Sunday, May 16, 2010

Imagining an end to Our Diabetic Life.

Today is the last day of Diabetes Blog Week. I had a lot of fun writing this week...I am overwhelmingly touched by the comments and support that I have received the entire week through.

For the last post of the week, we were asked to imagine a cure.

So without further ado, I give you a list of things I would do on our first day without diabetes…in no particular order.

* I would go out on our front porch and laugh. You know that evil villain maniacal laugh…that goes on and on and on and on. The kind that is loud and comes from your very soul, and then begins to trail off, but then comes back so forceful that it takes everyone off guard…ya, THAT kind of laugh. For like an hour.

* We would go out to eat at the all you can eat Chinese buffet and I would say, “Orange juices all around!!!”

* I would go to the pharmacy and tell the pharmacist that I have an important message for him, and then I would lean in very secretive like, like really close to his face and stick out my tongue and give the biggest, fattest raspberry right in his face, with the greatest force I could muster, and then walk out not saying another word.

* I would take the kids on a day trip, and not take ONE THING WITH ME.

* I would call all the parents at my boys school and ask them to have my boys overnight…and to the water park…and rafting…and to their cabin in Tahoe, and all the other things my boys weren’t invited to because they were nervous having over a diabetic child.

* I would have a brain scan to make sure there wasn’t any permanent damage from the swelling of my brain.

* I would throw away all of our diabetic supplies and actually put linens in my linen closet.

* We would have breakfast at 10, lunch at 2 and dinner at 8.

* I would give Lawton a big fat hot dog for a treat, just because I love him…not because he alerted.

* We would go to the beach and spin in circles until we threw up. And let each kid pick out their own bag of salt water taffy.

* We would end the day having a party. We would invite every person we knew, and kinda know…and never knew. And it would be big…and long…and loud. I would make sure it was the best night of my boys’ lives.

* And after it all, before we went to bed, we would all kneel down in family prayer…and thank the good Lord for the most amazing blessing ever. And pray for cures for the other devastating diseases that are ravaging families around the world.

* We would then all go to bed, and I would effortlessly break the World’s Record for most hours sleep in one stretch.

And when I finally do wake up, I would hug my boys, and then sit down to write the first post to my new blog…Our Un-Diabetic Life.


  1. Man I must still have a touch of crazy pregnancy hormones, I cried like a baby!
    Anyhow, sounds like a wonderful fun filled stress free day! Can't wait for it to become a reality for all of us!

  2. I second the pregnancy hormones thing... I got all teary-eyed too! I like the one about the pharmacist...

  3. We'll be there for the party! One day - you never know - we will be there!

  4. Count us in! We'll be there! Well, after we wake up from a LONG and PEACEFUL sleep!

  5. I totally pictured you doing ALL those things! LOL

    Sleep in one stretch!!?? YES!!

  6. Beautiful Meri! Well said and how I do love that 'Un-Diabetic Life' header!

  7. You humble me with your positivity. I found this so difficult to write about. Meri, your attitude gives me hope that I may find humour in all this one day! Big hugs to you and your family.

  8. I don't think it's pregnancy.

  9. What an absolutely wonderful reflection. I loved the parts about the long laugh at the beginning and the prayer of thanks at the end. The in-between was great too. I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to have three diabetic youngsters - I'm enough of a problem for myself alone! :-) Congrats for what you do. In some strange way, they ARE lucky boys. Take care. Norm

  10. Would be there for the party- and FYI, I'm having one 2, so we'd need to coordinate par-tay schedules!
    Kelly K

  11. I can't wait! We'll save some co-pays and plan one big UN-DIABETES trip to DISNEY or something!!!

    Beautiful post, my friend!

  12. imagine all the moolah we would have...ahhh...the linen closet space. And no longer asking "how do you feel?" The extra time to just be rather than test, treat, and going to dr appts....
    I can't wait to see on my blogroll "Our Un-diabetic Life"
    Isn't it wonderful to be able to have that kind of hope?!

  13. That one got me right between the eyes. I will be right next to you doing EVERY SINGLE ONE of these things.

  14. Beautiful post, Meri! I can't wait to share that day and that party with all of you!

  15. Wow... that made me cry... cry hard actually. (and I'm NOT pregnant!!!)
    I love this post Meri.
    REALLY beautiful.
    I also admire you for having written on this subject... I tried and I couldnt do it. I just couldnt.
    You're wonderful, my friend.

  16. Pure genius! I hope we get to party together someday. :)

  17. Beautiful post, Meri. I loved it, loved it, loved it!!!

  18. I love this post Meri! What a beautiful day it would be indeed!


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