Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lenny the Lion Giveaway, Day 4: Nutrition


We are in the home stretch! Two more chances to win Lenny!

But before we get to today's thought bubble...we need to revisit yesterdays query...what was Lenny thinking as J's head?

We had some GREAT entries! Here are the top 6!

One of us chose Allison and Tommy's entry,(again!): "Not only has my head shrunk,....but I just puked on my new red shirt. Cuz, that's how I roll." (Entry #1)

One of us chose Ashley's quote: "Wait!!! Why are you running away?! I just want a hug!!!!!"

One of us chose Cameron's entry: "I wish my head would grow to match my heart , body and courage." (Entry #3)

One of us chose Stacey B's quote: "Da,da,da,daaaaaaa! Have no fear LyoMan (half lyon, half human) is here to spread peace and love!!" (Entry #4)

One of us chose Becky V's entry: "Quick somebody carve a statue - I'm the Sphinx in reverse! This is MUCH better looking."

And one of us chose Hallie's quote: "Hey- if the kid chooses to put his head's his decision. Wonder if he knows I had beans for lunch???" (Entry #6)

And Random.Org chose...

dum da dum!!!!

#6! Congratulations Hallie!!! Email me at ourdiabeticlife@yahoo(dot)com and I'll get it to you very soon! (You have 24 hours...otherwise I'll have to put the entries through the random generator again.)

The rest of you, don't give up...two more days means two more chances!!

Today we are celebrating Nutrition and Carb Counting!

Lenny is all about nutrition, and even has his very own UBER COOL carb counting app! That is actually how I met Lenny and consequently...fell in love with him. :)

So yesterday I figured, since Lenny has his own carb counting app and all...well I figured I could take a break and let Lenny carb count the boys' dinner.

Needless to say, Lenny wasn't too happy being put in charge. It WAS a lot of pressure...they were all staring at him, WAITING for their counts so they could start dinner.

So tell me amazing readers...what is Lenny thinking at this very moment?

Enter the phrase in the comments section, and remember to keep it clean! Each member of our family will choose our favorite bubble quote! The favorites will then be numbered and a random winner will be chosen from Make sure to leave your first name! Comments without a first name will be void.

You have only until 9:00PM Pacific Standard Time to enter! Tomorrow the winner will be announced, and you will have yet ANOTHER chance to win with a new picture, and a new thought bubble being put up!

Good luck! And remember who your audience is! A 16, 13, 9 and 7 year old...and my hubby and me!

The meal in the picture is one of those dinners where we had lots of family over and made as much food as possible to stretch everything. True to form my boys picked the things chalked FULL of carby goodness! Yeah, that is A LOT of bread on their plates...bread on the BLT's...Garlic Bread...Corn Muffins...Carb-o-polooza! I have always struggled with good nutrition and FOOD. As a complete coincidence, I guest posted on Hallie's blog yesterday on this very subject. Go here to get an intimate glimpse into my food struggles. We have made a lot of changes to our diet the past year, (present dinner excluded,) and it has made a positive difference in our lives. As a swelly brained mom, it is hard for me to say no to those comfort foods...but I'm working on it!

Good luck today! And as always, it means the world to me that you thought to stop by! As a lovely Ninja likes to say...Love ya like bacon!


  1. Woo Hoo!!! Sweets will be thrilled!! I was hoping that was clean enough... But thought boys would appreciate fart humor! Yay!!!!!

  2. I wonder if they are going to feel sorry for me and give me a bite, or maybe just a crumb?

  3. Oh wow these guys are really good at counting numbers and eating LOL !!! We lions like meat and these guys do too !!!


  4. All right, I'll go in there for Dorothy. Wicked Witch or no Wicked Witch, guards or no guards, I'll tear them apart. I may not come out alive, but I'm going in there. There's only one thing I want you fellows to do...."BOLUS!"


  5. Hmm lets see that plate is 45 g of carbs and his bs was 103 so it should be 5.7u *pump screen* 5.7 I was right! :)

  6. "This carb counting is hard work...find a cure already!

  7. Geeez.... Guys. Someone pass the calculator. While you are at it how about a little food for thought? Lions need carbs too.


  8. "Can't we just ditch the plates, grab a meat and cheese tray and call it zero?"

  9. Oh, man!! I want a video game to play too! Maybe if I do some flips and tricks they will share!! You boys ROCK!

    Stacey B

  10. No scale, no measuring cups, no calculator. Grrrr. Time to SWAG it boys!

  11. I hope those looks don’t mean they are calculating me into this buffet. I’m not worth it, I tell you! I’m a million carbs. Choose the banana, not the lion!
    - John ("Mr. Roselady")

  12. Hey mom! Where's my lunch?!?!? I gotta count for myself too!


  13. Hmm...How sneaky must one be to get a bite of sandwhich...

  14. (computer acting funny, not sure if my comment went through, so I'm sending again just in case!)

    ", sandwich plus grapes, carry the muffin, carry the's gonna me a, HELP ME!!"

  15. "Hey guys, remember to wait two hours after eating before you go swimming....and TAKE OFF YOUR PUMPS BEFORE JUMPING IN THE POOL!"
    Allison & Tommy!

  16. I wish I had one of those phones so I could text too. : ) holly

  17. swelly brain...hey wait a minute in this fam you get a cell phone if you have d, pass me yours Miss Meri I know there's an app for that!

  18. Back away from the sandwich and no one gets hurt!!!!

  19. I'm entering for a friend- I swear!

    "EAT MORE CHICKIN! And don't forget the dessert!"

  20. Let's see...15 times 2...carry the 7.25...ugh I give up! Go grab a pepperoni stick boys and call it good!

  21. "will count carbs for food"


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