Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A super short, super smart, synopsis of blood sugar patterns.

I’ve got it ALL figured out!

B has been high before bed quite a lot lately. So last night I threw down the gauntlet and changed his insulin sensitivity between the hours of 5 and 9pm. When a high number popped up at 7:00pm, I gave him the higher ratio correction and he rocked awesome numbers all night long.

In fact he was 123 at 1:00am. And woke up 109 this morning. Nice.

But here is the deal.

My husband told me that the night before B was 169 at 1am, and he was too lazy to correct him. He woke up 105 that morning. That means he dropped 64 points in 6 hours.

But this morning he only dropped 14.

THEN, the day before the day before…he woke up 203. And that was with a correction at 1:00am when he had a blood sugar reading of 220.

And the day before THAT? He was 172 at 1:00am. He got a correction and woke up 82.

So with all of this information…I can finally announce I have figured it ALL out!

It is so obvious. Why did it take me so long to get this?

People, it’s all dumb luck!


Easy peasy. I totally know you are jealous of my mad deducing skills!

I too, am in awe of my brilliance. You can always count on my innovative thinking from my practical real life experiences to solve even the most complicated of problems!




    Every stinking number feels like DUMB LUCK sometimes.

    Love you, Meri-Meri-Bo-Berry :)

  2. You are so awesome! (not said sarcastically, I really mean it)

  3. Haha! You had me on the edge of my seat! Luck! Uhduh Lexxi!

    We have stopped correcting anything under 200 at night while he sleeps and somehow he wakes up perfectly in range. Its like the spike is momentary. Last night he cruised 150 from 7pm to 1am!!! I was so proud...3am....270?! Wttttf? Yea. Ima watch tonight before I change anything. But between the liver and pancreas....

    Well...yea. Love u. You totally rock!

  4. glad you came up with the same theory I did!

  5. It's just one big gut filled guessing game. And sometimes your gut "is on" and sometimes it's asleep along with everyone else.

    Last night I let the kids have fruit before going to bed because, well I didn't quite make enough dinner and they were hungry. They were high at 3am (12 and 14mmol), but I didn't bolus because it's sugar and I was afraid if I did they would wake up low. However, I know in my gut that was probably not the right move. I have 15 minutes before I wake them up, the big reveal....

  6. Genuiser!!! How many times do I feel like throwing my hands in the air because I just don't get it! Thank you for pointing out that I do not need to make myself crazy over it. Love you!

  7. Hehe...Gosh, I love you, Meri! It is all just dumb luck most of the time, isn't it? And here we all are, driving ourselves insane while we try to make sense of it!

  8. Yup, luck is what it is and you get three loads of it. Luck and gut feelings. Sooooo scientific, eh?!

  9. I do dislike that part of it - particularly when it's all overnight.

    Dang, that's some great luck though - all those numbers are awesome.

  10. Thank God it's dumb luck, cause that's all I seem to have lately!

  11. Exactly!! Exactly why I havent made changes lately!

    Each day roles into the next with a different result! It seems if Maddison goes to good she stays, if she goes to bed lowish she goes lower, and if she goes to bed too high she only goes higher!! Even without any intervention!! DUMB LUCK is right!!

  12. I'm so glad one of us has it figured out...I'm needing some of that luck, either dumb or not to help our roller coaster around here!

  13. Wow..you ARE a genius!!! Thanks for taking the hard work out of it for the rest of us!! :D

  14. Now why did I not think of that!! But I hear ya.... same exact thing is happening to us at night and in the morning!!

  15. Love it!!! DUMB LUCK...for sure.

  16. Love it! It's all DUMB!! Dumb luck!
    Nate's numbers have been all over the place too ---- no patterns at all. Dumb Luck, Baby!!


  17. ahaha, it's funny cos it's true!

  18. ha! that about it sums it up!!


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