Saturday, May 15, 2010

A glimpse of Our Diabetic Life, in pictures.

Below are a few pics of what our world is all about. Pumps...Pokes...Uniting with others like on World Diabetes Day...Our medical alert dog Lawton...Endless medical supplies...and most of all: HOPE.

But really, this is what it is all about...the faces below. They paint the real picture of diabetes. They are the front lines. They live it. They endure it...and all the work that I do...I do because of my unconditional love for them. Their older brother is just as much part of that picture. He has the kindest heart. He worries for them, and he has no bitterness that his brothers get a touch, (OK, a ton,) more attention than he. Diabetes is part of who they are...and because of that...I will work night and day to keep these faces smiling and healthy.

Lastly, I would like to share a present I got from my good friend Shamae. She compiled pics of many of the children in the D Mom DOC and made a video for all of us. It captures the heart of why most of us mothers and fathers began blogging in the first place.

Fair warning: It's a tear jerker!


  1. I love the WDD glow pic and of course the one of all four of your boys (your comments are very touching). All the pictures are great.

    The story isn't complete though without you and your husband (echoing your comment to my post). Diabetes is a family affair.

  2. You are such a great Mom Meri to your boys. Your post hit home, we do it because we love them beyone measure.
    What a wonderful video montage!

  3. wow. Tear jerker. And sadly it's just what I needed to see, lately I've been feeling really alone in this d crusade and that video reminded me that i am not alone. Ever.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and supporting me. thank you beyond words....

  4. Love all the pictures, Meri!

  5. Dang it. I had 5 minutes before leaving for work. I should have never pressed play. The one picture of the little girl in the hospital bed reminded me of Kelsey when she was little. Crazy hair and all....can't beleive we have been doing this for 12 years and while testing and shot(and pump)options are's still the same as it was. (sigh)

  6. I'm playing catch up on all the posts I missed reading this week and I have already cried twice tonight :(

    That video was so beautifully done, thank you for sharing it. I loved the pics of your family!


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