Thursday, June 2, 2011

Guest Blogger-polooza Day 3: Kelly

She is bubbly, wonderful, kind and giving. But don't let the sweet demeanor fool you...Kelly Kunik from Diabetesaliciousness is a fighter!

She is an advocate if there ever was one! She has lifted me up more times than I can count...her posts let us all know that no matter what is thrown in our way, or our children's way...all will be well! Thank you Kelly for your powerful words of comfort!

Your Children......

To the parents of the DOC - I know that you worry about your children, their diabetes, and how their diabetes will effect their childhood & their future. You worry 24X7, 365 days a year, with no time off for vacations or good behavior.

As a former child with diabetes who is now well into adulthood, I’m here to tell you that they will be fine.

Yes, there will be some bumps along the road, but that's true with everyone, diabetes or not.

But I'm here to tell you that they will be more than fine, and here just some of the reasons why.


Just so you know, your children with diabetes are amazing and sparkle like stars.

And by amazing I mean your children are resilient, tough as nails, wise beyond their years and more precious than diamonds & platinum.

Because of their faulty pancreases, your children have have developed Super Hero abilities that puts the Justice League to shame.

Abilities like (but not limited to,) being able to pick themselves up by their bootstraps whenever they fall down, seeing life’s glass half full and filled with beauty when most of the world sees it empty, a (and please pardon the language here folks,) a bullsh*t filter that will simultaneously allow them to weed out the negative people they come in contact with and shine a bright spotlight on the positive people who enter their lives.

Children with diabetes also have an over developed sense of empathy that both teaches and inspires everyone they come in contact with, a highly developed (and at times some what dark) sense of humor.

Your children appreciate the smallest moments of gladitude and never miss an opportunity to celebrate one of life's victories. And your children have a wonderful sense of self that many adults are still trying to achieve well into their 30‘s.

Your children are wise beyond their years while still maintaining their childlike sense of wonder.

These gifts will follow them into adult and throughout their lives, and will serve them well.

And these gifts will allow them to teach and inspire others - and that is a wonderful and glorious thing.

Love You all

Kelly “k2” Kunik

Kelly Kunik has lived with type 1 diabetes & a faulty pancreas for over 30 years. A Diabetes Advocate, Blogger ( ,) Speaker & Living with Diabetes Consultant, Kelly has a thing for the color is green & loves the ocean. She's been known to have a cupcake on occasion & don't even get her started on Diabetes & the media!


  1. Awww Kel, thanks! And thanks for having her post Meri!

  2. Love this! And all the posts this week that reassure us that our kids WILL be ok.

  3. This was so refreshing to read. It helps hearing/reading it from K2. Thanks Kelly AND...THANK YOU Meri for having her guest post over here. I am loving the PWD-ness that we are being treated to this week.

  4. This is awesome!!! Thanks K2!!!!

  5. Chills!
    Eloquent as always, Kelly!
    Echoing the thanks, Meri, for the posts this week...such a treat!

  6. Love this post! Thanks, Kelly, for sharing it and thanks, Meri, for hosting it!

  7. That sounds JUST LIKE my son. :)

  8. What a sweet post Kelly.
    Thank you!!!!!

  9. Thank you Kelly!!! You always inspire me!!

  10. big love for this post. and meri. and kelly. thank you both! :)

  11. Today is my birthday and that post was the perfect gift!

  12. Thank you, Kelly! I need to hear that. I know it to be oh-so-true... But I need to hear it from someone else. Someone who KNOWS! Cwd's are amazing.... And they grow into amazing adults!

  13. Words of wisdom from someone who knows what she's talking about! Thanks, K2!

    I especially appreciated this: "And your children have a wonderful sense of self that many adults are still trying to achieve well into their 30‘s." So true!!!

  14. God so many awesome posts! Thank you for such amazing words kelly!

  15. AMEN! All of those amazing qualities apply to all PW's and that helps to explain the awesomeness of the DOC!


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