Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My quest for liquid gold

I went to the pharmacy. Hello…blogging goldmine.

I psyched myself up the whole way there. I went over what I was going to say in my head a dozen times. Determined not to cry, I mustered up the courage from every nook and cranny of my being to stick up for myself.

I was Inspired by the Olympics…I was going for gold baby!!

I walked in and was pleased to see an old timer at the “drop off” cubicle. I’ve worked with her before, and she doesn’t give me too much attitude.

I walked up to her and gave it to her straight.

“I have three Type 1 Diabetics, all on insulin pumps. I usually call in prescriptions, but I’m on my last vile and don’t have that luxury this month. Here is my problem. Usually, I ask you to mail me two of the boys’ insulin, so you only have to fill one. I know you don’t have a lot on hand, so I always thought this was the best way.”

She reaches for the insurance cards…I gently pull them closer to me. I wasn’t done yet.

“But when I do this, the pharmacist, in order to keep supply on hand, only gives me ONE vile of insulin and tells me he’ll mail the rest. But I need more than one vile of insulin. I NEED at least two.”

(She is following, but just barely.)

“So what do you think? Shall I have you fill all three boys’ insulin, so he can give me one for each boy…and mail me the rest? Or shall we do it the easy way have him fill one of my boys in full, and mail the other two boys?”

She is in denial.

She tells me that they don’t work this way. She says, if they have it on hand, they will give it all to me. Problem is sometimes they really do only have ONE vile left…or for that matter, sometimes none.

“I’m not saying you are not an honest person,” I reply. “But, I have been told twice that he doesn’t like to deplete his supply, and that his hording is in fact, the case.”

She insists she is right.

I tell her I am skeptical, but I’m willing to play roulette. Let’s see if he gives me only one vile, or if I’ll hit the jackpot. I grab my insurance cards, and just am turning around when she says, “We’ll get your boys their medicine eventually, don’t you worry.”

HUH???? The room slowed, I’m drunk with anger…I stopped instantly in my tracks, and turn calmly towards her. I put my purse on the counter and look her in the eye. “As long as “eventually” comes before I run out…that will be fine. “ I smile to lighten the mood. “I’m not ordering antibiotics here, my boys can’t even go a few hours without insulin. It’s more than medicine, it’s life support.”

She nodded. “Oh, I know.”

(What ev’…she doesn’t know.)

20 minutes later L’s name pops up on the pharmacy jumbotron and I’m in line. I scan the bags on the shelf. There are many that looked like they could be one vile, and a few that looked like there could be a couple viles.

Which one was mine???

The tech grabbed a bigger bag…I got FOUR viles. Holla.

The lady who put in my order walked by. “See,” she bragged, “I told you!”

“Yay,” I said, “I think we’ll have cake tonight to celebrate!”

As she walked away the new Pharmacy Tech leaned in and whispered, “She didn’t get it.”

I smirked; completely impressed that he got my sarcastic remark. “Yah, no cake…just 20 more days of life for my boys.”

I walked out victorious. 4 viles of insulin and I didn’t even cry.

That’s gold in my book.


  1. Way to go Meri!
    This is why you are our hero :)

  2. Woo Hoo! So GLAD you got your boys' the insulin they NEED!

    Glad you stood your ground too!

  3. yeah mama you go and those stupid ppl who run these clinics and pharmacys . seems we are all having our issues this month especially . LOL !!

  4. Gold!! I'm so glad you got the insulin. Really - why must it be so hard?? So frustrating!

    Yay Meri!!

  5. Where have you been while I have been fighting all my insurance/pharmacy issues? I could have used you last week!

    So happy for the victory!

  6. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!

    HOLLA!!!!!! You're a gold mine :)

    WOOT WOOT!!!!!


    How long until next time?

  7. You deserve a gold medal for that! And a winner's stand. And a bouquet. And a playing of the National Anthem. As you cry and wave to your adoring crowd. Just sayin.'


  8. Woo hoo, mama Meri!!!! :)

    It kills me, though, that you this is even an issue for you. Keep on fighting for your boys and know that us D moms will be cheering you on!!

  9. Oh man i needed that story! It seriously just put me in a better mood.. Gold, definite gold!

  10. I am glad you came away victorious! You have had so much heartache at the pharmacy.
    You get GOLD :)

  11. Ah ha ha! You tell 'em! Our lives are hard enough without pharmacists making them any more difficult. I say go for FIVE bottles next time! :)

    You inspire me.

  12. Meri - I loved this story! I think we can all relate to how hard it is to deal with the pharmecy. My husband does most of that, thank goodness, otherwise I am pretty sure I would have wrung someone's neck by now!! =)
    Congratulations on your GOLD medal!!

  13. Why does every trip to the pharmacy have to be so dramatic. Uggghhhh! Glad it worked out. There is nothing worse than having to go back.


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