Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lenny the Lion Giveaway Day 2: Exercise!

**********Sorry! This giveaway is closed! ***********

Before we get to today's giveaway picture, it is my pleasure to announce YESTERDAY'S big winner!

We each looked at the comments individually, and chose our favorite without the influence of others.

Two of us chose Michael: "If that thing comes near me, I'll have to slap you with a slice of bacon. Yes, I said bacon." (Entries 1 and 2)

Two of us chose Misty: "You got this L! Just squeeze me really tight...WAIT! NOT.THAT.TIGHT.I.CAN'T.BREATHE!!!" (Entries 3 and 4)

One of us chose Allison & Tommy: "You can do this L!- I'm not lyin...well, I am Lion, but not lyin, but I AM LION....oh, you know what I mean!" (Entry 5)

One of us chose Amy Robinson: "What do I have to do to get some pants around here?!" (Entry 6)

And random.org chose: ENTRY #3

CONGRATULATIONS MISTY!! Email me at ourdiabeticlife@yahoo(dot)com and I'll get it to you very soon! (You have 24 hours...otherwise I'll have to put the entries through the random generator again.)

Now onto today's giveaway!!

Today we will be celebrating EXERCISE!

I have four VERY busy boys! About nine months ago we moved into our new home and fell in love with the winding paths, beautiful neighborhoods and amazing parks. We have been moving and exercising a TON more in our new location. Our endo is very pleased with the boys decreasing BMI's!

So yesterday I asked B to go outside and exercise. I gave him Lenny and told him to make sure he was included.

He decided he was going to break his speed record for going corner to corner on our block.

And as I asked...he brought Lenny with him.

Here is the pic of my determined boy...with Lenny.

Tell me dear readers...to win today's Lenny the Lion, (and a few more little goodies,)...what the heck is Lenny thinking at this very moment?

Enter the phrase in the comments section, and remember to keep it clean! Each member of our family will choose our favorite bubble quote! The favorites will then be numbered and a random winner will be chosen from Random.org. Make sure to leave your first name! Comments without a first name will be void.

You have only until 9:00PM Pacific Standard Time to enter! Tomorrow the winner will be announced, and you will have yet ANOTHER chance to win with a new picture, and a new thought bubble being put up!

Good luck! And remember who your audience is! A 16, 13, 9 and 7 year old...and my hubby and me!

And if you are looking for an excuse to exercise...go on over and sign up for Reyna at Beta Buddies sister's 5K! It only costs 10 dollars to register, and you can participate where you are! Run, walk, bike...whatever! It is this weekend and all the monies go to JDRF! You can find more info HERE!

Now leave a comment, and get movin'!


  1. I told him I'd rather do a body wrap to lose the weight, but this ain't no spa!

  2. "Weee! This is fun! Thanks for the goggles so I won't get bugs in my eyes! Weeeeeeee..."


  3. Cathy = Talk about being all tied up LOL !!!

  4. "I would do ANYTHING for this kid but....this is taking it to a whole new level! I hope no one I know sees me like this....."

  5. AHHHH! Can we slow down a little?! oh no! I can't watch!

  6. WHO roped me into this??
    Get me outta here,I'm seeing red!!!!
    Allison & Tommy

  7. Hello?!? DOES ANYONE SEE what this kid is doing to me?? HELP!!

    Kelly Harp :)

  8. Sure the kid gets a helmet and all I get is glasses? Guess I won't get bugs in my eyes.

    Marilyn Hull

  9. Roped in --- check
    goggles on ---- check
    ready to roll---- check
    wait wait you gotta check (bg) first.We want to ride 55 not a bg of 55.


  10. Life at the speed of B! It doesn't get any better than this!

  11. I'm king of the world! Uh, can someone get me down now?
    -John D. ("Mr. Roselady")

  12. "Tony Hawk's got nothin' on me! I just love feeling the wind blowing thru my mane! Let's roll!!"

  13. Goggles: check!
    Strapped in: check!
    Bring on the wind, bugs and mud! Just gotta remember to keep my mouth closed!

  14. Since i have to keep it clean, I had to get Justin involved :)

    He says... Dude, I thought you liked me. I like adventure, but this is rediculous!!!!

  15. Yo ho Yo Ho a LION's life for me!


  16. This D-kid TOTALLY ROCKS! We look soooo cooollll!!

  17. Um, is this a sheet knot or a double sheel bend?

  18. "Remember not to open your mouth this time!! Flies taste disgusting!!"

  19. "It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SUPER LENNY!!! WOOHOO -- I'm FLYING!! (who says lions can't fly!)"
    Stacey B

  20. "My swelly brain is oozing gray matter outta my ears. Dang these goggles are t-i-g-h-t!!!"

  21. Weeee! I'm flying!
    Owen (age 7)

  22. I AM the coolest lion in this town. This kid must be a boy scout!

  23. What did I do to deserve this???

  24. I'll catch you later dude! I'm all tied up right now!

  25. I couldn't think of anything myself, but "Bee" says...

    "Man this is uncomfortable! But I still look awesome!"

  26. A Seat Belt! I said I needed a SEAT BELT! I have to go to the bathroom.
    : ) HOlly

  27. Diane - Ah the ties that bind!


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