Friday, June 18, 2010

Meri's Soap Opera...These are the days of her life...

It wasn’t pretty people.

We had an offer on our house. They people LOVED our house. They paid for all the inspections. They even had the appraiser there that morning…so we felt good.

We had found the perfect house. In the perfect location. With the perfect amount of space.

Hello…I’m not exaggerating…PERFECT.

We put in an offer.

We were elated hoping they would accept it. We had full on perma-grin for two hours.

Yeah, only for two hours.

Because two hours after we put an offer in a house, we were called with the news that OUR buyer suddenly backed out. So we had to take the offer for our dream house off the table.

It was over that quickly.

So I did what most people would do in my situation…I felt sorry for myself.

But since I’m not like most people, I then I took it a step further. I went through all the emotions of a catastrophic event. I was able to keep most of it to myself, but man, it was like my brain was on rocket fuel…ready to take off to outer space at anytime.

You might not believe this…but I was feeling SO sorry for myself I couldn’t even blog. I know! GASP!! Or even…get this…read others blogs. I even wasn't that keen on facebook either. That is pretty serious in my book.

I was in my self-pity/depressive/why is life so unfair state.

So since I couldn’t sleep I grabbed the only book on our bookshelf I hadn’t read…a John Grisham book my husband bought for our trip last year that he never opened.

For two days I read. I read and read…trying to keep my mind off the real world. Trying to change my dreams from houses to courtrooms, and to some degree it worked.

I finished the book last night at 1am. The ending sucked. The bad guy came out on top. It WAS NOT the ending I had been waiting for.

My husband tried to use it as a parable. He said sometimes we don’t get the ending we want in books and in life.

It was really hard not to karate chop him in the neck.

He then said we could have bigger things to deal with. He mentioned some of my blogging friend’s families who have had difficult times lately.

Even though he was entirely right…I REALLY wanted to karate chop him then.

Too bad I don’t know karate.

I don’t know why I’m putting all my selfishness out on the table for the world to see…but I needed to document it for some reason. Maybe I need to get it all down so I can move on.

I’m going to do my best to catch up on what is surly 100 blogs that I have missed this week. I think that last sentence nicely attests to the fact that I have been completely self indulgent in my misery because here I am writing a blog that many will read when I haven’t read anyone else’s for like 3 days or more.

But I think what is important here, is the fact that I’m feeling better today. I’m emerging from my funk and looking outward rather than inward. I’m back baby!!! And it feels good.

Back to square one. I have woken up from my WOE IS ME COMA and will now go on with my life.

Dramatic much?

Why yes, yes I am, thankyouverymuch.


  1. Oh Meri... how I have missed you! Welcome back from your pity party. I was starting to worry that California had dropped into the Pacific or something, and we just hadn't heard about it yet.

    Anyway, I am so sorry about what happened with the house. Praying that God has something bigger and better in store for you. I have a story to tell you that is similar to yours... we need to chat!

    Don't forget that your new house needs to have a room for me when I finally decide to plan my escape from Texas.

  2. I'm so happy you're feeling better :)

    I was starting to wonder about you!!!

    I'm sorry about the house, and COMPLETELY understand the pity party you've been throwing. I wonder why they backed out? Geez. I'll bet the NEXT house you find after you get a BETTER offer will be much more perfect :)

    ...Hugs, love and prayers for you...



    Those are just because I know they make you happy :)

  3. It's totaly understandable, what you are feeling. Houses have so many emotions and dreams attached to them. Something else will come up, it's always the way. I always return to the novels of Tony Hillerman and escape to the Navajo reservation with a sexy tribal police offiver for my self-pity or stressful weeks. They help so much during a cold English winter too. And ... you live in CALIFORNIA, no cold WInter for you at all. There are up sides!
    Much love.

  4. Glad to have you back! I am sure the house did not go through for some unforeseen reason. It will work out in the end.

    Good luck with the house stuff, again.


  5. Pity party be damned, all will be well sister. That house just seemed perfect, the perfect one for you is still out there waiting. I just know it.
    Glad you are emerging from the funk!

  6. Oh meri i have missed you and guess what that house that got turned down well there is another one . God does not close one door without opening 10 more . Yes reading always seems to relax me as well and yes I have so wanted to karate chop the husband too . alas any of us that are married know the feeling quite well I am sure LOL !!! Now over the pity party and move on . There could be alot worse things to deal with than a turned down house . Life is good and this too shall pass . We love you and stay strong .

  7. Things will work out. You will sell your house and get an incredible one. You are awesome. Since I know the train ride of dispair (I am a Larsen Girl too), I am proud of you for already feeling better. If it were me-Id be out for another week!

  8. Boo Meri. The market here is crazy. So sorry things didn't work out the way you wanted. Don't give up hope. Sending lots of love. We went through something very similar when we bought our place.

  9. Oh, Meri, how disappointing!!! I'm sorry! I completely understand your upset.

    I'm glad you're doing better!

    Keep us posted on how things are going with the house situation. Good luck with it!

  10. GOOD HELL... what is wrong with those people??

    No worries my friend... things always happen for a reason. But in the meantime... buyer backouts can SUCK IT!!!

  11. Been there, done that. The pity party that is. Actually been doing a lot of that myself lately. Life is just hard and it sucks and having diabetes in the mix just seems to make all the other "bad" things that happen that much worse. Sending many prayers and hugs your way!

  12. :( Oh...that made me so sad. ((HUGS)) How disappointing.

  13. Dontcha hate when the husbands actually say something intelligent?!

    Sorry about the house...both of them. But the times' not now, ya know? God will let you know when.....

    until then, chin up momma!

  14. That jouse you thought was perfect probably had black mold. And termites. And ancient plumbling. And critters in the attic. And appliances that were ready to die. And a worn out roof. That leaks. The neighbors were probably mean. And had loud parties all night long. They probably would tell you that your boys got D from eating too much sugar. And then you would have gone all crazy on them and eneded up in jail. So, they probably saves you from a load of crap!! God works all things for good, my sweet friend. Sometimes it sucks. But His way is always the right way! He was just saving you from jail- see??? ((hugs)) and <3

  15. "When life throws you lemons, throw 'em back and tell it to make it's own freakin' lemonade!"

    Okay, maybe that doesn't really help--but it made me laugh once when I was upset about something.

  16. So sorry the house didn't work out for you. God is saving something extra special to take it's place, I'm sure. You are so precious! I'm sorry you had a rough week. Thanks for being bold enough to share about it. ((hugs))

  17. Oh Meri, that totally stinks. I am so sorry for you.

    It's so hard when you see everything going perfectly and then suddenly--POOF! Everything goes haywire. (Kind of like blood sugar, huh? : )

    But God sees the big picture and has a plan, of that I am sure!

    Keep your chin up and go play with your kiddos. And Lawton---he's so darn cute!

  18. Big time bummer about the house!!! God just must have a different plan for you, maybe a perfect house is waiting near Washington??? ;)
    Anyways next time you want to have a pitty party don't forget to invite your friends!!! We'd join you in a heartbeat! I'll even bring CAKE!!! :)
    Love you!!!

  19. Oh, Meri! We all have to be a little selfish every now and then when life throws a major disappointment our way. I'm so sorry your buyers backed out and you had to pull your offer on your dream home. Life always has a way of working out even better though. Maybe you'll get a better offer and be able to buy your dream house yet. Or a better house. Just keep thinking that better things are in store!

  20. We should all be allowed to throw ourselves a pity party once in awhile...

    I know I have been there before, the pity party that is :) I am so happy that you are feeling better, I do hope that all works out with the sale of your home and that your dream home will be waiting patiently for you when the time comes :)



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