Monday, May 3, 2010

The Winners Circle!

Hello my name is Meri, and I am an ellipsis-aholic.

I counted them all…I found myself going through odd phases of cheering for more, and then periods of shame hoping that they would just stop already. I discovered that since my very first blog post, I am steadily using them more and more. My obsession is building…I mean look, I’ve already used them twice in this first paragraph!

But after intense self reflection, (if intense self reflection is eating your weight in Chinese food…) Yes, after deep reflection, I have come to peace with my ellipsis usage. It is part of me…just as much as my flat hair and disproportioned figure.

So without further ado…the total number of times I used the ellipsis, (…) in my past 100 posts is… (don’t you like how I ended that sentence with … just to mess with your heads…)

Is… (HA! I did it again!)




Tracy! She has won the magnet. She didn’t put what prize she wanted so she gets what she gets and she can’t throw a fit.

Jr’s Dad! He has won the Movie…because he said his wife would torture him with it…and since I just celebrated my 17th wedding anniversary this weekend…I am inclined to let her do it. We wives have to get our kicks somehow.

FeltFinland! (Who yes, is in fact really in Finland!) She has won the Medronic skin. Her son hooks up with his new pump this week and it will be fun for him to pick one out!

So the drawing will be for the stationary, which no one wanted. I don’t blame ya, I got it when Boarders Books was going out of business and apparently I don’t want it either. So I’m sending it to you so it isn’t in my house anymore.

I put everyone’s name in a bowl…and my husband picked out the name…and we both agreed that who wins wins and we will be 100% honest. You should have heard our discussion; it was like someone was winning a corvette or something...

and the person who won is…


So Tracy and Lora, I have your addresses from our Christmas card list…but Jr’s Dad I will need yours. Please email me: Felt Finland…I have your email, so I’ll send word with the details!

Congrats to the winners! But really people, are not we all winners? (hehehe)

Thanks for playing along. :)


  1. CONGRATS everyone!!! That is awesome Meri...I think I have an issue with the ellipsis too...and having affairs with in-animate objects (hello Dexter) and writing letters to inanimate objects...hello CTC and the Cupcake.

    We all have some serious issues...haha.

    Love Ya!

  2. What a fun giveaway! I want to do something like that on my blog. Maybe I should go count how many times I use words like suck or craptastic...

    Congrats to everybody who won!

  3. Congratulations to all of the winners! I hooked on the ellipsis...gotta love it :) This was a fun contest Meri!

  4. This was SUCH a cute idea, Meri! =)

  5. YAY ME!!!!!
    And I DO love stationary :)
    I will think of you everytime I use it :)
    Although I am curious... with all that talk about who won... were you wanting to put my name back??

  6. LOL Lora!! Nope, never thought of putting your name back. Just thought if a guy won he wouldn't want my poka dot stationary...but we decided, whoever wins, wins! It was such a ridiculous discussion, I had to write about it. When you won, Ryan's face lit up, "LORA!" He said, "I know Lora!"

  7. Sweet! Cool game... Thank you Meri

  8. aw, man, i came too late for the giveaway. but congrats on the milestone. wishing you another 100 entries (but will need to change over to your new title Our Non-diabetic Life when a cure IS found!)

  9. WOW, I think I every single post multiple times.....Now I will have to go back and count mine!

  10. 963 - wow, I would never have guessed it! You must love yourself some ......!!!!!
    Cute contest Meri!

  11. Nice job everyone! WooHoo!

    But Besides myself, I have THE perfect friend who needs a good laugh from one!!!

  12. OH CRAP!

    I knew I was forgetting something. UGH! I totally forget to guess. That's what happens when I read in google reader and can't comment.

    Oh, well! Maybe next time!
    Great idea!

  13. That was fun :)

    SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!

    But, alas...I'm loser BABAY...

    I'll just sing away my blues ;)

  14. I quit guessing about anythin a long time ago congrats all .

  15. What a nice suprise when we got home from the hospital. Day 3 of pumping and going well. I'll e mail you!

  16. No wonder I did not see this post to know I had won! I was on a plane coming home from WA. :)

    Love the contest idea and may have to steal it for my upcoming 100th post. :)


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