness Month.)


  1. I think are phones are in the same gang!

  2. One of my all time favorite posts for sure!!! And just for the record, I am SURE your phone and mine are related!

  3. Meri - this made me grin and chuckle big time! Love it!

  4. Really, really cute! Loved this post!!! Crazy little phone. :)

  5. Well dang! I wanna cool phone like Meri's!!! Hahahaha! LOVE this post ;) And I thank God every single day for my cell phone. What in the world did we ever do without them?!?! Yikes!

  6. ROFLOL... jut hilarious.

  7. Your phone is way cooler than my phone, although mine does know some similar tricks!


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