Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oprah wishes she had this much material

Our life wrapped up in a half hour weekly sitcom? I think not. What goes on around here is much too schizophrenic for that. We would need an entire network to accurately portray Our Diabetic Life.

Move over Oprah!

A Soap Opera on the network is a must. It would go into detail about my love/hate relationship with insulin. How I can't live without it around here, and how I wish my refrigerator could chew it up and spit it out. There would be a lot of dramatic looks away, and a lot of me kissing the insulin bottles feet.

We would need a comedy for sure. Laugh tracks will play when my son tells me that he had a dream a giant carb was chasing him...or when another son knocks his cereal bowl onto the floor and can't tell me how much was eaten or how much was lost. It would probably be a comedy of errors at best.

There would be action adventure. Meri vs. Wild? Wherein the first episode would be me stranded somewhere on a desert isle with the boys, and I must fashion an insulin pump out of a coconut, a reed and an ink pen. I could make it happen...I'm pretty sure...

We'd probably need a nightly horror flick. Our best episode would probably portray when J had a bleeder and it got all over my...CARPET...dun dun dun!!!! Another would be L's 36 on Halloween night. Talk about scary! Oh, I shudder just thinking about it!

A talk show would nicely round out the lineup. I would spew all my feelings at the camera, much like I do on this blog. I would cry a lot, laugh a lot and just plain go off on tangents a lot. I think the ratings would be pretty good for this one...everyone likes to see a vulnerable person go bat crazy right in front of their eyes. That is why reality shows do so well, right? Just catch me on a day when the boys all start their growth spurts and you'll have some pretty fantastical TV my friends.

It would be one big reality show network about our lives, and people will no doubt be exhausted from the emotional roller coaster it will take them on...but hey...tis our life! Our Diabetic Life.

(This will conclude day 2 of National Health Blog Posting Month. Where I will blog for 30 days straight in honor of Diabetes Awareness Month.)


  1. Love it Meri! I'd watch them all...but I especially want to see you fashioning that coconut insulin pump :)

  2. just make sure you allow for leftover carbs from the coconut in the shell pump! ;P

    love all of these, especially the cheesy laugh track.

  3. Meri MacGyver - we know her well!
    Coconut pump - only you would think of that!

  4. imagine the reality show with series after series of night alarms and you walking into walls. haha great post.

  5. Hey you ---- you make me smile. :)

  6. Totally setting the DVR...and we'll even upgrade to a premium package for all Meri all the time ;)

  7. Love it! I'd subscribe with a season pass to any show about you Meri :)


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