Friday, February 19, 2010

A Reenactment.

Scene: Bedroom, 1:30am, parents in deep sleep, drooling on their pillows, dreaming of the weekend ahead.


Silence is broken by alarm. The alarm clock is across the room.

Meri nudges Ryan. (She REALLY doesn’t want to get up.)

Ryan hops out of bed. (A look of relief flashes over Meri’s face. She has a peaceful smile as she instantly falls back to sleep.)

((KERPLUNK)) Ryan is immediately back in bed. He only snoozed the alarm; he did not check the boys’ blood sugars.

Meri’s heart sinks, but she is able to fall back to sleep in mere seconds.


Meri nudges Ryan again.

Ryan: “I think you are confused. That isn’t my alarm, it is your alarm.”

Meri: “What???? Is it time to bring the kids to school???“

Ryan: “Very funny.” (Rolls over)

Meri: “UHG!”

Meri rolls out of bed, dazed, walking like a drunk. Her head is throbbing from a headache she has been fighting for three days.

She checks sugars…putting her children’s life in her hands while in a state of extreme tiredness and confusion. She silently swears, “Good Hell!” as she has to correct all three children’s blood sugars.

Meri falls back into bed, and tugs unsuccessfully at the covers, trying to recover her real estate that has been stolen by said Ryan.

Ryan: (Awakened by the tugging of sheets he has haphazardly wrapped around his body) “Are you mad at me?”

Meri: “No…But just for the record the 1:30am alarm is not MY alarm…it is OUR alarm.”

Ryan: Gives a small laugh. “You’re going to blog about this tomorrow, aren’t you?”

Meri: “You bet your sweet bahootie I am.”

Ryan: Sings in a high pitched voice, “Blog worthy!” And as he rolls over yet again, he quietly curses that, “NOW, he is wide awake!”

He begins to snore literally seconds later.

And Meri? She IS wide awake…Trying to remember the conversation that just occurred, so she could indeed…blog about it tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the laugh. I needed a smile to start my day.

    Oh, I drool on my pillow too ;)

  2. OMGosh you nee your own reality t.v. show. It would be a hit :-) your just waaaayy to funny!!

    love ya <3

  3. ** that would be need** not nee , my D is having trouble to day on the keyboard. I must be slamming the darn thing too hard every time that I complaint about "D"!! lol

  4. Oh Meri...this sounds like a scene at my house...well minus 2 type 1 kids. I have thought a reality TV show about type 1 would be pretty darn cool...honestly...I still at times have to pinch myself and say "really, people live this way? this is not OK..."

    Love Ya Meri!

  5. LOL! Wowwwww! That sounds EXACTLY like my nights :P Last night I accidently set the alarm on the music. Now THAT is enough to scare the crap outta ya when you're sleeping sound and all of a sudden, "Boom, Boom, Pow!" starts playing full blast. Hahahaha! Thankfully I wasn't the only one that woke up...heehee! Maybe I'll set HIS alarm on that setting when he falls asleep tonight. ****evil laugh***

  6. Too funny! Of course you are going to blog about it!

  7. After 3 yrs Josh FINALLY heard the midnight alarm to check Maddie on a basal night....he hit snooze too, went back to sleep. So, I got up of course. He heard the next two as well, all two hours apart.....but I still had to check.....

    I laughed at him for looking so tired in the morning. Maybe now he understands!

  8. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Thank for the laugh Meri!!! I totally needed that!!!

  9. Sweet. Love the OUR alarm comment!

    I poke my husband in the back so he gets out of bed. I am not kind at 2 am.

    I do apologize in the morning though!

  10. Love it! You are soooooooo funny. Thanks for the much-needed laugh.

  11. I know this wasn't funny at 1:30am, but it's really funny now! Definitely blogworthy! Thanks for sharing! :)

  12. HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

    LOVE. IT.

    I can't tell you how awesome it was to laugh out loud like this!!!!!!!

  13. Too funny!

    I had no clue that husbands get up for night time checks. :{

    Maybe I should "accidently" set his alrm...bwahahahahaha (evil laugh)

  14. LOL I think we can all say we have been there! Love ya!

  15. Freakin love that! I can't tell you how many nights this has happened to us. I swear we have learned to play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" in the dark!

  16. Good Hell i love it! We have ALL been there.. xoxo

  17. I guess I'm "lucky." My 4 year old was diagnosed the day after I had our third baby, so the diabetes educator told my husband it was his job to do the 2:30am check. Hooray!


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