Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Three fer one.

You get three posts in one today! Are not you the luckiest blog readers ever?

Okay, maybe luckiest is stretching it…but you are for sure the greatest blog readers ever!

(Have I buttered you up enough to read to the end?)


To start off, Cindy at Eaten Alive started a mail exchange with the T1 Kiddos in the community. Can I just tell you what a brilliant idea this is? My boys LOVE mail. I think every kid LOVES mail. And to get a small gift in the mail too? Well, there was almost some pants wetting around here…it was THAT exciting.

B was matched up with L. L is Shannon’s Daughter from the blog Neurotic City. Before I show pics, I’m going to rat Shannon out and tell you she has red hair. Hello! Did you know that! Joanne, there is another fiery red head on the block! She sent me last years Christmas card, and her family is gorgeous. Thought enquiring minds would want to know…

Anyhoo…L sent B some gifts and a couple pics of herself. Here is the evidence…

Thank you L for your awesome gift and your sweet note!

Next, my L was matched up with none other than Joe, Reyna’s son at Beta Buddies! This was huge. Right off the bat, Joe was L’s new BFF. He couldn’t wait to get something in the mail from him. Sure enough the package came…I’ll let the pictures tell the story…

Ummm…yeah. His FAVORITE thing in the world, Bakugan! He kept saying how RARE this one was…he kept saying how AWESOME this one was. He has carried it around like a trophy ever since. In fact yesterday before school he couldn’t find where he left it, and refused to leave for school until it was found.

Thank you Joe! You made L’s day! Heck! You made his month!

Post #2.

Do you all know what a “SUGAR BOLUS” is? I know you have seen the words splashed around some of the blogs, but I wanted to clarify for those of you who are a bit confused.

Wendy at Candy Hearts started the Sugar Bolus. Every Friday a new blog begins a giveaway. If you would like to host a giveaway…you can find the sign up sheet HERE. It can be ANYTHING! ANYTHING you love. The giveaway doesn’t have to be diabetes related, heck if you crotchet, then you could make a blanket and GIVE IT AWAY! (No! I’m not planting crotchet giveaway seeds in someones brain! OK, maybe I am…I LOVE things like that!) So, don’t be shy…go sign up!!

This week’s giveaway is hosted by Misty at Life is Like A Box of Chocolates!

Go CHECK IT OUT...HERE!! It is a good one! A REALLY good one!

POST #3 comin’ at you NOW!

Tomorrow is NO D DAY. When you blog…you are not supposed to blog about diabetes. The blogging community is taking a day off from D! HOLLA! Blog about YOU. Blog about something else! Yup, there are other things in life worth blogging about. I know it was a total shocker to me too!

Now go on, and sign up for Misty’s giveaway. You never know…it might be your week to win!


  1. LOVE the pictures! I'm so glad your boys had fun with the exchange! It's great to see them so excited about something so simple, isn't it? I might have to set up an exchange for all the moms now, just so we can get something a little special in our mailbox too!

  2. HIP HIP HOORRRAAAYYYYYYYY!!! I cannot wait to show Joe - L. opening the gift when he gets home from school. Joe is adamant that we are coming to visit you guys.

    Love the updates - Thank you.

  3. I'm not a mom, but Cindy thats a cool idea! It would be fun to have D "peeps" penpals!

    Nothing like getting mail from SOMEONE OTHER than the insurance company, or bills! ;)

  4. wow that is awesome meri !!! three cheers for meri and the boys !! hey wait meri you and the boy interested in forming a band ? get it Meri and the boys LOL !!! Okay okay I know joanne is rubbing off on me :) !!!

  5. WOOHOO!!!!!! I love love love your 3-in-1!

    Hoping to get our mail exchange pics posted soon....but if I don't do it tonight, I can't do it tomorrow because it's NO D DAY!!!!!!

  6. Love the 3 in 1 - thanks for sharing your awesome boys!!!!

    And for the reminder about no D tomorrow. :)

  7. I love reading about your sons. I quit at two boys so I'm impressed that you have four nice looking young guys.

  8. Tomorrow is no D-day???? Nooooo!!! Tomorrow we have an endo appt with our new excited. I may have to sneak in a bit about D in that post. :)

  9. Oh Meri, you are too sweet! Unlike Joanne, my hair needs a little chemical help, but you're kind to compliment me anyway! So glad your boys liked their stuff! This was fun! :)


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