Tuesday, July 28, 2009

40, I Won't Say It's Bad...It's Just REALLY Not Good.

Last night my husband and I did our 10:00 blood sugar check and L was 40. My husband checked him and the fear in his voice caught me off guard. "L is 40, Meri! L is 40!" It has been so long since we've seen a number as low as that. I scanned the kitchen. "Meri he still has insulin on board too! Quick." What do I feed him? What do I have? The things I have for lows didn't seem fast acting enough. I froze in the middle of the kitchen, closing my eyes, making mental pictures of what was inside the cupboards. Luckily I remembered my husband had bought me some orange juice as a special treat. (We never have juice on hand, it's too tempting for the little ones.) I woke L and encouraged him to drink. He was so out of it, it took forever, but he finished it and a little snack after.

I know all of us in this community handle this situation all the time. But it has been so long for us...50's and 60's, sure, but 40? That is just one away from 39. It just reminds me how real it all is, the danger and the fear. In my last post I wrote, "It is what it is...just a number." I would like to add little footnote, "Unless it is 40."

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  1. Thanks for the link. Even though I am so close to the boys, there is always more information that can give me insight on the diabetic life of our family. I think this blog will be so helpful to other families dealing with diabetes. Good job Meri! I see a book in your future! Love you all!!!


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