Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tiny Bubbles and a Speck.

Tonight B’s tubing broke. It seems to crack a lot right near the reservoir. It usually goes undetected until a there is a crazy out of nowhere high blood sugar. The insulin drips out there, and then B ends up not getting any of it. An old friend of mine once told me to write down all the ones that break and call Medronic with the info. But that takes time and effort…and I’m lacking in both areas these days.

So tonight a 460 popped up and immediately B looked at his pump and said, “Yup, it's cracked Mom.”

I think it is important to note here that my hubby is in charge of set changes. I deal with the calls from school, I deal with most of the carb counting and nighttime checks…HE deals with the set changes. It displaces some of my guilt and takes some of the load off of my shoulders. Sure, I've had to do it now and then…and honestly it isn’t THAT big of a deal…

But it’s those freakin’ bubbles that get me every time!

Tiny bubbles…how big is too big? Sure champagne bubbles are OK, but I don’t drink champagne people…how big is too big? I flick, I push it back in, I flick and flick…but I can’t get them to go. My husband is AWESOME at it. One flick of the wrist and he has a full reservoir full of insulin that is as flat as tap water.

So anyway…tonight B’s tubing cracked and he needed a set change. My husband was out for the evening so I took the easy way out. I attached one of the other boys pumps and corrected his blood sugar and then added his basel for the next three hours.

But, it didn’t work.

He was high as a rouge balloon and wasn’t coming down.

He either A) Needed a shot, Or B) Needed a set change.

I was totally going to go with B.

“I’ve gotta give you a shot honey.”

“UHG! I REALLY don’t like shots Mom.”

“I know B. You should know, I REALLY don’t like giving them either.”

Then he says, “They don’t really hurt…it’s just the thought of them that makes it so awful.”

So as I was looking for a needle, I suddenly bucked up…

“Meri,” I thought….”Meri, you are a grown up. Put the freakin' set together and get it done with. He either gets one shot or two. It depends on you. What are you made of? You are no wimp!

So I gathered the necessary supplies and got down to business. J was by my side. Ryan has been giving him lessons lately, but he too has a bubble problem. I thought between the two of us, we could get it done. I finally got the insulin to what I thought was a good place…but as I showed it to J, we noticed a giant bubble on the top.

“Do it again Mom.”

“What if I just push it out?”

“Do it again Mom.”

(sheesh, what a slave driver.)

So I did it again and this time he gave me a pass. (It was close though.)

So B’s pump was all back together, we primed it and inspected the tubing…


So I call in B and after a bit of negotiating, we decide on a place to put it.

He closes his eyes and whispers, “Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.” And then screams, “GO!”

I pop it in and his eyes pop open and he gives me a look. A terrifying look of shock.

“What???!!! What did I do???” I’m freaking out here…what did I do to my boy?

“Wow Mom…it was just like Dad does it! It felt like a speck.”

A long conversation ensued…what did he mean… a speck? He went on to explain that a speck was like in Horton Hears A Who, that it is something so tiny it’s hard to even know it’s there…”Kinda’ like a whoosh.” he said.

I’m pretty proud of myself for taking the leap. I stop myself from doing a lot of things because I lack the confidence. But I’m feeling a little daring these days.

What could be next?

I’m excited to find out!


  1. Way to go Meri! Way to buckle on up and do it! You should be proud of yourself for the 'speck' - I love that word!

    So, knowing marriage, what does hubby owe you for taking over his duty this time??? :0)

  2. Great job doing what you knew needed to be done!

    I love the Dr. Suess words too!

    There are many D tasks I wish my hubby would help with more, and site changes is one of them. Glad you have a hubby who takes this on!

  3. YOU GO MOMMA!!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I knew you could do it :) How wonderful that he made you feel so good about doing it.

  4. Wooohooo Meri!! you go girl!! A speck? That is so cute! lol!!

  5. Good Job mama . we love you and your awesome family . I know shots hurt . I take them everyday my dear . You are awesome .

  6. That is so cute! A speck. :) I am just way too impatient to get the bubbles out so I just prime them out. :) also do you keep your insulin room temp or refrigerated? If the insulin is cold it has WAY more bubbles. Another question, was it just time for a site change? because if my tubing cracks I just attach a new quickset to the insulin resivoir! Don't know if that would help next time!

    Oh by the way, I'm jenny i dont think ive ever commented! I blog at

  7. The speck :) That ROCKS!

    Good job, Mom! A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do, ya know!

    Boo to bubbles.


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