Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dear 18 year old me...

Dear 18 year old me,

I know you think you are too young to know. But he is the one, and he will make you happier than you ever imagined.

It is ok to go with your heart. Your heart is spot on.

But there is something you need to know. The journey that lies ahead, although blessed and sweeter than your wildest dreams, is also going to be harder than anything you can wrap your brain around.

You have worried about school tests, friendships and acne...but those worries don't even scratch the surface of the worry that will fill your entire being when your children are born.

They will be special. They will have needs that not many people will be able to comprehend. You will question if you are strong enough. You will question if your Heavenly Father truly knows how much you can handle...because there will be days he will give you ALL you can handle. Days when the heartache will feel like it will stop you heart at any moment.

But don't fear. Your children will be worth every sleepless night. Their resilience and their courage will inspire you to be better than you thought you could be. Stronger than you ever thought you would have to be. The refiners fire will mold the lives in your home into a true family.

A family that appreciates the little things.

A family that laughs harder, cries harder, and tries harder than most.

A family that is stronger together than apart.

It will be all you ever hoped for, and more.

I envy you, I remember all your hopes and dreams vividly. You may wonder if it is naive to think that love will see you through anything...

But let me tell you...

You are right. Love is all you need. and there will be plenty to go around.

All my love,

Your future you.

Circa 2011

P.S. In 1998 you will find yourself in the hospital with your second born and a well meaning elderly lady will tell you that you shouldn't have any more children. You will meet her by chance in the cafeteria. She will be very intimidating, and make you feel like it is your fault your son was diagnosed. Kindly tell her to suck it for me. Thanks!

(Day three complete for National Health Blog Posting Month in honor of Diabetes Awareness Month!)


  1. AWESOME!!! :) and tell her I said "Suck it too!" LOL!! Love youuuuuuu!!!

  2. Fantastic letter! I've got glad you gave me the laugh at the end ...I think many of us want to tell her to suck it too!

  3. Every time I read your blog, I have kleenex at hand. That was awesome. :)

  4. Wonderful stuff, Meri. And that lady wasn't well-meaning, she was a mean old hag. Love to you xxxxx Oh, my word verification is "muter". Lovely, just like Mutter ...

  5. Just marvelous Meri! And a lady really said that to you?! Amazing and so very unkind. I'm so glad you didn't listen to her and went ahead and had more kids. You make handsome boys :0)

  6. I love this post! And PS --- tell that lady to suck it for me too!

  7. OMG the stuff people say!!! perhaps shes passed away now anyway.... lol.
    You have touched on something very raw here, and obviously presenting in a light hearted way. But I have often taken courage in knowing that God didnt give me more than I could handle. He knew I would fight and beleive the best for Reubens life, be the pancreas he needed until he can do it himself. I dunno, theres some comfort in knowing our creator wanted ME to be Reubens mummy. Theres no accident you were called to mother these sweet boys.
    great post xx.

  8. beautiful letter Meri...and yes all those "well meaning" people can SUCK it for sure ;) Enjoy your Weekend!

  9. Meri, I wish you would write a book! I could read your stuff ALL DAY LONG!!

  10. this is beautiful, meri! your strength and courage are truly inspiring. love you!


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