Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tag! My boys are it!

Heidi and Jack from D-Tales started this great MeMe for our awesome kids. They tagged Tracy and the Superhero from the Superhero and the Princesss. Tracy passed it on to Reyna and Joe from Beta Buddies, who then gave it to Kris and Bumble Bee at Our Sugar Bugs. Kris tagged me and my boys.

So here were go!

What is your name?

B: “B”
J: “J”
L: “L”

How old are you?

B: “Ummm…eight.”
J: “Twelve, soon to be thirteen.”
L: “Six.”

When were you diagnosed with diabetes?

B: “I think I was five years old.”
J “When we learned I had diabetes I was 8 months old.”
L “Uh I think I was four? Was I four? I was two!? I thought I was four!”

Do you remember what happened when you were diagnosed or how you felt?

B: "Not really.”
J: “Hello, I was 8 months old. No.”
L: “No.”

Do finger pokes or shots [or site insertions/infusion set changes] hurt?

B: “No, not really.”
J: “No.”
L: “No.”

What is a high number?

B: “300 and up.”
J: “299 and up.”
L: “378.”

What is a low number?

B: “About 90, and below.”
J: “Under 100.”
L: “71.”

What does low blood sugar feel like?

B: “My legs get wiggly. Sometimes I feel lazy.”
J: “I feel weak and I can’t really think straight.”
L: “It feels like your legs are tired, and your knees are tired. But sometimes it is hard to feel a low.”

What’s your favorite way to treat a low?

B: “Eating a snack of course!”
J: “Apple juice.”
L: “Hmmm…cookies.”

How do you feel when your blood sugar level is high?

B: “Angry, and I need to go pee a lot.”
J: “Angry, I have a headache and I’m thirsty and I have to go to the bathroom.”
L: “Uhhh, well, I drink a lot of water, and I breath out and in a lot.”

What’s the best thing about having diabetes?

B: “Getting Lawton!”
J: “I get my Lala!”
L: “You get an awesome pump, you get to eat carbs, and you get a Lala. HE is the cutest dog, come on!”

What’s the worst thing about having diabetes?

B: “Having to test my sugar all the time.”
J: “That I have to test my sugar ALL the time.” (At this point he isn’t happy his answers are so close to B’s.)
L: “The worst thing, oh, THAT thing…if I was at zero, that would be the worst thing. If I fell down and hurt myself when I was low that would be worst too.”

Do you worry much about diabetes?

B: “ehhh…sometimes.”
J: “No.”
L “Uhh..no.”

If one of your friends were diagnosed with diabetes, what would you say to that friend?

B: "I would say everything is alright. And I’d tell him how to take care of his diabetes.”
J: “It’s not so bad.”
L: “I would tell him I have diabetes too.”

What’s your favorite food?

B: “Ummm…probably…ahhhh…pizza.”
J: “Shrimp Burritos!”
L: “Hmmm…cookies! No, not cookies, mashed potatoes with gravy!”

What’s your favorite snack?
B: “Apple chicken sausage.”
J: “Sausage. Chicken Pineapple…ahh…that is my favorite. Any kind with pineapple.”
(Can you tell what we had for our afterschool snack today?)
L: “Granola bars!”

What’s your favorite low-carb food?

B: “Fish.”
J: “Omi’s fish.”
L: ((Eyebrows furrowed.)) “Cookies!” (We need to work on that one! I asked him if cookies have carbs and he said yes. So then I asked him to give me a favorite food with NO carbs and he said chicken.)

Do you know what a blog is?

B: “Like, somewhere where people write what is happening.”
J: “A blog is a big website that people can go to as they wish to catch up on whatever the creator of the blog writes.”
L: “Blog? What is that? No.”

Do you know that I blog about diabetes?

B: "yeah.”
J: “Yes.”
L: “No.”

Do you care?

B: “Not really.”
J: “Not really.”
L: “No. I don’t even know what it is!”

Why do you think I blog about diabetes?

B: "So everyone knows how I am doing, and they can give me advice.”
J: “To help people who have kids with diabetes, so they don’t have to go through the same stress you did. And it’s fun for you.” :)
L: “To meet new pen pal friends.” (Hi Joe, :)

What’s your biggest wish?

B: “To have a swimming pool.”
J: “5 more wishes.”
L: “Oh, having a swimming pool.”

Who’s your best friend?

B: "My friend is (A boy from school).”
J: “A boy from school.”
L: “A boy from school.” (I don’t use MY boys names, so I thought I better not use theirs.)

What do you like about him/her/them?
B: “He is funny, sporty, and always nice to me.”
J: “He is really nice and funny.”
L: “Uhh, he is awesome.”

What’s your favorite thing to do?

B: “Probably, playing handball.”
J: “Video games and biking with my dad.”
L : “Bike ride.”

Do you have a hero?

B: “No.”
J: “Yes, Dad.”
L: “Yes, J.”

What do you want to be when you grow up?

B: “I want to be a baker. No, not a baker. Probably, an astronaut.”
J: “I want to be in sales like dad.”
L: “I want to be a teacher.”

Who’s your favorite person in the whole wide world?

B: “My family.”
J: “Does it have to be one person? Ummm…my family.”
L: “Oh that, why do I have to say this again? J!”

Are you afraid of anything?

B: “I’m a little afraid of heights.”
J: “Huge giant spiders crawling on me and snakes that are not in cages.”
L: “Yeah. I’m afraid of bats.”

Fill in the blank. (Your name) is___________. There is no right or wrong answer.
B: “Really nice.”
J: ((DEEP THOUGHT)) “Hungry.”
L: “A boy! “

Thank you B, J and L, for taking time to answer these. Now we are going to pass this one on to one of my favorite D Mama Peeps in the world, Lora and her son Justin at My Diabetic Child!

My Diabetic Child


  1. Meri, I love your boys! They just sound so incredibly cute! I love that L's favorite person/hero is his older brother! Adorable!

  2. Yep...me too -> Love that L. looks up to J. so much (that is so freakin' cool)...tell L. Joe says "hi" too.

    I also love that the best part of "D" for them is LaLa. I was telling my husband about Lawton the other night. He didn't even know that "d" dogs existed.


  3. I loved the Hero part and it totally reflects their age. Awesome.

  4. Thanks for playing along! :) I loved reading the similarities and differences in their answers, and I love, love, love that L said J was his hero! How sweet is that?!

  5. Can I just say that you have delightful boys Meri! And they deserve a swimming pool - get digging! Hee hee hee

  6. Awesome mom, awesome boys, awesome family. I heart Lala too!

  7. AWE!!! All your boys are sweet... just like their mama :)

    BTW, Justin cooperated so I didn't have to beat him :)

  8. You have some very bright boys! Love all the answers!

  9. Aww Meri..I love your boys. They are super sweet! I wish Addison could meet them..even though he is only 3 I think he would just adore them..

  10. Aw Meri, my L and I both went AWWWW when we read that L's hero is J. But my heart caught in my throat when I read L said about the worst thing, oh THAT thing. *hug*


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