Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween Honesty

Do I need therapy because I HATE Halloween?

I know, HATE is a strong word, and I tell my boys to never use it…I tell them to say “not like”, or “REALLY don’t like”…because HATE is so strong, and awful and mean…

But, if I’m being totally honest here…I HATE Halloween!

I’ve been contemplating over the last week WHY I hate it so much, and I really couldn’t wrap my head around it. So I decided to come here…to my therapy place/blog and write it out. You know, try to come to terms with the whole thing, and maybe even make peace with it.

I like to start with the obvious, so let’s start with the candy. Usually the boys don’t like half of the candy they get, so they toss it. (Or give it away to an adult who might want it…case and point…Me and their Snickers…) My philosophy has always been, if we’re going to do it, let’s do it big and get it over with. So I have them eat a butt-load of candy on Halloween night. Then I give them an enormous amount of insulin...and then they always go low. The next thing we do is ration. So many pieces a day…and for the week after, they get one piece in their lunch every day…and then I try to make it disappear. But, now that they are older, this is becoming more difficult. Boys count their stash, they weigh it…they KNOW when something is missing. Sure, my diabetics understand that it is a temporary luxury, but it sucks none the less. I think I would be able to cope if it were JUST Halloween night…but unfortunately for the rest of the world, Halloween night is not enough of a celebration. There must be more parties and candy almost every day leading up to the big night.

That is my second problem. School parties, friend parties, and church parties. It’s like they NEVER end! Candy EVERYWHERE! Costumes daily…Washing them, fixing them…

COSTUMES! I am very competitive people. But, cheap (When it comes to Halloween, because I hate it)…so I try to give the boys the best costume for my money. But if my kid is going to be Spiderman, (and he’s not, because I won’t allow it,) But IF he was, I don’t want him to be the lamest Spidey in school. So costumes always suck up a lot of money whether I like it or not. To compensate, I try to have them be things that are more original…like a nerd…or something. I got SUCKED IN this year though, L and his little friend have decided they want to be Mario and Luigi. L being Luigi. So I have to BUY the costume, and it’s SOLD OUT everywhere, so I bought the LAST ONE that is WAY TOO BIG, and if I can’t find another one smaller I’m going to have to dust off the sewing machine and somehow tailor it to his little body…and that dear friends, makes me cringe just thinking about it.

I think a lot of it also has to do with the month of October. IT is always SO busy and overwhelming, celebrations aside. Soccer winding down, (with parties of course,) volunteering at school, scouts, music, homework, FIELDTRIPS….blah….blah…blah…

Maybe writing out what I DO like will help.

I like the weather and the leaves changing…yup, that’s it.

If I REALLY think about it…Halloween night isn’t SO bad. If it was all JUST Halloween night, and no other parties, no other costume parades, no other expectations…I would totally be ok with it. At this point I wonder if you might be thinking, "OK Meri, if you hate it sooooo much, why don’t you just NOT participate in the other stuff and only do Halloween?"

Well ladies, first, and sadly enough, it’s not about me. If I stop the madness the kids will think I did it BECAUSE of their diabetes, and that is just awful. And second, and most importantly, the boys don’t know my….you know…"feelings"…on the subject. I would NEVER tell them I hate it. That would make it less fun for them and that has bad mom written all over it.

Huh…I wrote it all out, and surprise surprise...I feel no peace. Maybe it’s not instant. Maybe it will come later when I’m not feeling so dang selfish, and realize it’s not about me, it’s about the boys and their happiness…maybe.

So there you go. I’m airing out my dirty laundry for all to see.

Everyone now knows I have a BAD ATTITUDE when it comes to Halloween.

And since I’m in confession mode, you should know…I’m not a big fan of the Easter Bunny either.


  1. I agree with you I hate it too . My oldest son is a t1 so his dad forbid anything to do with halloween in our house . Even after we divorced I took the kids to a movie on halloween night and we turned all the lights off in the house .We never handed out candy . Well the boys are grown now but I hated halloween too cause my little ones never went trick or treating . did they miss something ? I dont know they never mentioned it . Yes I agree with you I hate halloween so right there with you .

  2. Fortunately, we're not at an age where it's an issue... yet. I can see it on the horizon though.

    But I can see how it would become overwhelming. I have the competative/cheap thing going for me too. I would much rather put together a fun, (free), creative costume from stuff we already have.

    My idea for this year was to take the giant box from our new dryer we just bought, deck it out to look like a house, and put it over Elise (she would be able to look out the front door) as we pull her from house to house in her wagon... et voila, a mobile home!

    Fred didn't think it was that funny, but five days later I'm STILL cracking up over it!

  3. I "hate" it too, and I did WAY before "D", I hated it when I was a child! Except for the candy of course. I "hated" halloween because I was a shy kid and didnt like all the pressure to dress up. I felt like a dork everytime! Sad, I know!

    Now, We do Halloween just the same as you explained. Yep. Lows usually happen instead of highs for Maddie....But for me, I will EAT all those Snickers!! BAD BAD BAD!! I SO cant fight chocolate temptation!! Then I end up high of see, I dont usually buy that stuff, and I hate that holidays are all about treats! I hate the xmas candy and cookies. I hate the easter bunny....I really do "HATE" them. Thats my crazy confession of the day. And, I dont feel better saying it either! LOL

  4. Yes. You need therapy. Halloween is awesome! I can understand the diabetes issues though.

    Ethan likes the sport of going and getting the candy - but he is a money driven kid - so we pay him for his candy and he gladly sells it instead of eating it.

    Win-win ;)

  5. Last year was our first with D and we let Jada pick a bunch, dosed her for it and then dealt with lows later! I typically let the kids have a candy fest for a few days, then the candy gets put in the freezer to use for a ginger bread house at Christmas (IF I stay out of it, that is!).

  6. Our oldest was diaganosed at 8. He is now 13 with 10 and 8 yr old brothers. When diagnosed I gave D. (as well as the other 2) the option to keep the candy or sell 1/2 to all of it to me(to do as I wish with it). All of them have sold it to me at one time or another and D. now happily sells it to me every halloween and it is not an issue. Full bag sells for $10-15.00 and 1/2 bag goes for 5-7 dollars. D. does not feel left out of the whole candy thing and makes a few dollars in the process. If we keep the candy it is given out with insulin as needed. There is no grumbling or hard feelings. And usually way less candy and chocolate for me to inhale!

  7. Thanks for the advice guys! I try to buy candy back every year and the kids try to negotiate a price that is too rich for my blood. I say- 10 bucks, take it or leave it...and they leave it. Candy doesn't make it's way around here very often and they hold onto it with iron fists. Not to be discouraged, I have some tricks under my sleeve, but it's a tedious process none the less.

  8. Meri~ Last year was Kacey's first Halloween with diabetes and we traded her a new DVD movie for her candy :) Sure! It was a little expensive but worth it ;) Also, how about asking the boys to trade their candy for a movie at the theater or something else like that?

    I don't know what this year brings for us, but Kacey's Endo gave us the coolest list with Halloween candy carbs so we're bolusing correctly and not making her go low :) I'll post it soon!

  9. Oh Meri, you crack me up! I was so happy to read all your comments!

    Sometimes I come to your blog to see if you've updated and it isn't showing on my blogger list yet.

    So I stalk a little myself!

  10. Well, my dear, you do have strong feelings about the holiday. We don't mind it here but my kids are still young enough that we can dictate what stays and goes and limit things. It hasn't been an issue. Of course this is only the 2nd Halloween we have been dealing with diabetes and halloween. Maybe it will change the more years we have it. :D

    Sorry about the costumes. My girls are going easy this year. Syd is a witch and Morgan wants to be a box of popcorn. Cute huh? :D A

    About that recipe. I can email it to you. Just email me It really isn't anything fancy at all. Just something we like.

  11. Oh I was going to tell you what a friend of mine did last year. Her son is 5 with T1. They had a Halloween party the day after Halloween. They had prizes to bid on and "buy" with their candy. It was pricy for the prizes but it was a way Gavin wouldn't be tempted with candy. Eventually all the kids got rid of their candy and had a cool prize. Then Lindsay donated the candy to a local women/childrens shelter. (I think or maybe the Idaho Food Bank. I can't remember)

  12. Shamae, I love the idea of bidding with candy, what a cool idea! Now I can't wait until Elise is old enough to try it out.

  13. I don't hate Halloween- even though that's the day all those years ago that I was diagnosed.
    On the contrary, I LOVE IT- and celebrate like a rockstar. BUT I'm a "big kid kid with diabetes,"and I don't get to crazy from the chocolate anymore.

    When I was younger it WAS more difficult. Lucky for me- we walked for miles to go trick or treating so I was running on the low side.
    I would eat a lot the first night and my mother would freeze the chocolate candy and the rest would disappear. In it's place would be something I really wanted-like a book of movie passes or a gift certificate to my favorite bookstore.

    My friend with 3 kids does something interesting w/her 3 kids (they don't have D) candy.
    Each child has a HUGE (like SUPER HUGE) mason jar and every time they do their choirs or do something special- they get a marble. Every time they do something bad- they loose a marble.

    When the jar is full (and it takes a good while,) they get to pick something really special as a reward. Her son is a huge Lego freak- and that's what he usually requests.
    Anyway- her kids trade in a majority of their candy for marbles.

    Hang in there friend!!
    Kelly K

  14. I am the same way about costumes(lol).
    Halloween is not my favorite either, but I think it's because it kicks off the crazy holiday season. Come January I am always fat and broke!!! Seriously~ NO FUN!


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