Friday, November 12, 2010

OUR DIABETIC LIFE'S Great PJ World Diabetes Day Giveaway!


Welcome to
Our Diabetic Life's
Great PJ World Diabetes Day
Brought to you by PJ's for a Cure!

PJs for the Cure are specially designed women's and children's pajama sets from Komar, the #1 sleepwear manufacturer in the country.

Komar donates 100% of money from the sales of these special PJs to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

100% = AWESOMENESS! If you spend $25.00 on a pair of PJ's, JDRF gets $25.00 of that $25.oo. Generosity at its finest!

Liz, the wife of Komar CEO Charles Komar was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and thus, Mr. Komar founded PJs for the Cure in an effort to raise $1 million for JDRF.

I SO know you want your very own set of PJs for the Cure!

Well, it just so happens that Komar contacted several of us bloggin' D mamas with an opportunity to give away free PJs, and we united for a mega giveaway to celebrate World Diabetes Day! Each of us are going to give away one pair of PJ's. And guess what? You can pick out ANY pair of PJ's you want!

It's a Super Sugar Bolus Extravaganza!

(FYI...My fellow D mama bloggers and I are neither getting paid by Komar nor are we receiving free PJs for hosting our giveaway contests. This is simply a fantastic opportunity to spread the word about the great work that Komar is doing to support the research for a cure!)

How cute are these?

I know you totally want a pair of these!

These could be yours!


You can view the entire collection of PJs for the Cure at
Here's how to enter the contest:

Leave a comment on this blog post before Saturday, November 13th at noon EST. (That is 9am PST time.) Please include your name.

Only one entry is allowed per person.

The winner will be chosen randomly at and announced on Sunday, November 14th.

Don't forget that I'm not the only D mama celebrating and holding a contest! Komar generously donated 13 pairs of PJs for this World Diabetes Day Super Sugar Bolus!

So, visit my fellow D mama bloggers listed below and increase your chances of winning! You can enter to win on all 13 blogs!

(But you can only win one pair of PJs. Once you win on one blog, you are disqualified from winning on another blog. We gotta be fair and spread the PJ love!)

Beta Buddies
Candy Hearts
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I am Your Pancreas
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My Diabetic Child
My Sugar Bugs
D Tales
The Princess and The Pump
The Sugar Kids Blog
The Superhero and The Princess
The We CARA Lot Blog

Remember, you only have until tomorrow, Saturday, November 13th at noon EST (9am PST!) to enter The Great PJ World Diabetes Day Giveaway on all of these blogs.

That gives you only 24 HOURS! So, start clicking and commenting!

We D mama bloggers will announce one winner per hour, starting at 9 a.m. and ending at 9 p.m., on World Diabetes Day, Sunday, November 14th.

Good luck!

And, if you don't win, won't you please consider purchasing a pair...or two...or three...of PJs for the Cure? It's for a wonderful cause, and 100% of the money you spend will go toward the cure! What more can you ask for! Hello, BEST. CHRISTMAS. PRESENT. EVER.



  1. Cute pj's! Yes, would love to win!!

  2. These are adorable! Would love to win a pair!! : )

  3. I love these pjs! What a generous offer, I will probably be buying a few pair for Christmas gifts this year. (Heidi)

  4. I LOVE those PJ's and so would my daughter! Shes a PJ kinda girl...would wear them all the time if she could :) ~Rachael

  5. Ohhhhhhh wowwwww!!!! :) Count us in too!! <3 THANK YOU!!

  6. I think I'll be buyin' some for some kids I know ;)

  7. Love it, count me in! allison Littlefield

  8. U can count me in. those pj's look cool ~Jaimie

  9. We need snuggly PJ's in Finland!

  10. Me, Me, Me! Pick ME!! :) Hope to own these very shortly!! :)

  11. Love it. Fantastic gift idea...I give these as gifts to my nephews and yet it's like giving myself a gift- a donation to my favorite cause!!!
    -Carrie Carson

  12. Of course I must enter! Rockin PJs for a great cause - what more could a girl want???

  13. Would love to win. Great contest!
    Marilyn Hull

  14. My T1 son would love a pair of these PJ's!

  15. What an AWESOME giveaway!! I purchased several of these pjs last Christmas and gave them away as gifts :). Count me in please!!


  16. What a great way to raise money for the CURE AND to get adorable pajamas at the same time:). Thanks!!! Joanna Newman (mom to Justin Newman, dxd July 18, 2005)

  17. Love these pj's almost as much as I love your blog!!! I look forward to your posts everyday!!

  18. Lovin' me some PJ's for the Cure! They are already on our Christmas list!! Thanks for doing this. Hope we win! ;)

  19. yay!!! i want to win!!

  20. Nothing better with these fall cool nights than a comfy pair of pjs - especially with a cup of coffee and a good book.

  21. I would love to win! Thanks for an awesome contest!!

  22. Oh, those look super-comfy! Count me in!

  23. Go for PJs!!!! Enter me, your favorite sister!

  24. I so want some. If I win I will definitely buy some matching ones for my babies. -Terra

  25. Sign me up! They are so cute!
    Lisa Jerg :)

  26. Sign me up! Lisette M.

  27. Love ya Meri.....Count me in - I love PJs!

  28. would love some warm pj's for these cold wisconsin winter nights !


  29. Since I spend most of my days in pjs, I think i need a pair of these!

  30. you know I want them.

  31. I would love to win!


    actsm AT hotmail Dot com - no spaces!

  32. Great giveaway! I would love a pair of PJ's. count me in

  33. We love these pjs! We bought them last year as Christmas gifts for our daughter and all of our family and friends. They are incredible quality and super soft! We all love them!


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