Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Proud Meri

Kudos to Wendy for pointing out that having three little boys with Juvenile Diabetes qualifies me as having an "Underlying Condition." I totally love that.

My little diabetics have had such a great week, I had to give a quick shout out to their wonderfulness.

In L's kindergarten class I did a little spiel about Luke's diabetes and our medical alert dog Lawton. Okay, so 90% of it was about the dog, but 5 year olds can't concentrate on words like "insulin" and "blood sugar numbers" when an adorable yellow lab is smiling right in front of them. L was amazing though. When I told them about his pump he spontaneously jumped up, took out his pump and proceeded to go up and down each line of seated children to give them an up close and personal look at his hardware. He also did this with his blood sugar monitor and with the "doggie licence" that Lawton carries around that gives us permission to take him into stores and restaurants.

J has surprisingly been very accommodating when I asked him to check L's blood sugar for me during snack recess. I asked him to do it twice so far in a week and he each time he said, "Sure Mama, consider it done." Huh? Usually he wants some kind of reward, an allowance or assurance that sometime in the future he'll be repaid in kind. Not this week though. The best part of all is I think he is really sincere about it. He genuinely seems happy to help.

B. Oh my sweet sweet B knocked it out of the park this week. I was volunteering in L's class and realized about 10:45 that B hadn't called me before snack recess with his number and carb amount for his snack. I was able to sneak out of L's class just before 11 and ran into B's class on their way to get their school pictures taken. "You forgot to call me..." I said. "Nope, I called." said Ben. His teacher backed him up. "I was witness to it, he couldn't get hold of you." (Turns out he called my home number and not my cell, but that's neither here nor there...) "Well what was your sugar?" I inquired. "I was 146, I corrected my self and gave myself 15 carbs for my pringles."

Hold the phone here!
My 7 year old son figured on 15 carbs for his snack. Was the carb number on the packaging...NO!

"How did you know how many carbs to give?" I gawked.

"It just seemed like the right amount."
He was so nonchalant about was ridiculously surreal.

Now Lawton. He has been an alerting machine. He alerted me in L's kindergarten classroom while I was volunteering. "He's all the way across the room," his teacher wondered. "He can smell that far away?" He also alerted us to J's 49 after school yesterday, (which J said he didn't even feel,) AND he woke me up this morning to alert me to B's 55.

Brag Brag Brag...My boys rock.

Wait a minute...did I just do a Thankful Thursday post with out even meaning to? Wow Shamae, I had no idea you were such a big influence on me! :)

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone!


  1. Oh meri how awesome your kids are I wish my son had been that close and me too for that matter . I wont be going anywhere this holiday weekend I imagine you guys will be having a cookout . I meant to ask you , do you guys live up north ? as in north of georgia ? just curious but seriously that is totally awesome . You have a great holiday weekend .

  2. We are West! In California! :) We are having a BBQ on Monday, but the rest of the weekend is slated for Home Improvement Projects. Woo Hoo!

  3. Yay! Yay! Yay! SOOOOO happy to hear the good days! I'd be super proud of my kids too!

  4. MERI! AWESOME!!!!

    I can't even imagine how you must be feeling.....your buttons must have just POPPED right off your shirt! :D
    So glad for you that everything is going well. And Lawton--Good Boy!!!

  5. Those Schuhmacher boys are great. Their parents and Lawton are not so bad either.

  6. Oh Oh Oh! Meri I wanna hear more about Lawton :) How did you get him? Kacey wants one of these dogs so bad!! My email is ...thank youuuuuu!!!

  7. What an AWESOME post!!!! I love it! Sounds like things are going well. Gotta love those weeks! They sound like great boys with a wonderful momma. HUGS!

  8. Now Meri be careful...We dont want B to do what J did a few years back when he lost his monitor and made up numbers for a few months thinking he had it under control...I am happy B is getting the hang of things though.

  9. Thanks for the concern sis, but J made up numbers for a couple weeks, not for a couple months.

    He also didn't do it because he lost his monitor, he did it because he didn't like being the last one on the playground. I talked to his teacher and had him excuse J 10 minutes before the bell rang so he could be ready to go out with his friends. Problem solved!


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