Saturday, December 5, 2009

The merry go round of cars

Most of you know that our car broke down in Oregon while we were coming home from our Thanksgiving vacation. While it was a miracle that we broke down in a Klamath Falls, and not in the middle of was an ordeal I hope never to relive. We broke down at 1:15, and luckily there was one rental car place in town open until 3:00 who had a car we could take back to Cali. We were sent on the road in this...a Toyota Sienna.

We had to return the van the next day and luckily my father keeps this little baby laying around for emergencies...

As fun as it was driving my fathers very interestinly rigged 1998 Dodge Caravan, Saturn secured us a rental car until our car was fixed. We went to Enterprise and this is what the had for us...a Chevy Malibu...

All I can say is we hated this car. It was too small to fit all of us and very uncomfortable to drive. They told us that Saturn would only let us rent a GM car, and if they had a bigger one come in they would give us a ring. The next morning the call came...a Chevy Silverado was waiting for us. It seated 6 and was uber fun to drive!

We found out Thursday afternoon that our car was fixed. The water pump had a leak, which in turn overheated the engine and made the entire computer system shut down. Ryan and I left for Oregon at 2:00am and got home at 3:30pm. I slept the entire way there...(I know I'm an awful person!) But was stay awake the whole way home. 5 cars in 6 days!!! WHEW! We are SO happy to have our car back!!!!!


  1. Car troubles = BLECH!

    We had ours in the shop this week for repairs...nothing huge, but come December when we REALLY need to be spending the bucks elsewhere???

  2. Oh my god I hate car troubles I really do .

  3. WOW!!! Thank goodness you didn't have FOUR carseats to transfer back and forth!!

    We used to drive a Saturn Vue. And we loved it :)

    So happy you guys had a good trip and made it home safely despite this little...ehum...interruption.

  4. Glad you got rid of the spider mobile....*shivers*....Welcome back to your car!!


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