Saturday, September 19, 2009

Give it a looksie!

Just a quick post about this FANTASTIC blog I just found.

For those of you who don't know, (which is probably everyone other than my immediate family,) I am OBSESSED with my slow cooker lately.

Throw things in it in the morning. The house smells great all day and PRESTO! Dinner is magically ready in the evening and I can still help the kids with their homework! AWESOME!

The blog is:
A Year of Slow Cooking
(Much like Julie and Julia.)

But let me tell ya the best part. Every one of her recipes are gluten free! AND she has a cookbook coming out in October. No, we are not a gluten free family, (fingers crossed, praying as I write this...) But I know many diabetic families are. So ENJOY!

Disclaimer: My apologies if this site and book are already totally blog-world-wide -known, and the fact that I have been living under a rock in my super self absorbed diabetic world kept me from the already extremely old information.


  1. Meri as you probably well know since you follow me as well that I am a follower of hers as well . yes julie is awesome and I have actually copied some of her recipes onto my computer in my doc files . I think Julie is awesome and so is her food . Thanks for sharing and great blog . take care and stay well with those boys of yours !!

  2. Meri quick note here if you need crock pot recipes I have a ton I would be willing to share . If you want them . we shall talk soon dear take care .

  3. I love that site!!!!!!

    I found it about a year ago and it's one of my regular go-to secrets when I need an idea for dinner.

    CHEERS to slowcookers :)

  4. Oh I too love my slow cooker! Today is slow cooker pork that will be bbq pork sandwiches tonight! Good stuff! I've saved that stie! Awesome! TFS!


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