Thursday, March 31, 2011

Leavin'...on a jet plane. :)

My laptop died in my arms yesterday.

I think I died a little bit along with it.

It was my first laptop.

I started this blog on it.

I discovered the Diabetic Online Community within its bright screen.

I started my Facebook account, my twitter account and typed my heart out tinkering on its keys.

Let me tell you, it saw its share of tears on the keyboard.

Maybe I killed it with love.

Whatever happened, I got a new one. And no...I don't have a problem. Getting a new laptop the day after your old one breaks is VERY normal. I can live without being on line.


...for like 48 hours! (Hey, I didn't want to push it!)

So here I am on this new laptop, who I was sure I would hate...and I'm turning out to love. I'm liking the way it feels.

I wonder what kind of firsts I will have with my new lap top..."Lappy". (Yeah...that name isn't going to work.) Who knows, maybe I'll write my book on this laptop. LOL! LOL! I don't think books let you write in short, unending sentences with ellipsis galore!

Anyway, the real reason I'm writing today is I wanted to let you know I will be away for a few days...but never fear, I will return with a TON to blog about! Medtronic has invited little ol' me to attend an Advocate Forum in Los Angeles. I'm leaving on the jet plane today baby! There will be some peeps from the blogging community on twitter giving you the play by play. They'll be using the hashtag #MedtronicDAF. My phone doesn't do internet...(super sad face) so you'll have to wait for all the juicy details from me when I get back.

Until then, adieu.

Adieu. Adieu, to you and you and you! (Shout out to the Sound of Music!)

Wish me luck on my first solo trip...ever! It's almost like I'm a grown up!

PS In the interest of full disclosure, Medtronic is flying me out there, feeding me and giving me a place to lay my head. They didn't ask me to blog about my trip...but you know me...I will! My views will be my own...but who are we kidding...I'm a huge fan of Medtronic!


  1. YAY!!!!! So excited for your adventure :) I know you'll represent parent bloggers with pride. I couldn't think of a better person!

    Love you and can't wait for your updates!

  2. Have FUN...relax...ENJOY time for you!! I LOVE Medtronic too.....can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. How awesome is that!! Have a fabulous worry free time!

  4. Oh have fun and cannot wait t hear about it! Kelly will be there, and Bennet and Lee Ann! They are a great crew! Enjoy, you grown-up you!

  5. enjoy! and yeah for a new toy to type on :)

  6. How exciting - have a great trip!(We love Medtronic too!!)

  7. I FEEL your pain on the laptop Meri. Mine is dying a slow.miserable.death.of.blogging.torture. My hubby already has a new one waiting for me, but I cannot let this one go. Like you he was my "FIRST"...I am sensing a post coming on!!!

    Have fun at the Medtronic event. I cannot wait to hear/read all about it. xoxo

  8. I would read your book...esp. if it has short, unending sentences with ellipsis gallore. :-)
    have a great trip!

  9. Go Meri! Go Meri! I can't wait to hear all about it! Have fun... And get some sleep woman!!

  10. Made me giggle, Meri. Have a blast and most importantly, be safe. Will miss you!!

  11. So awesome!! Have fun, cant wait to hear all about it!

  12. Enjoy your trip! Looking forward to hearing about it!

  13. That's amazing! Have fun..are you taking your new Lap-Love? I'm attached to mine, and it goes everywhere with me. It's showing wear, but I *heart* it. I think it's okay..we'll just be in counseling one day. : )
    But..I'll be there for so many other won't matter!

  14. You are one brave woman! I have never done a solo trip either. You must be more "grown-up" than I am to get to go! I am too a medtronic fan....maybe you could put in a good word for me and next year we can trip together!:)Hope you have a blast and can't wait to hear about it!

  15. Ummm - yea I'm a little behind on reading blogs. I hope you had fun, I'm so happy you love Lappy (yea - we need a new name!) and I love the Sound of Music!



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