Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My favorites

Christmas is my favorite.

So much so, I'm going to list off all of my favorites that went with it this year. And to add a little yin to my yang...I'm going to let you know some of my least favorites too!

Favorite Christmas meal: Prime rib, peas and carrots, baked potato all with a bit of creamy horseradish.

Least favorite Christmas meal: Is there such a thing? Actually, we had prawns Christmas Eve...which isn't my thing. But my sweet hubby BBQ'd up some chicken for me too. Spoiled! I am so so spoiled, and I know it!

Favorite dessert this Christmas: Yoyo cookies made by my friend Tracy at the cookie exchange. A ton of butter, a little lemon in the middle...NEW FAVORITE BABY!

Least favorite dessert: Anything with raisins in it. Lucky for me, nothing of this sort was offered to me this year!

Favorite present: My new camera given to me by the love of my life...but my Cricut , my Cuisinart and my laminator are close seconds! I better start getting my creative/crafty on!

Least favorite present: The one that I ordered and came missing pieces, and a missing lid of all things.

Favorite Christmas moment: Finding a note to Santa in L's stocking. It read: "Santa, you are one of my favorite people. From, L." And then there was an arrow, on the back it simply said, "Write." A pencil was taped to the card. Santa was kind enough to respond that it was quite a coincidence as L was one of Santa's favorite people too!

Least favorite Christmas moment: Realizing that giving our 16 year old an xbox 360 would mean many MANY spirited conversations about which video games were appropriate, and which were not. Seriously, am I the only mother in the world who won't allow the game Halo in the house? I may just be...but I stand by my decision. I don't care that Bobby, Jan, Marsha, Greg, Cindy and Peter have it!

Favorite Christmas quote: When asking B what his sugar was, he responded, "I don't know yet. There's a long line."

Least favorite Christmas quote: "This is the worst Christmas of my life!" Spoken by L when he found out his older brother accidentally erased his game cube game.

Favorite new Christmas game: Sour Apples to Apples. Super cute!

Least favorite Christmas game: Trouble. It is so misleading, masking itself as a simple child's game. When in fact it is the devils game itself! Nothing brings out frustration more than not getting a six after 5 rounds. I specifically remember fighting with my best friends Shannon and Ericka over this game when I was a kiddo. Interesting fact: My mother in law said they used to have almost the exact same game in Germany when she was a child. The title translated was, "People, don't get too mad."

Favorite Christmas song: Baby it's cold outside. (But the right people have to be singing it.)

Least favorite Christmas song: I don't know the names, but Holly on XM Radio seems to play a lot of them.

More than anything though, my favorite thing about Christmas is being with all the boys and my hubby with no alarms, no places to be and no worries about homework deadlines. Of course Diabetes has spent the holiday with us...but it hasn't had too many tantrums. We have quarantined it to the guest room. It only streaked through the house once, but we got it back into its room in quick Schuhmacher butt-kicking fashion!

Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas, or an awesome Hanukkah!



  1. In the UK, they call Trouble 'Frustration' which is very apt! My least favourite part is when you're almost home but just before you get there, someone takes you out and you have to start all over again waiting for a 6.

  2. My great Aunt played it all the time called it "Aggravation". We got that game. And yes... there have been some tears. Maybe not a good idea in retrospect...

    For the record, If I had a boy who wanted to play games I also would not allow Halo. Nope. I refuse to buy ANY OF THAT STUFF for my nephews. Sorry. Not gonna do it. You're not alone. Stay strong!

    I love Christmas, too! But I also love raisins! You can send yours my way!

  3. I count you among my favorite things! :)

    Totally, totally love the quote!

    Oh, and you have found a fellow raisin hater!

  4. Great post! I love the "long line" quote. Too funny! : )

  5. We had played many rounds of Trouble over the years...we are now missing a few pieces. I think I need to invest in a new Trouble...b/c I remember hours of fun with Joe and the crew...and being pissed off! LOL

    Glad you had a wonderful Holiday Meri.

  6. we got Trouble this year, too...IT IS NOT A GAME FOR KIDS! WIthin minutes Ethan was chucking other pieces across the room...sorry, but dinosaur train trouble looked harmless...now we know better!
    Glad your break is going so well, we've been battling the lows like crazy, but loving the chance to gorge ourselves on extra goodies "for medical necessity", right?!
    Hope your New Year is filled with just as many wonderful memories :)

  7. ahahah the brady kids have halo! also i had to laugh at the german title for trouble! :)


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