Friday, May 14, 2010

Meri's Magnificent Moronic Moment

(I'm calling it magnificent because it takes the sting out of moronic. Good call, right?)

Today’s official subject is about exercise. But since it gives me an ulcer just to think about soccer season and swim season, I’m going with the WILD CARD category, which I’m assuming can be used as an alternate if one would like to avoid the aforementioned ulcers.

The wild card gave a couple options, and I am choosing the Moronic Moment.

Because I have one almost every day…and yesterday’s was a doozy.

I have blogged about this recently, so you would think it happens ALL THE TIME…and I’m going to tell you it doesn’t, and you can believe me if you want to or not…(but seriously, it really doesn’t.)

Regardless, last night L’s tubing broke off his pump.

He walked into the kitchen, handed me his pump and said, “Sorry mom…it was chopped off.”

I wasn’t even gonna ask.

So since we are at my in-laws…and we weren’t heading home for like an hour, I pulled my Macgyver move and took J’s pump and attached it to L to bolus him.

I then proceeded to give him 60 carbs worth of insulin to cover his dinner.

Yup, I entered 60 carbs and just gave it to him.

With J’s pump.

With J’s ratios, not his.

My husband, (who apparently is the only one of us in our right mind,) was watching the entire thing.

“Wait,” he said. “Isn’t that programmed with J’s settings?”

“Yup.” I said…thinking “duh, it’s J’s pump.”

It took me that long. I’m not kidding…THAT LONG to figure out what I was doing.

My husband quickly entered the amount of carbs in L’s broken off pump to get the correct amount of insulin that L was SUPPOSED to get, and let me know. I had plenty of time to stop J’s pump when it got to the right amount.

Not the end of the world. But Hello stupid head! I have done this many times before, and I always...ALWAYS...give the child who is borrowing the pump insulin from the prime so it doesn't show up on the lenders IOB. And duh, the lenders setting are not right for the borrower anyway.

And speaking of moronic…here’s food for thought: Why don’t we have extra sets at my in laws house? We spend half our life there. (I’m not kidding.)

If my brain gets any more swelly, or any more hurty…I may need intervention.

The kind of intervention that involves a swimming pool, a passport and possibly, electroshock therapy.


  1. Okay, okay, I know that must be frustrating. But oh my word. You have 3 kids with diabetes. You inspire me!!!!

    I can't imagine how you keep up with 3 ratios, 3 logbooks, 3 everything!!!!

    I have one child and I'm moronic every single day! :)

    You rock!!!

  2. You are totally entitled to have many moronic moments..i don't know how you keep all that data swirling around your head straight! You are a rock star Meri - even in your "moronic" moments!

  3. Thursday must have been Moronic Day... since I had a moronic moment of my very own.

    I think you do a fantabulous job managing three kiddos with D. You wouldn't be human if you didn't have a moment every now and then.

    Let's have an intervention together!!!

  4. I'm choosing to focus on the magnificent part, because that's what I think you are.

    So you made a mistake. We all do. You're still magnificent! :)

  5. You are Magnificent Meri who loves her ellpisis! You manage 3 kids with the D and then pull a MacGyver with the pump. Mahvelous! I think an intervention in the form of a night out is needed!

  6. Love the MacGyver with the pump bit and NO you are not a moron. I don't even know how you can even keep it all straight. I only have one with D and I find my brain all "swelly and hurty' all the time. Great Post.

  7. Dang. I just think that's cool!

    Not that you have 3 boys with D...or that the site needed replacing...or that you had to borrow a pump...

    I think it's so stinkin' cool that Hubs communicated telepathically with your brain and your brain told his brain to immediately figure out the correct dose, because it was too hurty and swelly at the moment.

    But the best part?

    The fact that all of this took place in less than a minute and still turned out okay!!!!!!

    What's gonna work? TEAMWORK!

  8. Ive bolused Maddison with my pump AND ratio of 13 instead of 30!!! YIKES! She was happy she got some extra treats though! Yay for husbands!

  9. Borrowing another kid's pump in an emergency tubing-break-off situation is an inspiring move; totally MacGuyver (or maybe MacGruber?) Your husband wins MVP for this one though, for sure!

  10. I have absolutely no idea how you keep up with the three different ratios and pumps and logs.... I have a hard enough time with one! I don't think this was moronic at all, since you knew how to fix it immediately.

    And thanks for doing a little more research on the spray stuff I had in my post the other day. 80 sprays?? That's crazy. It would be a whole lot faster to just pop the cap off and drink the stuff! :)

  11. I don't know, sounds like an easy mistake to make if you ask me!! But then again, I'm the person who disconnected her pump so she could get a picture of it next to her cat for the Diabetes Snapshots post WHILE I WAS BOLUSING FOR BREAKFAST!!! Yup, no idea how much insulin went into me and how much puddled at my cat's feet. Duh!!!


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