Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Us against them? And my 6 things...

Type 1’s against Type 2’s?


Whoever assumes that Type 1’s feel ANY animosity towards Type 2’s is dead wrong.

Sure I can’t speak for everybody, but I can speak for myself…and I betcha I'm not too off base from the majority of people who read this blog.

I’m going to say this loud and clear. It is not US vs. THEM. It never has been.

Unless the THEM that you are referring to is the media.

It is the media that gets its facts wrong.

And that makes “US” very angry.

The stereotype about diabetes as a whole is wrong.

Sugar and poor diet alone do not diabetes make. Not Type 1. Not even Type 2.

Other factors come into play. MANY other factors.

Sure, for the Type 2 community poor diet can contribute to getting Type 2, but it is rarely the entire story. There is more to the puzzle. One person’s story does not tell the story of the masses.

Take my mother for example.

She was diagnosed a Type 2 a few years ago. At the time she was quite slim and walked regularly with her friend. She also worked almost full time in the Elementary schools. I think the biggest factor that led to her type 2 diagnosis was that she had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant.

I would say my mom has it pretty hard. Limited diet. Crappy old style insulin. (Regular and NPH…come on! That combo is SO yesterday!) And in the beginning, she had no support from her doctor.

I think type 2’s get shoved to the side.

I once saw an elderly woman at the pharmacy get pills for her newly diagnosed type 2 condition. The pharmacist said, “Make sure you check your sugar for awhile to see if these combo of pills work for you.” The lady said, “What is checking your sugar?” The pharmacist said, “Didn’t your doctor tell you about the blood sugar monitor?” “No, what is that?”

How the hell can a doctor give out pills to a Type 2, for her to take the first time in her life, and NOT give her a blood sugar monitor?

How the hell will they know if those pills are working?

How the hell will they know if those pills are too strong?

Being Type 2 sucks. Period.

I do not have anger towards the Type 2’s.

I have anger over those that mix up Type 2 causes…with our causes.

Autoimmune vs. Metabolic.

I mean, I’m not that bright and it is an easy concept even for me.

But before I get too cocky, I am the first to admit that even Autoimmune vs. Metabolic doesn’t always tell the whole story.

With our family history, my endo is wondering if my mother may even have Lada. Adults with Lada have a VERY slow onset of Type 1. It is usually wrongly diagnosed as Type 2 because Lada patients can sometimes survive years on pills. Unfortunately, this wrong diagnosis can be disastrous.

No, I am not angry at the Type 2’s. And I'd venture to say, you aren't either. They have a ton on their plate.

ALL WE WANT…all we super duper really want…is for the media…the WORLD …for everyone!...to get these facts straight.

In honor of D Blog Day...here are 6 things I want the world to know:

1) Type 1 is an autoimmune disease. This means our children didn’t do anything OR eat anything, to cause this disease. It is a complete crap shoot. You are born with the disposition to get the disease. Period. There is an unknown trigger…probably a flu or a virus…but otherwise there was nothing we could do to prevent it.

2) Yes, Type 1’s can eat that.

3) No, that won’t make it go away. There is NO CURE. Insulin is life support. Period.

4) Don't question my judgement. I know better than my endo what is best for my boys. Sure she knows the ins and outs of diabetes, but I live and breathe my boys blood sugars, so let me do my thing!

5)There are no good or bad numbers in this house. They all are good. They tell us what to do next and that is it.

6) And lastly, comments to my child about your great uncle losing his foot to Type 2 diabetes, are not OK.

That is it.

Is that hate mail to Type 2’s? I don’t think so. In fact I'm sure type 2’s have their own list to send out to the world. I’d be interested in seeing those lists as I bet we have a few items in common.

Regardless…I hope for a cure for the Type 2 community, as much as I do for the Type 1. Alright…mostly as much. I really want a cure for my babies…If I’m being totally honest…

The only Type 2 people I don’t get along with are those who say stupid things.

And that goes for Type 1’s too.

AND for rest of the world too.

See…I’m totally not a diseasist! And I’m guessing, neither are you.


  1. Really well put Meri. I feel the same way!

  2. Awesome post as usual!

    I may get linched but I need to share this. You all know my Justice age 8 is type 1. My husband was dxed 6 mths ago T2. Was told to check his sugars 2x a day take metformin and thats it. I say thats it because HE and I am NOT speaking for all T2s doesnt experience lows or really highs. Highest Ive seen in months was ONE 240 and a 180. Hes forgotten his meds and ends up 138. Hes not overweight used to be over 10 years ago but its definte genetics.

    Anyway Justice is jealous. Justice gets mad. He thinks its not fair. Why his D cant be as easy? My husband feels alot of guilt about it too.

    Point is like you I dont say we are against ech other at all! We are a team and community. But living with both sometimes its not easy or fair.

    Did i talk too much? ;)

  3. VERY well put! I am so tired of hearing comments about someone's grandpa losing his leg and my kid better not eat too much sugar. Ugh. I just want to scream sometimes.

  4. WELL SAID MERI, well said! Love it.

  5. wonderful...yet again!! and great list!!


  7. Right on, Meri! I almost put in my list, YES SHE CAN EAT THAT but it got squeezed out for other stuff. I also appreciate your type 1 vs. type 2 comments! I sent the link to a friend of mine recently diagnosed with type 2. Even I was misinformed about some stuff relating to T2.

  8. Wish I could remember number 5 when I'm hatin' diabetes!

  9. I LOVE this! Love it. You are so awesome. I'm gonna repost on fb! Love.

  10. So happy to have found your blog!

  11. Was just telling my friend about the difference between type 1 and type 2...admitted to her that I honestly don't know much about type 2 but that it is what is referred to in the media because it is the most common form. wish they could change the name for one or the other to make the distinction and maybe alleviate some confusion. no hate here though.

  12. Meri-you allow us to learn while making us smile. Thanks for helping us remember that there is no camp of us/them just people trying their best to stay their healthiest.

  13. Meri,

    My Dblog post ended up being a mix-bag of OTHER dMom and d's since our diagnosis only came 6 weeks ago. Who better to 'tell it like it is' then you guys!

    I 'borrowed' your last 'thing', because ..... well ..... it made me laugh! Seriously. This is what I get from people on a DAILY basis. Yikes.

    I linked back to you so credit is where it belongs. ;)

    Thank you for always speaking straight from the heart.

  14. Yea! What SHE SAID! I'm with ya on all points...You keep bloggin' and we'll get there eventually! ((hugs))

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  16. We're the newbie family to D world. Two months into type 1 with our 12 year old. Just starting to notice the media misconceptions. One friend said she was shocked my son got diabetes because he's not fat. It was pure ignorance on her part--when I explained it, the real cause of type 1 made much more sense to her.

    Anyway, the blog readers mostly already know the difference. Are there other media outlets already in place to educate people?

  17. Loved your comments about those of us with type 2. Keep blogging!

  18. Love this post! My biological father is Type 2 insulin dependent -- I love him!! I totally get the NOT T1 v T2. Although my dad was just as confused about T1 when Nate was dx as I was.

    I heart you!

  19. FANTASTICAL & I totally agree!


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