Sunday, October 25, 2009


This sad and grossly discriminating letter was posted in a newspaper in Shamae's neighborhood. BOO! BOO! I'm sadly going to reprint this letter and underneath you will find my response, of which I have sent into the newspaper. If you would like to add your voice to all the Momma's and Poppa's who have already written in...PLEASE DO! The more voices the better! Contact Shamae, and she will let you know how to contact the paper.


On Oct. 3, myself and my girlfriend were eating lunch at Burger King. A family came in and sat across the aisle from us. While the father was ordering food, we were shocked and appalled to see a boy inject himself with whatever medication, in front of God and everybody all while sitting at the table. We found this extremely offensive. That sort of business should be done in private. How about a little respect for those around you. Other than the obvious fact that it's not sanitary for those who use the table next, you have no idea how something like that can affect people. People go through a lot in their life and things like that may bring up certain feelings and memories best forgotten. I would like to thank those that day for totally ruining my meal.


To Whom it May Concern,

I was just made aware of your letter dated October 25th in regards to a young boy giving himself a shot at a Burger King. Let’s just assume that this young boy was NOT protected by the American’s with Disability Act…and let’s continue to assume that we live in an age where hiding and being ashamed of a disease or illness was in vogue. Even if these barbaric circumstances were true…I feel sorry for the gentleman who wrote that letter. He is surely grossly uneducated and has no clue what the word EMPATHY means. While Mr. Barber was busy being DISGUSTED by this boy’s courage and self sufficiency, did he for even one minute think about what kind of life that this young boy must lead? Did he know that if this boy was a Type 1 Diabetic that he must inject himself with insulin immediately before his meal to stay alive and healthy? I would also like to say that a young child who picks his nose or puts his fingers in his mouth is incredibly more unsanitary than this young man giving himself a shot. Were bodily fluids spread? Was blood squirting all over the table? And for this writer to even insinuate that this young man must think of other’s past experiences over the awful experiences that THIS BOY must go through, many times a day, to keep himself moving and living…it is so incredibly sad. The man complaining writes, “People go through a lot in their life…” What about this boy’s life?!!!!!!! Is it of no consequence? No, sir who wrote this awful letter…THANK YOU! Thank you for totally ruining my day with your ignorance and selfishness.


  1. yes meri amen great letter . I posted my response on my blog .

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  3. Good thing I wasn't there- I would have injected him with my fist!!

  4. Mothers of Diabetics......10

    Ignorance and uneducation.....1,000,000,000 and counting

    Great letter, hope they publish it!


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