Monday, October 12, 2009

Saturday Schlepping

Saturday was a doozy. Not diabetes wise…just busy family wise.

Soccer game #1 with end of the year soccer party to follow. Soccer game #2. The big football game between the two rival high schools in town, with my oldest playing in the marching band…and to top it off it was the 5 year birthday party for Dogs4Diabetics. So we split all the fun between us, the grandparents, and my super sis in law. After our busy morning, my husband and I headed out with the boys for the long drive to the D4D party. (Without M, he needed to be at the game, which we won by the way:)

We had a REALLY nice time catching up with everyone at D4D. It was a BIG surprise to learn that the program is completely different than when we attended. It only makes sense though; we got in when the program was only a few years old. They have streamlined things and I am very proud of the direction they are going. D4D is taking their actions and their growth VERY seriously. They want to do everything right. They are nationally accredited now just like guide dogs for the blind and they are participating in medical studies that will show how awesome the dogs really are. Each step brings them closer to expanding!

They have also changed the process of getting a dog. When we attended, we had to participate for over a year. We went to weekly meetings and one never knew when they would be partnered up with a dog. Now the program is streamlined to 2 weeks. The dogs go to training, and then they are put into finishing school, (with a family with a D4D dog already. This family makes sure the dog alerts properly and knows the ins and outs of his/her responsibility.) The participants go to classes 5 days a week for two weeks and are actually paired with their dog on day 4. When this process is over the new partnership is mentored by a family that has already graduated the program. I also heard from someone that they have opened up applications to those living in Southern California.

While we were there, I mentioned to someone we still needed to chip Lawton…and before we knew what was going on, we were in an office holding Lawton down for his big shot. He winced, but recovered quickly. It was a total relief to mark this off our To-Do list.

Other then dealing with the tables covered with lollipops, cookies and cake, it really was a lovely afternoon. After partaking of the bounty, the boys all bolused themselves at the same time.

And I snapped this picture…

It is so incredibly sweet and so incredibly sad at the same time. When I look at it, it stirs up all kinds of feelings. Love for my beautiful boys, pride in their accomplishments and diabetic independence, sadness in all they endure, anger at this stupid disease, and relief that they are healthy and happy.

They really are incredible boys.

But then, I have seriously NEVER met a diabetic that was not incredible.


  1. I love that speaks volumes!!!!! VOLUMES I tell ya.

    I hope sweet Lawton's shot didn't hurt too bad...but so happy that's taken care of. We couldn't lose Lawton!!!!!!

    Wow...I'd love a D4D dog...

  2. Okay great pic and I have commented on your blog and you have yet to add me :(!!! Im so sad , LOL !!! i love your dog and wish i had one like that . Okay those boys of yours are awesome and yes it is not fair for them to have to deal with this disease at their age or any of us at our age . God I love how you always seem so up and happy with it all . You are a terrific mom and you are always so happy what an inspiration you are . thanks for sharing and posting this .

  3. Sweet did you EVER slip through the cracks? You're on baby!
    Much love!

  4. I love the photo! Despite everything Meri, the boys are so lucky to have one another. No one can truly understand what it is like to be a diabetic, just like no one can understand what it is truly like to be a parent of one (or 3), except those who have first hand knowledge. Your boys have each other to understand and that IS a beautiful thing!

  5. GREAT picture indeed! Handsome responsible boys...Hmmm...want to plan an arranged marriage for our kids? :) LOL

  6. Your post made me soooooo tired just reading it.

    And great pic by the way, you're right... it is sweet and it is sad, but I'll bet they are so glad they have each other.

  7. Oh that picture! I read your post earlier today and I have thought about that photo all day long and even showed Jeff tonight! It does indeed speak volumes!

    Oh...and I SO want a dog!

  8. Wow that picture does stir so many emotions! Wow. You are great Meri! Hope you know that! Lawton sounds awesome! What a great program. I would love to participate in something like that someday.

  9. Oh meri thanks so much for your lovely comment . I do what I feel god puts on my heart to do . I bless the lord everyday for ppl like you and me and that hotel owner who could have very easily told me to leave with all those dogs . I praise God that there are angels on this earth and I have met several I do believe . thanks again for your sweet comments and kiss those boys with them sweet smiles for me .


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