Monday, December 13, 2010

A guest post by M on Our Diabetic Life.

I've been crazy busy getting ready for Christmas, so when I asked M to guest post for me, I was pleasantly surprised when he immediately accepted the challenge. I had no idea what he was going to write, but now that he has finished, and I have read it definitely made me smile. It has 15 year old written all over it.


This is the incredibly knowledgeable, handsome, and completely humble M.

Yeah, I know I’m pretty great. But right now that’s not the point. Actually, I’m not even sure what the point is right now, so I guess I’m just going to wing it.

I should probably explain what I’m like. I’m the kind of kid who wonders if there is a zoo exhibit in Africa titled “raccoons.” I love a good laugh and I’m relatively smart, or at least smart enough to get into some honors classes in school. I love NOR CAL, it runs within my blood. I like totally talk like this dude. But I guess I’ll be more sophisticated for this little article.

As far back as I can remember J had diabetes. It was just something that came with life. It never really bothered me. Of course, back when pumps didn’t exist, J had to have shots four times a day at least. It was pretty sad to watch at first, but he became stronger and shots really didn’t bother him anymore. Of course, I dreaded the idea of making myself bleed just to see if I had diabetes. Later we got a pump, and B and L were born, so it was even less of a deal. Life went on, and B and L were diagnosed. Those were dark times. But we persevered, and all seemed to just go with the flow. Now, where was I during these times? I was helping my brothers along, one step at a time by giving my brothers a comforting reassurance when it was needed, possibly checking their sugar, and just flat out helping.

Now-a-days, my bros don’t need help. And, with my mom starting a diabetes blog, and asking me to write about myself and what it’s like to be the only non diabetic child in a family, I would have to say it’s not that big of a deal. I mean, I get attention. I know that my bros need some time to check their sugar. Hey, more time for me to get first in line for dinner. I also LOVE the free dog. Lawton is the most adorable dog you will ever see.

What interests me more is that I see diabetes outside of just my three brothers. My grandma has type 2 and an uncle on my mom’s side has Type 1 Diabetes. My grandpa on my dad’s side has Type 2 Diabetes. Heck, I know someone at school with diabetes. He had to bow out of a band trip to Disneyland partially because of his diabetes.

By the way, fist bumps are a no-no when it comes to parent-teen bonding. It’s just too awkward dude…

So yeah, I love my brothers and all. I’m glad to be in a world where we can at least control diabetes. Sure, I’d also like this to be a world where learning didn’t involve homework and tests, but this is good too. I think I just ran out of stuff to write…oh, well. Hope you all found this informational.




  1. "I’m the kind of kid who wonders if there is a zoo exhibit in Africa titled “raccoons.”"

    I just about peed myself when I read that... love it!

    Enjoyed the little bit of insight into the persona of M... I think you should totally become a regular contributor.

    I'll keep the fist-bumping to a minimum.

  2. Great Job Max!

  3. OK...good to know about the "fist bumping with the parent thing is AKWARD!" I better stop doing it pronto.

    "M"...thanks for the post dude (if I may be so bold to call you may be in the same "AKWARD" category with the fist bumping thing). I appreciate your insight and your humor.

    Take good care and have a great Christmas and a happy 2011!

  4. M youre awesome. Seriously a great post for your mom! Btw fist pumping and bumping is banned from my house lol

  5. M,

    'Sincerely" and 'S'up' all in one post had me laughing pretty good. I think you should be a regular on your mom's blog so we can all catch a glimps of what is really going on around there. You know, if your are 'down wit dat'. Or 'whateve's' about it. Or maybe even 'all fo'shizzle' with the idea.

    Really?! I have to stop fist bumping? Seriously? But I do the whole fireworks bump and sometimes even a jellyfish bump!


    Good job on raising such a cool kid.

  6. You are a tool cool kid M.
    No fist-bumps, promise.
    But sending you positive vibes (is that California enough?)
    Great post.
    (Great kid Meri!!!)

  7. Thanks M and Meri. Lovely getting to hear from you first hand!

  8. M is a awesome way cool Big Brother!

  9. I think you are taking after your mother, what a great post you have written! She is training you well! Merry Christmas to you and your family, and, of course, Lawton!!!-

  10. M, that was very "informational." Just watch your "like's" and "totally's" when you start having job interviews--I had to.

    You and I are very lucky. We both grew up in Nor Cal and are both extremely charming. People dream of being like us :)

    --Your Aunt Laura

  11. Fantastic guest blogger. More M anytime, please.

  12. Well done and yes, I agree you should become a regular contributor.
    Handsome, compassionate and intelligent... You'll go far Mr. M.

  13. You are a great young man and big brother M! I love your post. BTW I never knew about the fist bumping...good thing I never did it:) Love you! Your Aunt, Lisa

  14. What a totally cool dude you must be, M! Meri, you've done an awesome job as his mom and I love the positive humor that flows from you both! Awesome guest post!

  15. No fist bumping? Probably means no car dancing either. I was told I was "much cooler than Daddy" this weekend. I hope I've a few more years....
    Great post! Do you hire out??!?

  16. Hey M - I'm not your parent - I am a parent - so still no fist bump??

    Great post! Dude!!

    I can't wait to read more from Super Cool M!!

  17. Great post M! I will refrain myself from the awkward fist bump ;) You are a very delightful young man. (That is old lady speak for you rocked it dude =) )

  18. Thanks M for taking the time to share a little bit of you with all of us...I wonder how my eldest son will feel when he's your age and this insight gives me great hope.
    Happy Holidays to you :)


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