Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Facts of Our Diabetic Life

It's been a crazy week! My brain is fried…so I present to you, my life in facts.

FACT #1: I predicted on Facebook we would have an offer on our house this week.

FACT #2: Offer on the table…waiting to see if it will pan out.

FACT #3: Perfect house still available. (Although a little unsure since all my blogger friends seem to think the offer didn’t pan out the first time because it is probably run over by demonic scorpions.)

FACT #4: It would take a million miracles for this all to work out like we want…luckily for me….I believe in miracles.

FACT #5: We have had a couple of people come through the house everyday…which leads to me smattering the house with all kinds of chemicals. As a result, our medical alert dog Lawton has been a bit off his game.

FACT #6: A few long night of lows because Lawton is struggling.

FACT #7: But DANG! Our house has never been so immaculate for such a long period of time. Kinda nice.

FACT #8: If I had a choice, I would choose Lawton’s alerts over immaculate ANY day.

FACT #9: The kids have been hanging out with my sister in law A LOT.

FACT #10: She even had them over night this week.

FACT #11: She is a total rock star.

FACT #12: We had a home showing yesterday morning, and I had to hide the blood drops on my son’s pillow case with a stuffed animal.

FACT #13: I wish One Touch would send me 20 free meters. I’m a meter hoarder, and I’ve only got one left in the box.

FACT #14: I’m waiting patiently for the gift I won from Lora. My husband got a big box delivered from work yesterday and I thought it was from her. I took a pic of it and only realized it wasn’t from her when I tried to pick it up and it was like 100 pounds…

FACT #15: The weather here has been GORGEOUS!!!!

FACT #16: My six year old told me today that sometimes he gives himself the wrong carb amounts on his pump, and he doesn’t tell me because, as he puts it, “once I push ACT, it’s already too late, right?”

FACT #17: After a lengthy talk about it NEVER being too late and he should tell me right away…he told me at dinner that he gave himself 60 carbs. He knew it was supposed to be 65, but he tried to explain to me that the real problem is his finger was just trigger happy. He was so focused on getting to the 60’s that once he got there he would deliver it. He was amazed that we could just add on 5 more carbs after the first delivery and all would be ok.

FACT #18: My new favorite TV show is American Pickers.

FACT #19: My new LEAST favorite TV show is Pawn Stars. (That guy is such a jerk!)

FACT #20: I wish I had time to blog every day. But its summer… and summer is all about getting out of the house and having fun!


  1. Fact #21 you changed your picture (beautiful)

    I believe in miracles too and even more so believe that God always provides where He guides so He will lead you to just the right place for your family. Good luck!!

    PS We are having gorgeous weather up here too. (It's about time) =)

  2. Hi Meri,
    I hope everything goes well with the sale of your house. Thank you for still blogging despite being crazy busy!

    We were just cleaning out our diabetes supply box and I have an abundance of One Touch meters, that I would love to send you - but they are the Canadian version, where 5.6 is an amazing number and I just don't want to give you a heart attack! :)

    Have a happy summer!
    Michelle, Calgary Canada

  3. I am still marveling at how you are keeping your house immaculate with four boys and a dog, let alone doing it with D and everything else. Joan Jett has nothin' compared to you Meri!!

  4. OH.DEAR.GOD.WOMAN!!! You are AMAZING. I too...loved the immaculate house feeling that I had for the 5 weeks our house was on the market...that is the beginning of the marathon...those days a distant memory. Then you get the joy of packing, moving, unpacking....blah, blah, blah. Now I don't even have time to clean the house, nor care to. I am keeping you in my thoughts...everything will work out on the housing front and despite my NEGATIVE (which, btw, I am usually a POSITIVE person) comments above - IT.IS.TOTALLY.WORTH.IT. I still have to pinch myself while walking around in such spaciousness, while eating on my screened in porch...while enjoying my OWN bathroom....while placing my clothes in MY OWN closet!!! WAHOOO. So keep it up girlfriend.

    AND btw...LOVE.LOVE.LOVE the hiding of the blood stains with the stuffed animal. I thought of you this morning as I looked down at my blood-smeared hands - apparently I had a "messy" 3am check...


  5. And she's baaaaaack! Glad to hear from you again Meri. And I love your smile in the new pic. Makes me want to fly out to SF and see you again!

  6. Oh meri your new pic is so beautiful and yeah the youngest sounds like a handful dear and wow house on market again hope you get an offer soon and moving into a new house soon .

  7. Love the new pic! Love that you got an offer! Love that you found a crafty way to hide blood stains (we have a few, too). Love that the dream house is still available. I may have been just a tad dramatic in my last comment about the house.... If it's still available, I'm sure I was totally wrong. Of course, if it's sold by the time you are ready for it, then I was right on the money and you didn't wan it anyway!!!
    Can't wait to see your prize!!

  8. Love the new picture! Look at you with make up and all - gees woman! The blood stains on the pillow - we have the same thing around here so now all I do is buy G flowered sheets and we are good to go!
    Great post and you forgot one:
    FACT #21 - You totally ROCK!

  9. Hi Sweet Friend,

    I love your posts....they always make me smile! : )

  10. Ooo, I hope the new offer turns out to be a better one and you can still grab up your "dream home"! Some things are just meant to be!

  11. So excited for the offer on the house! Love the new picture! Thanks a bunch for the update, I have been thinking about you a lot lately! :)

  12. WOW!!!! Keep us posted on the house, and I'm SURE all those demonic scorpions will vanish into thin air because it must have been meant to be!

    Love all your factoids, btw :)

    And #17 really is an amazing thing!

  13. Thanks for the great always have a way of making me smile :)

    Wishing you lots of luck with everything my friend!!!

  14. CVS (near us anyway) had One touch ultra minis on sale for $9.99 this week!


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