Monday, November 15, 2010

It is funny to us anyway...

It is kinda’ a running joke in this house...

If you do something to tick me off, or something especially embarrassing or funny, I threaten to blog it.

An example of this came this morning when J and B were brushing their teeth in the bathroom. I was walking down the hall and I heard J grunting.

“What’s goin’ on in there J? Are you going #2 with B in there?”

J: (horrified) “No mom!” Which was immediately followed by, “Great! You’re going to blog this, aren’t you?!”

Me: (Matter of factly,) “Why yes I am son. Yes I am.”

And I always live up to my word. :)

More often than not, my threats are empty ones. Well, lets be honest...99% of the time my threats are empty ones...but it is fun to see them squirm nonetheless.

Another running joke around here is dealt out by none other than our littlest guy, L.

Everyday B and L call me after they eat their lunch. L tells me what he ate for lunch and how much of it he ate, and then I give him my very best scientific will a** guess on how many carbs to enter into his pump. After I give him a number, he precedes to hand the phone to B…but not before he deals out this little nugget of pure hilariousness…

He lowers his voice as much as he can, (Pretending he is B,) and then says in a super fast, super dopey kinda’ way, “Hello, this is B. How many carbs for that meat??”

And then he hands the phone to B laughing hysterically.

He does this EVERY. DAY.

When my husband is home early from work, he has me put it on speaker phone so he can hear L say it too. It never gets old. A pretty good dig if you ask me. He knows meat doesn’t have carbs, and yet he pretends he is B asking how many carbs are in his lunchtime meat. Get it? I probably didn’t have to explain…but I’m feeling very explainy today. I have lofty plans of taping our lunchtime call one day, and posting said dig on the blog. I hope I can pull it off. It would be so worth your time.

So there you go…another little peek into Our Diabetic Life. NaBloPoMo will get all of our secrets out yet!


  1. Meri - I heart your family! And I'm sure glad we get to see, hear, and feel the stuff you actually do carry out your threat, and blog about! =)
    PS - You SO have to get that recorded!!!

  2. Thanks for the laugh Meri and L. I might still be laughing about that next week. I love those funny boys you have Meri!

  3. I wish, wish, wish I could have had a blog when my sons were younger but - too long ago.
    Sadly though, I thing mine would have behaved even more outrageously than they did, just to see the reactions.

  4. I love that he laughs histerically every time he says it. Awesome!

    I don't threaten with my blog (maybe I should) but I will say "that's going on Facebook"

  5. I am reading this and laughing and thinking that people who are not into the D lifestyle wouldn't even think it's funny. But it was to me. You should totally tape it and blog it.

  6. :) that is so darn cute...I can not wait to hear this!! Good luck on the taping!! :)

  7. Seriously your fam is hilarious and you sound like me. I threaten to blog about our shenanigans ALL.THE.TIME. As a matter of fact, Dave is on a strict warning if he acts any MORE babyish about his cold I am BLOGGING about it and his "wussy" self.

    Get L on tape!!! DO IT!!! JOE (and I...and Bridg) would LOVE it. He sounds hysterical.

  8. You. Must. Record. This.

    Did I say must?! Yep. I need to hear it. ;)

  9. I love that kid, Meri... he cracks me up!

  10. Oh, I bet it's the funniest thing ever! Your kids are fantastic, Meri! They remind me of my older sister's four boys....sweet, funny, and good-natured. I hope you do catch it on tape!

  11. i so needed this. Thank you! I love you and your kiddos!

  12. Love it! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who gives out carb estimates over the phone. When my mom or sisters is watching The Bean, I'll sometimes give carb estimates, for example "she ate 1/3 of an apple"... really I'm just pulling a number out of nowhere since I have no idea how big the whole apple was, and I'm just praying I'm at close.

  13. I want to hear it too...sounds like B and my E would have a great time with their humor together right now.

  14. AHAHAHAH! Double comedy! Comedy in him pretending to ask in the first place and comedy in him doing it EVERY DAY and continuing to laugh hysterically. I LOVE IT.

    One morning after a rough night of lows and the starving thing that comes with lows I said to John as we woke up, "I think I left some meat in her room". Now it's like a running joke, because what a ridiculous sentence.


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