Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Basals. A tough nut to crack...but oh so tasty!

We love pistachios.

They are for sure one of our favoritest nuts. So when we were at Costco last week and saw this little beauty, all shelled and ready for immediate consumption...well, we grabbed it and headed straight for the register.

We popped it open when we got home and they were really good.

Really good. Not really great.

What is it about working for them...prying them out of their nut jail cells, that makes them taste oh so much better?

How can putting effort into something make something all the more sublime?

Like our pistachios...basal tweaking gives us an equally euphoric feeling when we work hard for that golden nut in the middle...and we finally reach it.

I think I have cracked our wonky numbers hard shell...and what I have found tastes better than pistachios, or even chocolate itself.

I have found my marbles again. I have found a sense of predictability. And best of all, I have found my confidence. Today I find myself not scared of the decisions I make. And that yields a tasty nugget of happiness for sure!

What if dialed in basals were as easy to come by as an entire bag of shelled pistachios? Would we appreciate what we have? Or would the sense of satisfaction be moot?

I'm not sure of the answer to that question, but I can tell you one thing...

If I saw this sitting on the shelf in Costco...I would most certainly buy three...and risk the flavor of personal achievement. I think in this case, there is a good chance it would be worth the trade off.

(PS My last post was posted on Monday, but written Friday Night. I've been tweaking basals for weeks and am finally seeing the sun! We hit a triple with yesterdays numbers, and I am sighing a big fat sigh of relief. Can't say we're out of the woods yet...but that sun feels oh so warm and inviting!)


  1. So glad things are going better for you all :) You are an inspiration!!

  2. So glad things are going better for you all :)
    You are an inspiration!!

  3. So glad things are settling in! I would so buy a few bags of that if I could, I'm not lazy but I would like the added help! ;)

  4. ahahah excellent photoshop job there meri!

    we're messing with basals and carb ratios right now too and L emailed me fro school today saying "i just had a 50, can i change my ratio back for lunch?" and i was like, "yeah man, go for it, thanks for checking!"

  5. Oh if only we had bags of that in reserve for when we can't figure it out on our own and it's in the middle of the night and we're one eye balling it as we try to give a correction or treat a low. It would be nice to say I will "cheat" this one time so I can function in the morning. :)

  6. I welcome any tips for basal testing with little dudes, we've been up and down lately. I'd like to score just a little hit one of these days :)

  7. the analogy Meri. And I am totally laughing. We buy the pistachios with shells from CostCo all the time. Dave loves them. xo

  8. Meri, this post is great. First, I'm quiet the pistachio fan myself. (Pecans too, but that's a different story that goes back to When Harry Met Sally..). But great metaphors here, and so glad to hear all is OK on your end.


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