Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lenny the Lion Giveaway Day 3: A sense of humor!


The Lenny saga continues!

But before we begin todays giveaway...I must first get to YESTERDAY'S big winner!

I have to say that our family has had SUCH a fun time going through all the quotes. We are bonding thanks to you! (See how awesome you are!!)

Yesterday there was a pic of Lenny strapped to B's bike with goggles. Here are the top entries chosen by the crew:

One of us chose Stacey B's entry: "It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SUPER LENNY!!! WOOHOO -- I'm FLYING!! (who says lions can't fly!)" (Entry #1)

One of us chose Denise's quote: "Um, is this a sheet knot or a double sheel bend?" (Entry #2)

Two of us chose Heidi's entry: "I'm cool like that." (Entries #3 and #4)

One of us chose Allison and Tommy's quote: "WHO roped me into this?? Get me outta here,I'm seeing red!!!!" (Entry #5)

And one of us chose Cameron's entry: "Roped in --- check. goggles on ---- check, ready to roll---- check...wait wait you gotta check (bg) first.We want to ride 55 not a bg of 55." (Entry #6)

And Random.Org chose: Entry #3!!

Congratulations Heidi! Email me at ourdiabeticlife@yahoo(dot)com and I'll get it to you very soon! (You have 24 hours...otherwise I'll have to put the entries through the random generator again.)

For the rest of you...Don't give up! You still have three chances to win!

Today we are celebrating a sense of humor!

We all know we can't survive Our Diabetic Life without laughing at ourselves, (or others!) Sometimes the old adage is true, if we don't laugh, we'll cry.

Lenny is all about having a well rounded perspective on all of this too. You can imagine, with 4 boys, Lenny gets into his share of "interesting" situations.

To win a Lenny the Lion stuffed animal from Medtronic, (and assorted other fun prizes,) tell me friends, what is Lenny thinking in this picture?

Enter the phrase in the comments section, and remember to keep it clean! Each member of our family will choose our favorite bubble quote! The favorites will then be numbered and a random winner will be chosen from Make sure to leave your first name! Comments without a first name will be void.

You have only until 9:00PM Pacific Standard Time to enter! Tomorrow the winner will be announced, and you will have yet ANOTHER chance to win with a new picture, and a new thought bubble being put up!

Good luck! And remember who your audience is! A 16, 13, 9 and 7 year old...and my hubby and me!

Try to take a moment today to laugh. It is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself! I had to laugh the other day when the boys were having a serious conversation about what they would do with the money if we won the lottery...(funny in itself, because we don't play the lottery...but anyway,) they were having a really hard time deciding if they would put that money towards a cure, or towards buying a Rosie the Robot who would wait on them hand and foot. A boys got to be prepared for anything I suppose...although it seems to me, Rosie the Robot is my middle name. :)


  1. "I was raised by a Tiger Mother."

    (And, p.s. this does not mean I think Meri is a Tiger Mother, unless she wants to be....)

  2. I am lennyzilla! beware! Roar!

  3. I wish my head would grow to match my heart , body and courage.


  4. Quick somebody carve a statue - I'm the Sphynx in reverse! This is MUCH better looking.
    (The Sphynx in Egypt is the body of a lion and the head of man.)

  5. "Hey- if the kid chooses to put his head's his decision. Wonder if he knows I had beans for lunch???"

  6. Wait!!! Why are you running away?! I just want a hug!!!!!

  7. "I'm gonna get you diabetes!!!"


  8. Oh wow my body sure changed overnight .

  9. Da,da,da,daaaaaaa! Have no fear LyoMan (half lyon, half human) is here to spread peace and love!!

    Stacey B

  10. Oh No!! I took the Lion Venom instead of the insulin!


  11. I don't think anyone can top Hallie's comment!!

    Dooo you REALLY have to take a picture of this... for serious??

  12. Not only has my head shrunk,....but I just puked on my new red shirt. Cuz, that's how I roll.

    Tommy, Allison & Luke (mostly Tommy)

  13. If only they knew...
    I may have the hands of a boy on the prowl, but I have the heart of a lion, just look at my smile. -Kandice

  14. "This is a promo for a new video game...coming soon...and will fight the diabetes monster!!"

  15. What! What! What! Socks with Sandals!

    (I may be the only person who gets this or finds it amusing but we have obviously been spending too much time watching disney channel since this is all that popped in my head)

  16. "Well, this is definitely not what I pictured when I wished myself "big" last night at the carnival."

  17. Not sure this head transplant is a complete success?

  18. I'm Lenny the Lion and my mother dresses me funny!

  19. "Life is like a box of chocolates .... You never know what you'll get"

  20. Finally!!! Working arms and legs!!!

  21. Jane and Rachel (9)June 22, 2011 at 11:25 PM

    I'm too cute to be scary but I'll give it a try..

  22. ''Ooh no I'm wearing a boys t-shirt, oh no here he comes Argh

  23. ME ME ME ME ME! Ok Preston but I would secretly hug it. :))
    Jennifer Carr


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